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08:47 AM on 07/02/2012
these storms were terrible they came very fast went from 102 to 67 degrees within 5 mins. trees and power lines down every where Columbus and Newark got hit hard Pray for all those
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08:30 AM on 07/02/2012
I lived and worked in Greenville for a couple of years in the mid-90's. Great area, very nice people. Hope most of the folks there are okay.
nobody is right if everybody is wrong
08:16 AM on 07/02/2012
good luck to all effected and RIP to the fallen
Southern liberal feminist
08:14 AM on 07/02/2012
The heatwave has been beastly, but, at least, we here in Piedmont, North Carolina, have had plenty of rain. The ominous sign is that those rains seem to be more violent and involve higher wind gusts and bigger hail than the afternoon thunderstorms common to North Carolina in the summer. Every time the lights flicker, those of us fortunate enough to have ample AC keep our fingers crossed.

We had a gorgeous, mild winter and almost-perfect spring, so I guess we're paying the global-warming piper now.
08:52 AM on 07/02/2012
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David Momper
Don't even go there.
09:23 AM on 07/02/2012
yea ! Obama 2012 !!
01:50 PM on 07/02/2012
Oh my gawsh, I forgot all about 12/21/12. major climate shift/change has to begin some time. dang! this IS getting scary .
08:04 AM on 07/02/2012
yes there seems to be a little edge to the weather these days. When mother nature speaks everybody listens.......eventually.
08:04 AM on 07/02/2012
sorry for the families losses, but you really can be in the wrong place at the wrong time
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08:00 AM on 07/02/2012
Some of these comments are disgusting. This is not the place for politics or bad jokes.

Three people are dead. Ordinary, decent hard-working people who did not deserve to be killed by this disaster. Try showing some compassion you trolls.

As for me, I am deeply sorry for the people who were killed and for their friends and families.
Werner Heisenberg may have been right.
08:33 AM on 07/02/2012
If you're so deeply sorry, what are you doing to help?
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07:03 AM on 07/03/2012
Old, sick, poor, and living in Honolulu. What do you suggest?
09:11 AM on 07/02/2012
How do you know they were decent hard-working people? Might have been mean, petty perverts for all we know. Probably not, but these days you never know.
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07:02 AM on 07/03/2012
Mean petty pervert? Look in a mirror.
Thanks for reading, (even if you disagree)
07:43 AM on 07/02/2012
Darn it! Missed again.

I swear the Televangelists make it look so easy when they pray up a storm of Wrath from God. According to them its a clear hit every time. But no matter how hard I pray I always seem to miss. Oh well, practice makes perfect.
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06:52 AM on 07/02/2012
How do they decide if someone's death is directly due to a storm? What if the person was just old or texting while driving. Or, is it just if they happen to pass while the storm is happening?
08:13 AM on 07/02/2012
Guess you didn't read the story, huh?? DA
02:12 PM on 07/02/2012
Trees fall all the time and the couple was driving a motorized vehicle. I guess the joke was missed on that one one.
no-one is ever 'just saying'
08:14 AM on 07/02/2012
they probably read the article. that's where they find out about the barn collapse, and the tree falling on the golf cart. but then you are a robot and can't read, right?
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08:28 AM on 07/02/2012
now, now crydespite, that was not nice. funny, but not nice.
06:43 AM on 07/02/2012
I live in MD and this past Friday we had wind blowing so bad that I thought it was a hurricane or tornado coming through.. All you could hear was the thunder that seemed far away ..the rain came later .I learned later that the winds were running 60 to 80 mph..
John Olexa
Avid Conservationist.
08:12 AM on 07/02/2012
I'm in MD also. This was a Derecho! A widespread violent straightline windstorm. Winds were clocked at 80+ mph! Snapped poles like twigs!
carpe diem!
10:00 AM on 07/02/2012
Wow. I lived in MD as a kid and I don't remember any weather like that. A force 1 hurricane has sustained winds of 75 mph.
06:34 AM on 07/02/2012
Jeese.... What is up with the weather... It is like one thing after another... As much as everyone hates new jersey, i think i will stay here... Yes we have some crappy weather, but at least if it snows, we can shovel, or get shoveled out and move on.....but these storms are so destructive , and the heat in the south, god bless those poor people..... I know it could happen here, but it just seems like it is real bad everywhere else....
Sonya Parker
Uppity since 1959
08:59 AM on 07/02/2012
I used to live in Pennsauken. No matter what anybody says, there are parts of NJ that are breathtakingly beautiful.
09:40 AM on 07/02/2012
Yea! Right? I mean last week i was in the city seeing this amazing exhibit, then this weekend i was down the shore.... Lots to do and see.....
05:39 AM on 07/02/2012
You know, climate change aside the weathers getting dangerous. It doesn't matter if its on a cycle or as a result of global warming, because either way it's something most people are ill prepared for. Storms that aren't detected until their on top of people outside and without protection is scary. People died, 3 people who hours before were looking up at a clear sky and bright sun. So this storm leads many climate change believers feel as though a point was proven, the victory is short lived for me. People that don't agree with me aren't lesser because of it. They don't deserve a "haha" moment in the wake of a destructive storm. It's not the time or place. It sounds like a truly terrifying moment for some and a tragedy for the families of those injured or dead.

You don't look more intelligent or more right by being callous. Support climate change theory and the prevention of further damage, but don't laugh in midst of tragedy. It doesn't prove anything to anyone.
04:19 AM on 07/02/2012
We were in the field picking corn and it was crazy hot.. heat index was 117 ! Actual temp was 104 in the shade in Berkeley county SC. My brother came out and said there was an alert for severe thunderstorms until late that afternoon.. I said, they have this one wrong because there's not a cloud in the sky! About 2 hours later, the skies turned dark and the temp dropped to about mom was telling the kids to get out of the pool.. we weren't moving quick enough so she screamed, GET OUT OF THE POOL! Honesty it wasn't 10 seconds later that we could hear the winds coming thru the trees and all heck broke,yeah, we knew it was coming, you just had to respect it enough to be on the watch for it because it wasn't gonna wait for no one. Couldn't believe how high the winds actually got... the trees looked like a hurricaine was coming thru! We were standing out on the car port looking at the storm and before it was over the temp had dropped to 78 degrees! Some of the kids were going back inside because they actually said "they were cold"!!! Craziest temp drop I've ever seen!
07:38 AM on 07/02/2012
Glad you are safe But LORDY!!! some things in the deep south never change!!!
02:42 AM on 07/02/2012
I assume these same storm cells passed over my area here in SC about a hundred miles south of where these people were killed. I can't say it was sudden, the air was still, the humidity unbelievably high & I could see clouds rolling in from the south moving toward us. Light but really large drops of rain started falling with the wind kicking up & you know what's coming next. It was an extreme thunderstorm producing hail, a few fallen trees & a high volume of rain. Maybe the weird part of it all is when the cell passed, the temp dropped considerably, the sun came back out but an hour later blackened again with the mugginess rolling back in. I was working & not watching tv for bulletins but if they missed these storms coming through, someone needs new weather detection equipment.
Timothy Ven
Actor, Videographer, Pain in the butt
03:39 AM on 07/02/2012
Yeah, they were 'announced' here in Anderson too. A few hours before they actually rolled in. Winds picked up and you could smell the rain and the charge in the air. Temp in my house went from 105 to about 90 in half an hour. It's still raining here. A little thunder here and there but it never got that bad