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07:24 AM on 02/03/2009
Remember the Kate Moss snorting coke scandal? Virtually all her haute couture names (Chanel, Burberry ... ) dumped her, only to resign her at an even higher rate once they realized people simply didn't care.

Just because Phelps likes to party doesn't make him a bad person. His endorsers would be shortsighted to drop him
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10:50 PM on 02/02/2009
This apology is more than unnecessary. It angers me. What can he not support legalization? Where is his fortitude? There are more people in prison for pot than any other reason. Set Them Free!!!!
If money = speech, then no speech is free.
12:35 PM on 02/03/2009
While I understand your point, I think it's unfair to expect this guy to put everything on the line - his entire future as a walking endorsement - in order to make it legal for you to put pot in your brownies.
09:57 PM on 02/02/2009
How many college students have OD'd on alcohol in the past decade?

I'd rather see him with a marijuana bong than with a beer bong any day.
09:09 PM on 02/02/2009
I can't help but wonder what it looks like when an eating machine like Michael Phelps get the munchies...
07:46 PM on 02/02/2009
This is such a non-issue for me. He''s young, plus he became very famous very quickly, so of course he's going to misstep every so often. If some loser hadn't photographed him, we wouldn't have even known about his little escapade.
06:40 PM on 02/02/2009
I read one commenter over on the Baltimore Sun forums say that Phelps can no longer be a role model for kids.

Another commenter responded that if you need some jock to be the role model for your kids then you have already failed as a parent.

Truer words have never been spoken.
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Old black water, keep on rollin'
10:30 PM on 02/02/2009
it's important to teach the children


santa claus, easter bunny, god, storks, superman, you're safe under your desk, etc

nobody knows why?

but that's failure as a parent, to perpetuate myths!
No one speaks English and everything's broken...
06:39 PM on 02/02/2009
Maybe some of the zillions we spend trying to eliminate pot use---(IMPOSSIBLE)---should be put toward the "bailout!"
06:19 PM on 02/02/2009
I can only hope that as my generation continues to move into power positions all over society, that they will incorporate their values, including the universally-held belief (among those with experience) that pot is really no big deal and should be legalized. It's been nothing but humanity-crushing BS up to this point.
04:40 AM on 02/03/2009
Best of luck. I'd hoped for this from MY generation--you know, the ones who emulated Jesus in long hair and sandals touting the message of peace and love back in the late 60's. But instead of Jesus we had the anti-Christ representing us for the last eight years dealing a mortifying defeat to a beautiful dream.
01:20 PM on 02/03/2009
yea and your geenration also shed the long hair and sandals for more debt and living totally beyond your means... jokers.
05:37 PM on 02/02/2009
It's shocking and disgusting. Not the bong hit, but the aggrandizement of star athletes. The olympics as presented by NBC is a degrading spectacle, and so is the exploitation of olympic champions. If Phelps had not taken the dough and participated in the hero stuff he wouldn't be pressured to live up to an image. And people who count on champion swimmers and skaters and gymnasts to embody their hopes and dreams have a twisted view of the world.
05:04 PM on 02/02/2009
If there was no photograph of Phleps smoking pot, no one would be wiser. Why would they not be wiser? Because, pot isn't the demon seed it's been made out to be by the war on drugs. Phleps should talk about how he used the drug responsibly. How he (like most people) was happy just sharing a few hits with his friends. How he's responsible enough that the worst thing that could happen is a PR mess with a photograph, and how that's sort of silly. There is no need for him to declare marijuana as absolutely harmless, or become an advocate of legalization. But, there is a need to stop the hypocritical B.S. of pretending that having a few puffs is some form of social malpractice.
05:49 PM on 02/02/2009
i'll toke to that!!
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Old black water, keep on rollin'
10:32 PM on 02/02/2009
pass it on!

05:01 PM on 02/02/2009
Gate way drug....yea ok.....and booze is what ????? oh yea...a gate way to abusing your wife. Killing people while driving, reckless behavior.

Phelps's not just about the money buddy. If you want to be a hypo then you will loose more fans then you think you gain.

Stick to the truth....for it will always set you free. Money only chains you to a world of lies....just ask Bennie.
04:59 PM on 02/02/2009
I may be paranoid but I don't trust anyone who doesn't smoke weed ...
06:15 PM on 02/02/2009
I'll toke to that!!
04:50 PM on 02/02/2009
Don't smoke it in a gateway.
04:04 PM on 02/02/2009
Marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug. If you don't believe me watch the movie "Reefer Madness". It depicts how upstanding law-abiding young people can be transformed into depraved zombies lacking morality or purpose, other than that of satisfying their baser instincts.
P.S. It's actually a good movie if you watch it stoned.
04:54 PM on 02/02/2009
Sounds like a good purpose to me. What's this morality thing you talk about?
05:00 PM on 02/02/2009
Weed is a gateway drug for some but I'm sure that's just a rarity. It's rare too that stupid accidents happen while you're stoned. Well then my cousin was a rarity. I also believed, what's wrong with a smoke behind closed doors. Government getting all up in your face for a private pleasure. Your not hurting anybody and there's people drinking alcohol already right?

Until my cousin was shot in the back of the head and killed instantly by someone who was stoned and dry firing his Glock. Only he was too stoned to realize he left one round in the chamber while he was flexing his biceps in front of his parent's mirror. Yea his parents. Twenty something, still living at home, stoned and with a gun. Oh and they found coke in his truck. But I'm sure he's just the rare case of a stoned assh*le going to jail for something he'll never forget. Either will I or my cousins family.
05:36 PM on 02/02/2009
Sounds like he had problems and weed wasnt it
06:49 PM on 02/02/2009
I find it strange that you blame the pot on the accident, while just tossing blithely in that he apparently also did coke.

So, the coke, the gun, and the idiot are less to blame than the pot, right?

I'm sorry about what happened to your cousin....but yes, that is a rarity, and it's hard to blame the situation on a harmless plant.