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02:51 PM on 01/30/2009
Incredible. A flock of geese causing an airline accident is a natural disaster. It's not the airline or the pilots fault but a freak chance collision. It was the skill of the pilot and the professionalism of US Airways that saved these passengers lives. They should be thanking the pilot and US Airways. Instead they get a pretty nice little perk for their "troubles" and they want more. Shameful.
02:11 PM on 01/30/2009
So much for the idea that a near-death experience gives you greater perspective on the things that really matter in life. It's amazing how quickly seeing their lives pass before their eyes turned into visions of dollar signs.
03:37 PM on 01/30/2009
I was going to write my opinion on this until I read your post - my thoughts exactly! I wonder how many are shopping book/movie deals.....
I'm blah and proud
03:43 PM on 01/30/2009
Exactly. I'm pretty sure the guy who the reporters were hounding right after he was rescued (can't remember his name) will be one of them.
01:13 AM on 01/31/2009
My thoughts exactly. Well said.