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10:55 AM on 07/07/2012
Than more education we have, than more we forget, but still have in memory something from previous knowledge.
GHGs are trapping infrared radiation.
Is it true?
Of course, it is true!
GHGs are responsible for climate change.
Is it true?
Not all gases are playing the same role in nature.

Let look at properties of water.

It takes a huge energy to evaporate water from oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, from any sources of evaporation, even from droplets of water in the sky.
Everybody know it and in summer time trying to be closer to any small fountain.

What is special in water vapor-it is lighter, than most gases in the air.
That is reason why after few hours we could see water vapor at cloud level in form of water droplet.


It process cool the atmosphere, DESPITE WATER VAPOR IS GHG.

Human activities using fossil fuel increase amount of GHGs in the world.
Everybody know it.
Human activities reduce amount of evaporation all around the world.
For some reason science of climate change pay very little attention at this fact.
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11:32 AM on 07/07/2012
Dead on right. They amount of energy to evaporate all this water is astronomical. Water has a HUGE heat capacity. Saw an article recently that said the amount of energy being absorbed by surface water due to global warming is equivalent to 400,000 atomic bombs going off every day.
11:55 AM on 07/07/2012
Your post is very usual propaganda machine in work.

Yes oceans could be heated and take energy, evaporation of the water from the oceans transport these energy closer to the space.

We reduce evaporation of water from continents with arable land.
We reduce reflection back to space of direct sun radiation.
These two reasons are more than enough to explain weather disaster and global warming.

If we increase evaporation of water on continents and bring it to level of evaporation in 1800 we will not see these weather disasters.

It is very simple, think about it.
01:07 PM on 07/07/2012
"Moreover, we
provide evidence linking the lack of jet contrails during
the grounding period to most observed increases in regional
DTR, and also to the asymmetric changes in maximum
and minimum temperatures from which DTR is

Maybe I am wrong, but it looks like your site support my point.
Taxed; but not represented.
11:49 AM on 07/07/2012
I’m happy to see that someone out there is on top of this problem---all you have to do is write it all up, include you facts and figures, state you hypothesis and or theory, and submit it for peer review.
12:11 PM on 07/07/2012
If you google peer review, you could find there, that Einstein was never peer reviewed, what else?

"Allegation of bias and suppression
The interposition of editors and reviewers between authors and
readers always raises the possibility that the intermediators may
serve as gatekeepers. Some sociologists of science argue that
peer review makes the ability to publish susceptible to control by
elitesand to personal jealousy. The peer review process may
suppress dissentagainst “mainstream” theories."

Peer review failure
Peer review failures occur when a peer-reviewed article contains
obvious fundamental errors that undermine at least one of its main
conclusions. Many journals have no procedure to deal with peer
review failures beyond publishing letters to the editor.

In my book Case against the science of climate change I wrote:

"All of that is true; at least I can’t publish my articles in magazines
and newspapers. I am sure that I am right in my understanding
of the main problems, the same as in its solutions, which could
be very useful. I was obsessed with my discovery because I
saw solutions, which were easy to implement in the USA. I
sent them to congressmen, senators, to presidents Bush and
Obama and their staff. I also sent them to several universities. I
published my book covering by own my expenses and sent it to
Michele Obama; it is about the economy and climate change, it
is solutions for many domestic and world problem, please take
them for free."
12:15 PM on 07/07/2012
Hmm. That'll go well. /sarcasm
first, check your satire-o-meter.
10:51 AM on 07/07/2012
Somewhere above America there's a big floating "Duh" bubble.

Maybe it's above Colorado at the moment.
10:51 AM on 07/07/2012
Why does the right have such a disconnect with education, educated thought, science, scientific hypotheses? Come on now it's the 21st century.
Messy Eater
You say "lib" like it's a bad thing.
10:53 AM on 07/07/2012
They don't want to leave their state of bliss, provided by willful ignorance. They are the most selfish people on the planet.
Taxed; but not represented.
11:58 AM on 07/07/2012
Thank you! You nailed it! "fav'd" They will believe the HYPOTHISES that God will take care of their every need and clean up after them, but not the evident THEORY that we have to clean up after ourselves.
10:50 AM on 07/07/2012
The Colorado fires are a by-product of government mismanagement of forested lands.
11:20 AM on 07/07/2012
Maybe the fact that the Colorado snowpack was 3% of normal as of June is also a factor? Or maybe the pine bark beetle explosion, which is occurring mostly because the winters have been warm enough to allow two generations a year instead of one?

These things don't matter, and the fires are SOLELY the result of mismanagement?
10:35 AM on 07/07/2012
I know climate change is real! When I woke up this morning, the temp was 74. By 3pm it was 95. God help us all!
Messy Eater
You say "lib" like it's a bad thing.
10:54 AM on 07/07/2012
Everything you've said on this thread is like you are missing 95% of your brain. How do you feed yourself?
Linda from Deerfield
Paying attention
10:29 AM on 07/07/2012
Did you hear the one about the Business Roundtable? (That's an association of major American corporate CEO's.) You'll fall off your chair laughing. They have officially urged Americans to support more and better science education. They are mostly Republicans. Hilarious!
12:18 PM on 07/07/2012
They need more skillful workers to toil in their underground sugar caves.
10:29 AM on 07/07/2012
Last winter it was very cold in some places on the planet and the AGW hacks said that is "weather", so it is not germaine to the discussion. Now it is hot in some places on the planet and it is game on again. A long time ago fools like the AGW acolytes thought they could control the weather by throwing virgins into a volcano. Now they think they can accomplish it by throwing money into Al Gore's bank account.
Taxed; but not represented.
11:10 AM on 07/07/2012
CONservatives do not live by bread alone, but by every word spewed from the mouth of the mighty and all knowing Rushbo.
05:18 PM on 07/07/2012
I used to use comebacks like this when I was 7
11:21 AM on 07/07/2012
You're really, really missing the point. It's about trends, not individual events.
05:19 PM on 07/07/2012
As in the trend over the last 15,000 or so years?
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Sheng Paule
Either we fix this planet or we all lose
10:27 AM on 07/07/2012
Saw SE Cupp on TV. Thought what a lovely gal....
Then she started denying climate change...
And I thought...
What a tragedy....and turned off the TV.
12:22 PM on 07/07/2012
Well, from her Wiki page it appears that she works for Glenn Beck's organization.

As far as I can tell, Glenn is the foremost exponent of the factually-challenged paranoid wingnut strain in modern American political thought. Unfortunate indeed.

She seems to be quite a good dancer, though.
10:26 AM on 07/07/2012
Why is it that the self-proclaimed party of personal responsibility thinks it's irresponsible to do anything about our destruction of the only home keeping us alive?
10:31 AM on 07/07/2012
maybe it has somethings to do with religion, dog will provide unlimited resources and all that.
Bill Bushing
Liberal but open to ideas that make sense
10:25 AM on 07/07/2012
Seeing is believing... unfortunately, believing now may be a bit late.
That one man scorned and covered with scars ...
10:23 AM on 07/07/2012
The fact that Americans are now more inclined to accept that climate change, aka global warming, is occurring doesn't seem to make any difference in policy as state after state legislature and governor are approving more and more, essentially unregulated, fracking, off-shore oil and gas exploration and the unprecedented reversal of key components of the clean air and water acts and the fact that one of the major political parties is demanding approval of the Keystone Pipeline, all of which doesn't bode well for human kind in the future. If anyone wants a look at the dystopian future resulting from the rise of a corporation-sponsored government, I hardily recommend The Sheep Look Up by John Brunner published in 1972.
The Right are Wrong
10:19 AM on 07/07/2012
it will be 103 degrees here today. Every year we are breaking records for high temperatures. Violent weather has become more common. If this trend continues there will be a water shortage in this country which will affect everything this earth needs to survive. Republicans seem to have rejected science, by not believing in evolution or global warming. They would rather spend their precious time telling women what they are and are not allowed to do with their bodies. Look back at the last election and remember what Republicans promised to do and what they actually did.
10:14 AM on 07/07/2012
The self-imposed ignorance concerning climate change by those lemmings on the right is baffling. What rational purpose is served by closing one's mind to at least the possibility that over population, industrialization and disregard for the environment has produced these greenhouse gases that are changing our world forever? And of course we know it's a political dogma which makes it all irrational.
Happy Progressive
10:20 AM on 07/07/2012
And the thing that I don't understand is that these deniers are also going to suffer right along with the rest of us. And that includes the Koch Boys! And yet they persist in being blind.
10:29 AM on 07/07/2012
the Koch Boys will have plenty of money to eat (yuck).....

they don't care, they won't be here when things get really bad. After the warm up comes the next ice age.
Linda from Deerfield
Paying attention
10:06 AM on 07/07/2012
I'm here to tell you that if you can hold your hand up to a window or door frame on a bitter winter day and feel a cold draft, there is no need for it, and if you address it, you'll save on heating and summer cooling costs, too. There are no doubt some really great folks at your locally owned hardware store who can help you figure out a few dollars to spend to improve the situation. If you see cobwebs quivering near some utility or other entry points, you've got some sealing to do there, too. Just do it.
10:02 AM on 07/07/2012
People in the world must recognize that today science of climate change make huge mistake.
Greenhouse gases have nothing to do with climate change, they are only good indicator of human activities, because we are using fossil fuel as sources of energy.

Imagine, that fire destryed not only forest in Colorado.
Please, imagine impossible, that all trees in North America (Mexico, USA, Canada) will be fired in one day. It will be in result a lot of GHGs in the atmosphere.

It will change power of oceans breezes (Pacific, Arctic, Atlantic, and continent of North America), which influence climate from France to Japan.


Linda from Deerfield
Paying attention
10:15 AM on 07/07/2012
You are quite good at double talk and have a fairly good mastery of the language, too.
11:22 AM on 07/07/2012
You are good in sarcasm, but please pay attention at my post above at 10:55.
Are you sure Rs arn't Decepitcons in desguise?
10:15 AM on 07/07/2012
You drunk the Kool Aid big oil is making. Over 90% disagree with you and most that 10% are shills paid for by big oil, just like smoking industry used shills to "prove" there was no correlation between smoking and cancer.
11:24 AM on 07/07/2012
Even if you disagree with me, please read my post above at 10:55 with cold blood and open mind.