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06:41 PM on 07/06/2012
Where the controversy in nature selection and population control of a species?
07:54 PM on 07/06/2012
The species that can think and control its environment is a product of natural selection and there is nothing in the 'laws' of evolution that preclude it from doing exactly that. I only hope that this species is brave and smart enough to avoid bringing about its own extinction.
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09:42 PM on 07/06/2012
Extinction is the natural order and human will play their part too the end.
still traveling hopefully
06:37 PM on 07/06/2012
the controversy is that you claim to want to save lives yet you and your husband invest huge amounts of money in monsanto - home of genetically modified seeds. it's an oxymoron. you are participating in
wiping out the ability of third world nations to produce their food for years to come. instead they're forced to invest in seeds every year. or face a lawsuit.

please reconsider this investment.
06:23 PM on 07/06/2012
I'm for it! I am for whatever makes sense.
06:11 PM on 07/06/2012
And given the current tide, within 2 years, access to family planning will be better in sub-saharan Africa, than it will be in this country. Sad, tragic, and ironic all at the same time.
Came to believe.....
06:05 PM on 07/06/2012
Thank you Melinda, for taking up the banner for this most fundamental, basic human right. Can I share on FB?