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02:57 PM on 02/12/2009
It was only a matter of time before Julio the DJ got played...
"Chasing Julio...the Conclusion"
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11:51 AM on 02/12/2009
Julio keep doing what you do. You made me smile and I hope you never lose your enthusiasm.
08:23 AM on 02/12/2009
waste of my damn time.
07:37 AM on 02/12/2009
Some loser stands up and inquires about "benefits" for minimum wage earners flipping burgers. When I worked at Arby's I used the lack of pay and benefits as MOTIVATION to go to school and work hard to get to a better place. Let's just keep rewarding low income to quell any motivation. I see your socialist philosophy hard at work. You need people to depend on your party for it's mere survival. Give people more = kill independence = increase reliance on government = survival of your party...and socialism..."I haven't been this happy since I got a playstation 3. I've been smoking pot and playing video games every day since then....uuuhhh....." Get a life...
09:22 AM on 02/12/2009
Bitterness is bad for you. And it is not socialism to pay workers a decent wage and give them benefits.
09:42 AM on 02/12/2009
It must be a terrible burden to be "so negative".
02:46 AM on 02/12/2009
He may be a freak to you, but he deserves respect if his story is as he described.
Seems like the right wants to cast our problems out of sight. They don't want to look at this guy. They don't want to use our treasure to help honest, struggling, but optimistic kids like this guy.

You know, the amount of money spent that might help this kid get through college as part of the stimulus is much less than we've squandered on fetching warlords in the Middle East this last decade.
You give money to poor Americans and the right wing has a hissy fit; yet the same group fancies themselves capable of fixing problems in poor foreign countries.

RW Priorities? Romantic wars in countries that we can't possibly understand. We don't even understand neighboring states in our own union. Let's (try to) fix this country for a while.
02:34 AM on 02/12/2009
Aaaaaaakward!!!!!!!!!!! The president handled it well. At least we know these things aren't staged.
10:14 PM on 02/11/2009
Oh thank you graciuos god, mr president since i been there in direct commutation of direct a benefits of the same 4 and half years of benfits a do you a have some ipsfacto extra better plan for me a that would a well a would you a give me a job or somtething or a thank you thank you jesus. Whehhhhh god bless public education
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12:00 AM on 02/12/2009

I was thinking of a reply, but your post is so much better than anything I coulda come up with.
09:59 PM on 02/11/2009
Just another typical left wing liberal loon, like the lady who mouthed(I love you) thats just stalker talk, but soemthing we have come to accept from libs.
Progressive and liberal, just like Jesus Christ.
12:03 AM on 02/12/2009
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Typical Republican't spelling and punctuation. Don't they make no spell check for y'all?
07:41 AM on 02/12/2009
Easy there John Denver's brother. Shouldn't you be getting high in the rockies or something?
09:38 PM on 02/11/2009
Maybe it's me, but I find it umm... odd that the media is focusing on this white boy who has the money to go to college and has a job, so obviously has a home and the comforts that come with it, but they have all but totally ignored the black woman with no income who's living out of her car with her family. Common logic, to me, makes this woman the big story, not the McDonald's employee. As a black woman, I find this so very typical of white media. It's sort of like every time a little white girl goes missing, the story runs 24/7 in every state on every media channel, but let a little black girl come up missing and you never, ever see these stories in the media, in ANY state. Don't think that little black girls just don't go missing, because they do. It's just that the media refuses to show them. The parents of these children have to send out a bunch of emails to get the word out with hopes that others pass it on, and these emails go around throughout the black community because the white media does not publicize our little black children who are missing.

So this story, like all the others, smacks of that same tired color-blind media. This country never ceases to amaze me how we prop up the wrong people and still ignore the most needy.
10:19 PM on 02/11/2009
wha the hell are you talking about
02:31 AM on 02/12/2009
I get it. There's a new little white girl missing in Florida. Your comment is a little off point. This post is about the Crazy college kid who loves Obama vs your much more thoughtful topic of Media Whitewash. But I get your point.
Veteran Commenter
08:16 PM on 02/11/2009
God bless Julio Osegueda. He is national hero. What a fine young man. I just love him. President Obama should give him a medal or something because he put on an incredible performance. He put a smile on my face and that means a lot to me in these depressing times. If I could, I would write him a check for $100, 000 from my personal savings because he deserves it.
12:25 AM on 02/13/2009
No! Walter Reed Army Hospital is full of heros. Our military is over flowing with heros.

This guy is nobody until he decides to change his own life and walk away from his gang banger worship and lifestyle as apparent on his own Myspace and if he doesn't, once the media attention drains away and Obama's PR moment disapates, this boy will be a distant memory if not forgotten completely.
Wanna Raise Some Hell
08:10 PM on 02/11/2009
If you ask me, Julio seemed like a GOP plant to try to foul up Obama's town hall tour.

But if it was, it backfired.
Obama's Kool-Aid is mm, mm, good.
08:01 PM on 02/11/2009
Julio has just reassured me that Obama's following is more fanatic that Jim Jones'. Only if he was as successful in convincing them to actually drink the punch.
Progressive and liberal, just like Jesus Christ.
12:10 AM on 02/12/2009
More fanatical than McCain/Palin supporters screaming death threats and racial epithets, or Dick Cheney yelling "FU@K YOU" on the Senate floor? Maybe you mean more fanatical than Rush Limbaugh saying, "I hope he fails," when millions are unemployed and thousands of homeowners are on the brink of losing their property.
12:16 PM on 02/12/2009
Please don't paint us all with the same brush.

And holy CRAP is that Kool-Aid/punch thing annoying.
02:15 PM on 02/11/2009
Now, that's how you ask the President a question!!!! That made my day! That's what hope looks like. I just pray that we find the wisdom to get us through these tough times. And he was not high, just excited. I know we forget what that looks like sometimes.
Veteran Commenter
08:26 PM on 02/11/2009
Julio made my day too.
01:54 PM on 02/11/2009
Great fun; uplifting story!

What a contrast to BOR's Helen Thomas impression.
01:22 PM on 02/11/2009
BREAKING NEWS...... Julio Osegueda just received an IPOD and a new set of rims from the all merciful one.
What do I know?
03:22 PM on 02/11/2009