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Mark Helfgott
07:35 PM on 07/04/2012
Does anyone really care? These peole are not politicians spending tax dollors on themselves. The English love this crap. They get off on it. NON STORY!
07:16 PM on 07/04/2012
the people of Great Britain are being taken for a ride under the guise of tradition and royalty BS........
I Support The Gift From The Iroquois Confederacy
07:15 PM on 07/04/2012
As the world’s economies are falling apart, it's nice to see that this young-hip couple are able to spend 9.5 million dollars on travel in one year. Nicer still to see that they have no need to worry about being laid off. If everyone could live off the government (the state), then everyone would be happy. The only glitch is that since governments produce nothing but debt, I have to wonder where the tax money would eventually be generated from? The Brit's are doing it right through their version of Socialism. Because if they went full Communism, then they and the Royal Family would face the same collapse as the Soviet Union. Yet, they could still go the way of Greece, and run out of money anyway. Good thing this sort of taxpayer money being wasted on useless people would never happen here in the USA.

I'm sure glad that according to the experts that Obama is not a Marxist. He understands the importance of Free Trade (gag). Too bad Romney is an out of control capitalist though. I'd equally hate to end up as a Fascist nation like Mussolini’s Italy. The upside is, unlike the Brit’s, we don’t have to bow down in submission to a Royal.

-Whew. Happy ‘Independence’ Day everyone!
Just being Logical at my Older age..
07:07 AM on 07/05/2012
and it's worked for Decades..

If not for them? All we'd have is Discount Airlines and McDonalds Resturants and No More Country Clubs or even Car Washes!
07:13 PM on 07/04/2012
I'm surprised that they didn't spend more given the size of the group, plus the future King and Queen didn't even buy first class tickets, but business class. Also, I'm surprised they flew commericial (helping the economy) rather than their own private plane. The entourage was spending money in Los Angeles helping out economy too. Isn't that they way it's supposed to work and why would anybody be surprised?
07:07 PM on 07/04/2012
They were trying to match Bush in his last year in office. China for the Olympics (Whole family) Africa for aids and many other destinations too numerous to mention here.
09:01 PM on 07/04/2012
Wow you are remarkable with your memory. Now do you remember the vacs. obamas have been on.
07:03 PM on 07/04/2012
prince borack odumma and the duchess of Chickaga never had it so good. Except when they got that sweetheart mortgage deal from tony rezco, you know boracks' freind that is in prison.
07:07 PM on 07/04/2012
I hope you learn to write english soon, it would make your statements much easier to read and maybe understandable
08:34 PM on 07/04/2012
Its English to meee...
aut viam inveniam aut faciam
08:54 PM on 07/04/2012
He's/She's just working to get around the moderators...
06:59 PM on 07/04/2012
Not as bad as the Obama's - but I sure hope it si their own money since their country has no jobs either for the common people
07:08 PM on 07/04/2012
Oh you do mean Bush was and still is the president who has spent the most time and money on vacation, check it out
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08:35 PM on 07/04/2012
Are you going to still be blaming Bush when obama leaves office in January, 2013?
aut viam inveniam aut faciam
08:56 PM on 07/04/2012
Year by year, Obama has spent more than any other President. His Secret Security costs are much higher than any other President as well. He just loves to waste our money...
06:39 PM on 07/04/2012
Theyve got nothing on Michella and Barack. They are thrifty compare to Michelle Antownett Obama
07:09 PM on 07/04/2012
Prove that statement
08:26 PM on 07/04/2012
OMG, 8k a night hotel rooms, 5 star hotel Spain, lavish trips elsewhere France etc.   A whole series of coffee table books can be published just on their lavish trips.   Have you been living on a secluded Island somewhere cut off from all media for almost the past 4 years!  Another unthinking Obama bot heard from.  See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil the Obamas can do no wrong.
aut viam inveniam aut faciam
09:00 PM on 07/04/2012
Really? You require proof? Flying commercial VS Air Force One - the most expensive aircraft in the world to fly. What is your glitch?
06:15 PM on 07/04/2012
Are you pulling my leg - has anybody added up what the Obama's have hit the US taxpayers for their Royal junkets?
06:35 PM on 07/04/2012
Obama is suppose represent something maybe even being a head of state , what do the Royals represent ? .
06:37 PM on 07/04/2012
What does he representoooh yeah transparency?
07:09 PM on 07/04/2012
The Royals represent a lineage long tied to a nation with a vast and contributing history to the world and a strong shared background with this United States not to mention they are arguable our strongest ally...In addition they rigorously act in a manner that is intended to improve the image of Great Britain. They perform their public service without personal benefit (because they do not require the public to vote them into office) and act in the best interest of their country. In addition to their public service, each Royal supports and oversees multiple charities (Princess Anne alone accepts responsibilty for approximately 200 charities.) and as keepers of the traditional past there presence serves to provide a wealth of tourism to England.

Now would you like to tell me what the Obama's do besides vacation, shop and campaign to fill their own wallets and egos?
06:36 PM on 07/04/2012
Unbelievable--the Royals spent about 15% of what Nancy Pelosi spent weekly flying from DC to Frisco!
06:11 PM on 07/04/2012
Travel as travel does.

Ch1st. Cost breaks down to something L_E_S_S_ than sensational even for one-way 6.5 or so hour flight. Right lamestream newz HP????
Why do I bother with low information people?
06:07 PM on 07/04/2012
I was going to comment on the travel expenses of our would be King but some very pragmatic people beat me to it.
Living Life and Loving It
05:59 PM on 07/04/2012
It's more than a bit amusing to see how many Americans are truly over the moon about the British Royals. It's none of our business how they sepend their money or how much of it they choose to spend. If the Brits were that bloody unhappy with the Royal Family, the populace would have unseated them years and years ago. Fact is, the Royals bring in a great deal of Revenue for the U.K.
common sense is just not so common anymore!
05:49 PM on 07/04/2012
A drop in the bucket compared to our Dear leader who travels everywhere with just the base cost of AF-1 being 180,000 grand AN HOUR add to that all the staff, secret hooker agents and more, it makes them look like penny pincers!
06:50 PM on 07/04/2012
The dear leader was in Seattle at Boeing field and was looking at the new planes being built and made a remark jow he would like a cool plane like that. Does this man ever get enough of himself?
George Helm
08:39 PM on 07/04/2012
And the guy that was trying to save the taxpayer money by offering the Columbian Hooker 35 dollars instead of 800 dollars was crucified!
05:10 PM on 07/04/2012
Other peoples money...
Just Don
"Just", like "merely"
04:49 PM on 07/04/2012
Don't beleive everything you read. Especially this article.
06:22 PM on 07/04/2012