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10:48 PM on 02/28/2009
Kansas will miss her. That is assured. She is a great public servant. I'm excited for our country.
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10:43 PM on 02/28/2009
Looks like a good choice. I don't know how effective she would be in getting legislation passed throught Congress, but I'm sure that Obama team has thought of that.

The main question in my mind is what kind of healthcare reform would Obama go for. If it is what he proposed during the campaign, I'm not impressed.

What Americans need and deserve is a high quality, single payer, universal healthcare. Anything less than that is just putting band aids on a patient that need surgery.

And, no, incremental steps to single-payer system don't make sense. Whenever it is done, now or ten years from now, it would face the same resistance from insurance companies.

10:59 PM on 02/28/2009
Let's hope the insurance company insiders aren't the primary authors of the legislation.
11:07 PM on 02/28/2009
I too have always been in favor of a single payer system. But getting from here to there would be extremely painful. I would like to see some way to put sanity into the health care system. One thing I would really like to see, is a law banning total garnishments of checking accounts by hospitals. I have known of this happening, after a year or so of making regular payments. the hospital will take a whole account down to zero through garnishment, The hospital bill can run 20 thousand, 30 thousand or more for a regular type necessary surgery. What people have left is nothing to buy groceries with, nothing to pay rent with, and nothing to pay utilities with. If someone is making payments regularly the hospitals should be banned from garnishments. It absolutely ruins people.
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11:25 AM on 03/01/2009
And these are not the only problems with the present system. That is why putting band-aids on the current system is not the answer. We need a toally new approach. Knowing how well the system in France works, that should be our model.
10:33 PM on 02/28/2009
As a citizen of Kansas, I can tell you she is a GREAT pick. She fought the insurance companies to extend maternity benefits when she was insurance commissioner and actually reduced rates while increasing coverage. Its why she got elected Gov. in a very Republican state. We will miss her.
10:06 PM on 02/28/2009
Sebelius is a good choice not my choice, but, nonetheless, a real good choice.
10:01 PM on 02/28/2009
No experience for the position, but from what I can find, she looks like a solid Democrat. No tax issues?!
10:19 PM on 02/28/2009
she actually does...i think she was a state insurance commissioner back in the day
11:34 PM on 02/28/2009
Ahh right you are.
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10:32 PM on 02/28/2009
She has experience going up against insurance companies . . . and she won.
09:58 PM on 02/28/2009
We're giving up a 75%-25% shot at a SENATE seat from KANSAS.

This should either signal a total frittering away of political talent, which does not sound like the President, or a genuine attempt to prime this post with someone who offers a good deal of political capital
02:27 AM on 03/01/2009
I guess you never hear the bird in hand is better than two in the bush proverb.
09:56 PM on 02/28/2009
Thank GOD it's not going to be Governor Phil Bredesen of Tennessee !!! See what is deemed, defended and supported as THE ACCEPTABLE STANDARDS OF HEALTH CARE in East Tennessee where profit care comes ahead of patient care.
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10:53 PM on 02/28/2009
09:43 PM on 02/28/2009
This position has been open for several weeks, and I have not seen anyone saying pick Howard Dean. Rush Limbaugh cheered for Hillary to win the nomination, and the majority voted for Obama.

I am not sure of this, but I think each person put their in as wanting the job. Maybe Dean didn't (I heard somewhere he did not want the position). But if we have an election for these positions, then you can vote him in.
09:52 PM on 02/28/2009
the only pundits I know that openly lobbied Dean for HHS were Chris Matthews and Greta Van Susteren, and it was probably the Van Susteren endorsement that did Dean in. Remember, Van Susteren was idolizing Sarah Palin, so her judgment might not be exactly there.

As far as I can see, the Dean supporters on this thread complaining that Dean should have gotten it are no better than the many Repubs complaining about not getting enough tax cuts in the stimulus. Obama is doing the best job he can, and none of his decisions yet has caused us more pain than the ones Boo$h made.

In the end, I believe Obama was looking for someone who was loyal to him and also someone who could work with Congressional leaders in getting healthcare passed, and Sebelius fits both those criteria. Dean is too polarizing a figure within his own party... but that is between Obama and Dean.
09:31 PM on 02/28/2009
Wasn't it Obama who wanted people around him who didn't necessarily agree with him???
Who had diverse opinions? Including different viewpoints?

I so appreciate all posters here who reply with a 'clenched' fist.

Gimme a break.
09:38 PM on 02/28/2009
Joe Biden was one of his fiercest critics, yet Obama made him VP.

Hillary ran a kitchen sink campaign against him, yet she is the Secretary of State.

He even extended a hand to Judd Gregg, who disagreed with him so much to the point of him turning the post down.

We respect your opinions, and your entitled to them, but not to your own facts. You keep arguing that Dean should have been the pick just because, and you keep blaming Rahm for him not being in the administration, which is not based on any coherent facts, but on strawmen.

For all we know, Dean didn't want the position, that is between Obama and Dean. Right now, Obama is working for us, and he made the best decision for us. Thus far, none of Obama's decisions have harmed us more than the ones made by Boo$h... unless you beg to differ.
09:39 PM on 02/28/2009
Give us a break. You people pushing Dean are the most close-minded folks around. Every time there's a nominee, you start with the "Dean is being sc...rew...ed and it's all Rahm's fault. Only Dean is capable of doing the job; Obama owes his presidency to Dean."

Folks like you make Dean look like a total lo..ser because you keep whining and pleading and pushing for him to get a job that it's clear he's never going to get.

If you love Dean, stop him!
09:45 PM on 02/28/2009
If Obama owes anyone, he owes we the people, we're the ones who helped vote him into office, that means he has to make decisions that are best for all of us.

And Dean supporters, while most of them did vote for Obama, represent only a small portion of the pie, there are still the moderates that Obama has to cater to, as well as unfortunately those on the far right.

We all have a part in Obama's presidency and we are all on the same side, let's quit the Divide and Conquer tactics of the past.
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10:33 PM on 02/28/2009
This is nuts. This position is going to be attacked viciously, being that this will be the person who stands up to the insurance giants and the lobbies that support them, if we're ever going to have decent healthcare in this country.. Dean's a fighter. He simply has what it takes to stand up and talk sense.
Sebelius will be attacked up one side and down the other. I don't know if she's gonna be able to stand up to it.
I'd have prefered Dean for this fight, any day.

Obama should at least acknowledge Dean in some way, but he doesn't. Not very smart P.R., since there are millions of well educated Americans that know well what Dr. Dean has done for his party, and his country, and really look up to him.
09:24 PM on 02/28/2009
Insurance commissioner for 8 years who refused to take insurance lobby money.

Blocked a Blue Cross merger in her state, the first time one of its acquisition attempts had ever been stopped.

Was able to work healthcare reform into the stimulus package.

She's a non-controversial centrist who won't be red meat for the Republicans as Hillary was or Howard Dean would be.

Those all work in her favor.
09:32 PM on 02/28/2009
And that means less issues with vetting... UGH! Vetting has become a pain in the a s s after the right wing media played "GOTCHA!" over Killefer, Dashle, and Geithner, and after Judd Gregg gave Obama the finger!
09:58 PM on 02/28/2009
Ya, I hate how the media reports stuff that's true. It's so... so GOTCHA.
09:23 PM on 02/28/2009
So this is how you get rewarded for driving Kansas into the ground. At least at her cushy Fed diggs she might be able to get Obama to print up some hot ones in order to pay the people of Kansas their state tax return money!
09:27 PM on 02/28/2009
Thanks for repeating the Limbaugh talking points like a trained parrot.
09:44 PM on 02/28/2009
Someone fed Rush Limbaugh after midnight and let him near a body of water. He sure has spawned a LOT of 'baby Rushs' lately. Remember-Keep him away from bright light, DON'T, no matter how much he begs and pleads, FEED him after MIDNIGHT and NEVER EVER get him WET!!
09:17 PM on 02/28/2009
The real issue will be if the DLC wing bends to the will of the insurance industry and their corporatist D.C. shills (both Rethugs and quite a few Dems). If she can work to get strong universal health care legislation passed, more power to her. For the moment however, I'm suspending judgment.
09:05 PM on 02/28/2009
Why is Obama doing this, we had a shoe in senator in Janet Nal Ariz, then he made her Sec. Now she is a shoe in senator and he makes her sec, it's almost as if Obama is trying to stop the Dems from getting a super majority in the senate.
09:11 PM on 02/28/2009
And it's funny how Obama doesn't care about parties and instead works for we the people, didn't he say that we are not a collection of red states and blue states, we are the United States of America?

Obama doesn't see America as Democrat or Republican, he sees it as America, and that's how you should see it.

Obama could care less about getting a larger Dem base and wants to get things done by working across the aisle, he is not one sided like Boo$h. He is center left.
09:12 PM on 02/28/2009
Yeah. It's not like they could have declined or anything. Obama forced them to come into the administration. They didn't want to but he made them. He's some kind of spell casting president. They can't say NO!
09:18 PM on 02/28/2009
Of course they accept, who wouldn't want to run the Dept. they are offered, by why doesn't Obama offer it to an out of work Dem. These two women were shoe in senators and we would have gotten rid of Sen McCain, I say again it is almost as if Obama does not want a humongous majority in the senate.
09:03 PM on 02/28/2009
Excellent choice!
08:57 PM on 02/28/2009
I'd like to know what Pres. Obama has against Howard Dean MD? Strange....
09:02 PM on 02/28/2009
I was wondering the same thing.
09:02 PM on 02/28/2009
And I'd like to know why this is even an issue, he's the President, he picks whom he feels is best qualified to serve him.

I did disagree with Hillary as Secretary of State, but she is doing an excellent job and I admit I was wrong, and I am glad to have her on board.

You Deanies are just going to have to get used to him not being in the administration, and obviously not expressing any interest, which is probably why Obama didn't pick him.
Michael Gene Sullivan
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09:18 PM on 02/28/2009
The actual disturbing thing is the need for some on the Post to use terms like "Deanies," or "Deaniacs."

It reminds me of all the people who used terms like "Obamabots" and "Obamamanics" during the election. I wonder if it's the same people?

It was then and is now a rather simple minded way of trying to invalidate someone who's argument you disagree with, rather than yourself making a logical argument.

If you don't think Dean is the best person for the post, make your argument, just like anyone who wants Dean in the job should not resort to insulting the current nominee. We are supposed to be the party of adults, not sniping adolescents, and we should try to act accordingly.