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10:08 AM on 02/05/2009
The bills is called a spending bill because it is a spending bill, with money going to a long wish list of Democratic groups that helped Obama get elected. He should not have let Nancy Pelosi make up their own bill if he really wanted a stimulus bill. Republicans were right to vote no, and now the public understands what the bill is and isn't, so it will fail in the Senate unless Obama rewrites it.
Reality has a known liberal bias...
02:31 PM on 02/05/2009
Jazzman....Pelosi did not author this bill. I know that Rush is always talking about her, but it would be wise to get over it. The fact is, this bill is going to pass. Yes, all bills that give out money are spending bill, genius. All of the Iraq War budget bills are spending bills too, FYI. I know that its a foreign concept to spend money on worthwhile programs for a change, and not just cut taxes on the rich...but give it a chance, it will are created when you create new programs. That's pretty simple to figure out, isn't it??
I'm the one on the left
10:00 AM on 02/05/2009
My advice to you is to stop watching these stupid "news" shows. I did, and I feel much better. If people didn't watch the likes of Chris Matthews, these moronic pundits would soon be unemployed. Besides, cable news shows are just vehicles for advertisers. There is virtually no news, just one or two minutes of blah blah blah followed by six or seven minutes of commercials.

I bumped my cable service down to basic, which saves me $40 a month and a lot of irritation. I go to my local library once a week and check out magazines that contain good journalism: New Yorker and Rolling Stone, for example. I watch the BBC news and some local news channels and get to watch Law & Order on Wed. evening. I miss Rachel Maddow, but the rest of them can take a flying fck.
12:36 PM on 02/05/2009
last night I turned off msnbc and any type of cable news coverage, because I just can't take anymore. you. I have been glued to the tube for 8 years waiting for Bozo to be gone thinking things would be different. its not, the people that are creating the confusion for the public is the media.
if I hear them trot out the tax cut ideology line one more time I am going to explode. does anyone, but Rachel ask the question what the hell has tax cuts done for us in 8 years or more exactly 28 years, minus the tax increase during the clinton administration, oh, by the way the only time the country has seen black budget numbers, since before TV.

I can't wait until the whole country just flops on its face. there is no hope anymore.
09:51 AM on 02/05/2009
You are absolutely correct, repobs think they won and are still relevant. All they are doing is digging themselves deeper into oblivion. Let them, 2010 is coming soon and we'll be rid of them for good.
09:41 AM on 02/05/2009
Every once and a while some Mayor shows up on the air and explains why this bill is a good one and why the spending part of the bill is important to most of us (Americans who aren't rich). Then some talking heads come on and make sound byte comments on either side that just muddies the waters.

It's the governors and mayors of the country who should be explaining this. They are the ones who really run everything on the ground. They know what their states and cities need to generate viable projects and jobs. Let the "folks in Washington" argue over the tax breaks and give the rest of us enough of our own money to keep our neighborhoods running and our homes safe.
09:34 AM on 02/05/2009
Used to be that 'they' would turn Robert Krulwich loose on a story such as this &
he would totally illuminate it, but he seems to be off somewhere else these days.

'Krulwich has been called "the most inventive network reporter in television" by TV Guide, "the man who makes the dismal science swing" by the Washington Journalism Review, and "the man who simplifies without being simple" by New York magazine.

His specialty is explaining complex news — economics, technology, science — in a style that is clear, compelling and entertaining.'
09:31 AM on 02/05/2009
During the campaign, candidate Obama made a clear case that the thinking that drove us into this economic ditch cannot be not the thinking that will get us out. I think he and all citizens need to reinforce that message now that the Administration is trying to fix the problem - the Republicans are saying they have other ‘ideas’ but is their ideas that created a once in a century mortgage crisis, banking crisis, jobs crisis, and most importantly a crisis of confidence in the American system of capitalism - which this liberal believes in.

So ‘pubs’, by your own actions over the past 8 years you have failed your driving test -- get in the back seat and watch someone else drive the bus for a while.
09:08 AM on 02/05/2009
Arent these the same media that the Repubs kept saying were all Liberal and in Obama's pocket? Well if they are maybe they need to jump on the bandwagon instead of repeating Repub talking points as if they had won.
Our media (I wont even use the word journalists to give them credibility) dont care about what's right and wrong anymore they care about ratings and their own pet views.
Murrow is rolling in his grave.
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08:59 AM on 02/05/2009
Try, The News Hour with Jim Lerher, on PBS.
08:50 AM on 02/05/2009
The media has a huge issue and I'm not sure if it is laziness, incompetence or outright bias. Or a combination of the 3. Nothing illustrated this more than CBS having Bill O"Reilly on this morning to discuss the stimulus. I'm not making this up Bill O not an economist. For weeks now we have been hearing about all the "pork" which apparently is anything that isn't a tax cut. Why ? - It's nuts. The tax cuts and GOP ideas clearly don't work ! look at the last few years. The party represents less than 30% of the population (Independents and Dems making up 70% +) and yet this failed dinosaur of an organisation has them jumping through hoops and dominates all coverage.

Its a huge issue because over the last 8 years + the MSM has been complicit in selling the G.O.P agenda which includes : the destruction of civil liberties, an illegal and costly war and the collapse of the economy (they refused to use the word recession for a year). And they don't let up - if this continues unchecked they will be complicit in plunging this country into a deep depression. The GOP ideas are failure - it's been proven and the media's part in pushing these ideas is undeniable. I'm not sure how we stop it but it has to be done.
09:08 AM on 02/05/2009
Very well said.
Trickel-down was a 30year Lie.
11:09 AM on 02/05/2009
I agree totaly, I thought it was just me but the MSM is on board with the fail agenda of the GOP and don't care what happens to this country or the people in it. Everywhere I look and heard this week on the news was about how this bill was a failure. I think the majority of this country who voted for our President need to join him and fight back these forces and take our country back. We cannot rely on the Corporate media.
08:50 AM on 02/05/2009
Explain??? Pork Pork Pork
08:13 AM on 02/05/2009
Because the news shows would rather have ratings instead of true journalism.
I would love to hear economist explain every single item of the stimulus package but know it won't happen.
Instead we have talking heads that are ignorant (Dick Morris) giving their take.
The democrats failed Obama by loading the package with non-stimulus things - the republicans are out in full force (on every channel all day long) making the democrats look dumb, and Obama is in the middle of it all trying to make both sides happy.
I say, ENOUGH!
Obama needs to get tough with the democrats, and Pelosi and Reed are the worst of the worst when it comes to appearing on news shows to garner support for the package, and the republicans are still in power and intend to have their way. The democrats need better talking heads...their easy going attitude and lack of backbone is getting them nowhere.
So, long as the democrats continue to fail Obama the republicans will stay in power.
08:13 AM on 02/05/2009
This is all show boating.If they vote today senate probalby would have enough votes so just do it if it is so important to do this fast, why wait for republicans to get on board?? Just do it president you won!!!
11:38 AM on 02/05/2009
There has to be some reconciling with the liberals and the blue dogs. It is not as simple as you make it out to be. The Senate has only had the bill for 4 days. BTW they just may vote on it today to your delight.
08:10 AM on 02/05/2009
The answer to you question is, "because the media is owned by the same people that want to keep the old economic system the way it was." They don't realize that everything has changed, yet.
All Myth is Astronomy
09:46 AM on 02/05/2009
It is a simple as that. I do not think that the current corporate MSM even has the understanding of economics needed. Afterall, they did not see this coming either. There is no discussion of the Credit Default Swaps which is the real root cause of the credit markets freezing up. The CDS's are FINANCIAL AIDS and no one knows who is infected because there is zero transparency. Therefore, no one will lend money to a bank that might vaporize on a CDS implosion event.
08:07 AM on 02/05/2009
ps just saw Lawrence Michel from the Economic Policy Institute on CNN explaining the bill. well that's a positive step.
07:56 AM on 02/05/2009
This is precisely the question I have asked myself all week as I have watched congressional Republicans launch an all out assault on the stimulus bill. The Democrats have answered weakly with little understanding. And I have kept asking: where are the economists? I keep hearing that a range of economists from left to right support a stimulus bill- they explain that this is not "spending" but stimulus, they have had answers for every criticism Republicans make. Where are they to explain this to the public? And if there are challenges to this bill- where are they to explain what needs to be done? It's true, with the exception of Paul Krugman and the few like Dean Baker who are on Rachel Maddow, I have to go to web sites such as TPMCafe that report their ideas and debates. I peruse the web to read articles by Stiglitz and Kuttner, explanations, which have been very helpful for me. Now the rest of the country needs to hear the dialogue that they have been having among themselves