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05:48 PM on 07/02/2012
This is perhaps the weakest "argument from silence" I've read.

Jewish tradition long before Jesus, during Jesus' time and long after has been very clear on this point.

Jesus was Jewish. He was VERY Jewish. He stated that he did not come to abolish the law. (See Matthew 5)

It is more appropriate to assume, therefore, that he disagreed with Jewish custom and law only when he specifically spoke against it AND when he did, it was usually to make the law MORE strict not LESS.

Imagine something that you think no-one should do. Now imagine that it's something that exists in our society and people are aware of it. Now imagine that your mother has never spoken to that issue publicly. Is it right to assume she has no opinion or agrees with the practice you abhor (whether it be child abuse, or meth production, or something else) OR is it possible that she assumes that everyone already knows what she believes because of the kind of person she is?
05:12 PM on 07/02/2012
Dear Rev.Brand: I am sure He knows a lot about homosexuality..when he didn't discuss it may mean:ah,well,figure it out for is not such an important issue to be discussed at length..
ez duz it
οὐκ ἔστιν θεός
04:02 PM on 07/02/2012
You made a wonderful point, Pastor Brand: "If it had mattered to him, if it had been of great importance to him, one would have expected him to say something about it," which of course, he didn't.

Thank you for your support.
05:06 PM on 07/02/2012
Dear Rev.Brand:
I am sure Jesus knows quite a lot about homosexuality...if He does not make a comment on it then we should conclude that this issue is of no paramount importance to Him to be discussed or to say it simply: figure it out for yourself,it is way easy to address. Thank you for your enlightening writing!
If conservatives were smart, they'd be liberals
03:38 PM on 07/02/2012
Thanks for making the point that Christians in America are obsessing over the wrong things and in the process of doing so they are putting aside the real message of Jesus, which was love and tolerance.
01:25 PM on 07/03/2012
I would agree that the message of Jesus is love, love, love. I think we would disagree on what that means.

Where do you see tolerance as a central message of Jesus? (I haven't heard that claim directly before.)