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04:51 PM on 06/26/2012
If Pizza Hut really wants to debut a new pizza, buy into Little Caesuras pizza and sell it instead.
Zach Glover
What's up Huff-Post?
05:04 PM on 06/26/2012
That cheese on a cracker? It's even worse than Pizza Hut
07:27 PM on 06/26/2012
good description. It would actually be better if they used a better cracker. Thinking ritz.
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Godless Bulldog
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05:20 PM on 06/26/2012
If you think Little Ceasars is better than PH then no doubt you will eat just about anything
04:47 PM on 06/26/2012
Is there any wonder why over 50% of the american population is overweight.

Show us some friut and vegetable!
06:14 PM on 06/26/2012
Just because someone shows us fruits and vegetables doesnt mean people will eat them. Everyone has the choice to eat right or be overweight. I dont want my options for junk food to be taken away because people cant control themselves.
Ricardo Martin
I've lost my mind, and I don't want it back
04:44 PM on 06/26/2012
This is a French Bread pizza with garlic butter instead of marinara. As for those who complain about obesity, getting yelled at never changes things.
04:42 PM on 06/26/2012
Not! I just tried this creation and it is truly something to be done at home with some paste with a red sauce. Simple get you some Pepperidge Farm garlic bread, shredded cheese and tomato sauce. Bake in the over according to directions on the box then BAM; you got it. As a matter of fact, you can put the marinara on the side and get the garlic bread with cheese and add your toppings. The amount of grease at the bottom of Pizza Hut's, I could have vomited. My kids partially ate it. Luckily I ordered enough wings.
05:27 PM on 06/26/2012
Sometimes its Nice to just relax and have someone else do the work! Have a Great Day!
04:06 PM on 06/26/2012
Wow! Imagine! Another combination of the same 5 ingredients! Stouffers has had pizza bread for years.
03:59 PM on 06/26/2012
It all looks like a heart attach on a crust.
03:57 PM on 06/26/2012
This is new??!!! This is something people do every day??!!! Okay, so pizza hut takes an old idea and puts a patent on it??!! Wow, that is brilliant - not!!!
03:38 PM on 06/26/2012
I love my local pizza joints. I haven't had Pizza Hut in years, and I can only imagine the quality has gone down even further. I can't make pizza at home to save my life, but there's no excuse for eating that garbage.
geddy lee is a god
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04:57 PM on 06/26/2012
Making homemade pizza is not hard. You can purchase ready-made crust (it comes in white, wheat, or whole grain). Brush the crust with olive oil, and sprinkle (if you want) a little Italian or garlic seasoning, and Parmesan cheese on the crust. Lay the crust on the cooking pan, add your sauce and favourite toppings. If you want something like hamburger, sausage or grilled chicken, I recommend that you cook the meat in a separate pot/pan. Once it's cooked, drain any fat, spread it on the sauced crust, and continue assembling your pizza.

I don't make pizza that often. When I do, I try to make at least 2; one for us to eat at that time, and one to freeze for later. The frozen one comes in handy, especially on the weekends when Mr. Geddy Lee and I want to just chill at home and not cook.

Try it! Mix and match your toppings to fit your desired taste, be creative, and have fun with it:)
05:49 PM on 06/26/2012
Quite honestly, I've tried several times in the past. I'm normally quite a good cook, but I'm just not able to do pizza to my satisfaction. I'll use a pretty good pre-baked crust now and then that I found at Whole Foods, but getting the chewy crust that can only be accomplished with raw dough is out of my league. I've accepted my shortcomings and hit up the local pizza place down from my office when I get the craving. I do hope your tips help someone else, though! :)
03:36 PM on 06/26/2012
Pizza Hut doesn't make real pizza anyway.
05:39 PM on 06/26/2012
I like White Pizza,s At home I make it with Pita Breads Large or Small? I use Spinach, Fontina cheese with Provolone as well. Pre cooked {all the veggies) Onions & Peppers,Shrooms,etc' I use Fresh sausage (of corse fresh sweet Italian) Oil Whatever kind you choose? I use Olive Oil of corse! Pop them into a 300* oven, bake until Cheese is melted Sometimes I use garlic powder because I dont like burned garlic, I sautee' sausage just enough where it will cook more in the Oven, fantasticly 'GOOD'
03:17 PM on 06/26/2012
a new kind of pizza? One that is actually edible? Gee I wonder why the rates of obesity are skyrocketing..they should come to LI, obese would be too kind of a's morbid obesity
mother of 3 & 2 are twins.
03:10 PM on 06/26/2012
Pizza Hut can debut any kind of pizza they want, they still make the worst pizzas ever.
Ja Bacon
03:24 PM on 06/26/2012
Nah. The worst pizzas are from those local copycat Italian places whose pizza recipes are all the same. Cardboard crust, mediocre sauce, overcooked cheese.
03:37 PM on 06/26/2012
You have never had a slice from a New York Pizza place.
mother of 3 & 2 are twins.
07:43 PM on 06/26/2012
Yeah, but unfortunately they are copying Pizza Hut whose crust is more like a piece of matzoh which is tasteless.
Go get your own opinion if u don't like mine!
03:07 PM on 06/26/2012
This whole thread is making me hunnngggrrryyyyy.....blood pressure spiking....cholesteral maxing.....need more saturated fat....need more saturated fat......calling in my order now and god help anyone on the road when I go to pick it up. (just picture a rhino in a volkswagon)
old fart
03:01 PM on 06/26/2012's all MURDER, INCORPORATED. we're all dying from this crap. perhaps it takes the brain cells first...?
No quiero la paz sin la igualdad y la justicia.
03:00 PM on 06/26/2012
I believe there is a such thing as overkill. Let pizza be pizza and garlic bread/burgers etc., be themselves. It's all preference, but for me, I just want pizza to be pizza. When I want a burger, I get one instead. The same with garlic bread and bread sticks. I like those separate, but that's just me.
02:59 PM on 06/26/2012
I make my own , start with frozen texas garlic toast and add your sause, cheese and toppings.