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02:09 PM on 07/11/2012
Traditional wisdom teaches that one loses science when losing the purity of the heart...which is why it can be argued that we need recognize profane learning and appreciate the nexus between science and religion. True religion is not hostile to science and its knowledge. While all traditions speak to this, the Qur'an, for instance, advises one to seek knowledge, even unto China (which in the 7th century was far off). From the traditions of Christ in Islam, we can read "Jesus (Peace be upon him!) said, 'How many trees are there, yet all of them do not bear fruit; and how many fruits are there, yet all of them are not good; and how many sciences are there, yet all of them are not useful.'

This young lady's remarks are very insightful. Science continue to be wonderful, but cuts with a double-edged sword--fabulous medical discoveries, yet ongoing creation of weapons of incredible mass destruction. Lastly, while religion can be very helpful, one can easily argue it is not indispensable. In this modern world, genuine secular morality can also suffice.
What is truth?
01:43 PM on 07/11/2012
Her last sentence sums it up.
"There is always uncertainty. But I believe that there is no point to living if not for learning, and learning cannot happen without risks. All we can do for now is keep learning and wondering."

I don't think that will ever end. People have always been afraid of change and historically that mindset has brought oppression to the world. Change is and has always been the norm in the universe. Bad things happen but that makes us stronger in the end and causes us to want to rectify the mistakes. Like it or not we will never stop change even it that change is our own destruction.

Judging by this piece the young freshman was a very intelligent young lady.
02:49 PM on 07/11/2012
Well stated response.
The world is run by cats; we just feed them.
01:24 PM on 07/11/2012
I think it is interesting that the Bible takes a stand against certain kinds of knowledge in its initial book. Genesis portrays a God who has to remove his greatest creation from Eden because Adam and Eve have eaten of "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." God kicks them out and posts guards because the former is afraid that Adam may also eat of "the tree of life." Great knowledge and an unlimited lifespan would make that human equal to God. It seems to be that fear on God's part, not the mere act of disobeying God, that causes their exit.
Got Nous?
01:19 PM on 07/11/2012
No limits! To the ends of the universe and beyond! I'm just angry it'll most likely happen after I'm dead.
The Seventh Chakra, amazon
01:18 PM on 07/11/2012
A Higgs-Boson walks into a Chruch. The Priest said, "Your kind isn't allowed in here."

The Higgs-Boson said, "That's funny, without me you could have no mass."
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02:27 PM on 07/11/2012
Not bad, would probably play well live. Try at the next convention.
No wise person will claim to be wise.
02:28 PM on 07/11/2012
Chuckle is appreciated.
01:13 PM on 07/11/2012
If genetic engineering is forbidden, it will be because of secular morality and not the belief of a man who wears a cool hat.
Humanist - Reason in the service of compasssion
01:54 AM on 07/11/2012
Unless you view the entire human species as being children that cannot contain their actions then it is absolutely clear that no stone should remain unturned. Unless.
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01:47 AM on 07/11/2012
Machines to make machines.
Machines to repair machines.
What do machines buy?

The problem with science today is that there are some very bad apples who believe science is the instrument to give them absolute power, and force humanity to conform to their ideals. BMI is an example of that, unfortunately i can shoot all sorts of holes in BMI with ease.

For one there is no "standard" human model, that is what has made the world today possible. If given the opportunity to enforce a standard model on humanity there will be no more einsteins, no gandhis, no bethovens. There will be just the "standard" model.

Some believe that only by enslaving humanity to to the mind of the machine, the cold, calculating, and ordered in the utmost of efficiency can humanity realize its potential. Quite the opposite is taking place. In order to force conformity, the human potential is lost.

It is humanitties differences that have made humanity what it is today, but today the radicals have seized upon those differences and turned them into weapons. The guy with the blue tie should be feared. The girl with the red skirt cannot be trusted, and so on.

And then there are the people who only worship themselves and the illusions of power. All under them are nothingness, to be used and tossed away. Machines, but not of their preference. Resources, infinitably renewable, and therefore worthless.
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01:16 PM on 07/11/2012
"The problem with science today is that there are some very bad apples who believe science is the instrument to give them absolute power, and force humanity to conform to their ideals. BMI is an example of that, unfortunately i can shoot all sorts of holes in BMI with ease."

The problem with religion today (and throughout its history) is that it is full of bad apples who believe access to god is the instrument to give them absolute power, and force humanity to conform to their ideals. I think my version makes more sense than yours.

And attacking a diagnostic tool for health as some sort of toll for conformism is just ridiculous, and it has no bearing whatsoever on what is or isn't wrong with "science." (There is nothing wrong with science: there can be something amiss with people, though the use BMI is hardly an example that. Maybe the BMI upsets fat people.)
03:08 PM on 07/11/2012
I think you're over-thinking their statement as an assault on science, and it shows by the assumption that the attack is based on a flawed "metric." (Let's be real here: even doctors have said that BMI is a poorly-designed tool)

If you take off your anti-religious goggles for a moment, you can see that he's saying that science can be a good thing, but there are enough "bad apples" to ruin most of the benefit that comes from it. Instead of science being used for real advancement of the human race, it becomes a destructive, controlling, and/or placating tool because some people, scientist or otherwise, see the possibilities of it and turn it into such a thing. Those that do this, the "radicals" as he calls them, wear any cloak that makes this happen, be it technological, political, scientific, medical, militaristic, religious, etc. These radicals attempt to enforce some kind of comformity which supresses the potential of humankind as a whole and is more detrimental than any individual religeous or scientific mindset could ever be.

Your response, though, is a clear assault on religion simply because you feel it "makes more sense." After looking at the comment through a more open mind, does your "statement" really make that much more sense?

TL;DR: Ignore the damn BMI statement, it's an example, not the whole point. The comment makes sense as it is written if you actually THINK about it and don't assume it's an attack.
01:20 PM on 07/11/2012
What the heck are you talking about? Who is gaining absolute power through BMI? It is just an approximate measure of body fat, that doesn't even work for certain body types.
06:34 PM on 07/10/2012
According to Lawrence Krauss' book, 'A Universe from Nothing', our ancient assumption, 'ex nihilo nihil fit' i.e. 'out of nothing, nothing comes' is incorrect. The state of nothing is unstable and cannot exist. This is reflected in the geometry of universe which is flat. No religion can afford to know this.
The Seventh Chakra, amazon
01:27 PM on 07/11/2012
Why would you conclude the universe is flat? The big question is how can something come from nothing and then disperse it's self into the "universe" of nothing? Maybe there are two universes colliding?
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03:43 PM on 07/11/2012
The universe isn't flat. The multi-verse is so complex that perhaps you can only concieve of it in two dimensions rather then the 11 or more that exist.
12:54 PM on 07/10/2012
Good article. There's no reason why human knowledge of our universe should not continue to grow, certainly not because someone's religion says there are things we shouldn't know. Unfortunately, our maturity and wisdom have not always kept up with our advances in knowledge.