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09:22 AM on 07/10/2012
Who is this?
keep ur words soft n sweet cuz u may hve to eat em
08:46 AM on 07/10/2012
Pet peeve alert. I really hate when a critic decides the dumbness or genius of someone. I'll determine for myself if it's "stunning" if ya don't mind. Speaking of "stunning," I believe it has to be the most overused adjective in our lexicon and one that generally gets stuck gracing something underserving of that claim.
12:50 PM on 07/10/2012
It actually really is stunning. Like totally amazing. He's a genius. I'd have to say that Frank Ocean is a dark combination of Luther Vandross, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, and Stevie Wonder. He's pretty much a visionary and should never be challenged by anyone. Shout out out to UPS Baltimore hub primary 1.
09:08 AM on 07/12/2012
Let's not get carried away... It's his first album & already he's being compared to legends....
10:17 AM on 07/11/2012
Don't forget "Epic".
TPers: Sit ur $5 *** down before I make change
08:29 AM on 07/10/2012
Mikey's sniffing glue again. Your mom should have aborted u. Now sit down.
TPers: Sit ur $5 *** down before I make change
08:25 AM on 07/10/2012
Hey Booker T, give it a rest. I'm sure your life is really underwhelming as well. Game respects sit down.
08:10 AM on 07/10/2012
Frank Ocean writes some of the most beautiful songs
Imagine a world w/no hypothetical situations...
07:49 AM on 07/10/2012
so no one can sing anymore?
06:40 AM on 07/10/2012
yea, i listened to his music and watched his video above
and was totally, underwhelmed
but its better than listening to beyonce and rihanna yodeling
Patience is the mother of a beautiful child.
10:11 AM on 07/10/2012
LOL @ yodeling... That's exactly how they sound. All these years of trying to place it. Thanks, my friend.
06:31 AM on 07/10/2012
I am astounded at how incredibly this album is! I just hope that the very hyper-masculine hip-hop world can judge purely on talent and not Frank Ocean's preference. It was a very brave thing for him to do. I think that he has place down a huge stepping stone for todays youth. Maybe him coming out has helped other youth in America feel like they to can succeed in areas that they have felt were dominated by one particular group of people.

This will definitely set precedent. I hope that the responses remain positive. He deserves it, he is a true talent!
To Twwweet to Eat, so Fly Away.
12:56 PM on 07/10/2012
Hey "RI", what an AWESOME post you wrote. I 2 hope he opened the path and eyes for the youths and adults of today. There are so many roads to take, and so many obstacles to hurdle over in life already, its these things that help make it easier for others to follow, and yes, he and all the other people in the world deserve (their) happiness as well. Take care & stay safe Rich. JR
05:03 PM on 07/10/2012
Hyper-masculine hip-hop world? What does that mean. exactly?
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05:23 AM on 07/10/2012
I had never heard of him before this whole "coming out" letter (which was brave, touching and beautiful). When I read today that he was releasing his album now, I became a little annoyed and skeptical because of the timing (that his coming out now was only to hype an album that otherwise would never have gotten attention). I am SO DEEPLY sorry I was so cynical...

His music is so incredibly transcends any per-conceived notions I may have had about him...and might be the greatest R&B album in my recent memory (I am a rock chick at heart, but I am open to any genre).

Thank you for this gift and sharing your life with the world...
08:08 AM on 07/10/2012
He actually planned on releasing the letter with his album but somebody leaked the fact that he was outting himself, so he released the letter early
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04:25 PM on 07/10/2012
Thank you for your informative reply.  I truly do appreciate it.  As I said, I do not want to be cynical at all.  The truth is, I never would have heard about this album if he did not "come out" so publicly, as I am not really that into R&B (generally speaking) and would not have been anticipating this album.

You bet I am going to be picking it up.  From the songs I have heard, they are just a truly inspired gift. 
12:57 PM on 07/10/2012
Agreed with Tauana IsBlessed. Also, he sort of had to since the songs Pink Matter, Bad Religion, and Forrest Gump are about his love for another man. People would have figured it out.
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04:22 PM on 07/10/2012
Thank you for your reply.  It was informative...and I appreciate that.
02:57 AM on 07/10/2012
Great performance tonight live on TV
02:48 AM on 07/10/2012
Good music.. to fall asleep to. Zzzzzzz.
02:46 AM on 07/10/2012
[continued from prior post]

i plan to get his CD, even though i haven't purchased a music album in i don't even know how many years it's been. but yeah, i wanna support him for good music but also for being brave and honest despite some of the crap he's gotten from hateful ppl on twitter and facebook.

some ppl r talkin about how his revealing that he's bisexual or gay or basically not heterosexual was a publicity strategy that, i say that what he did, he didn't have to do (cuz a lot of other singers/artists/hollywood actors etc. have still not revealed that they do same-sex relationshippy things), and it's a truly difficult thing to be open about yourself when you know the homophobic wolf vampires will come swarming at you the moment you do it, but at some point, a lot of us know that we have to do it for personal-emotional-spiritual peace & freedom...

and if it turns out that being openly LGBT is an asset to boosting your music/artistic career (rather than being the career suicide that it was before), then YAY, times have changed, we live in a different era now, and Thank God for that.
02:46 AM on 07/10/2012
okay, i admit that i had never heard of Frank Ocean until he was in the news for being a r&b/hip-hop man that revealed his first love was with another man, and a friend of mine posted his beautifully worded letter/note revelation thing on facebook, and i was moved by it, and i started listening to his music, and...

i love it! lately i've been taken over by all the electronic dance pop stuff on the radio, but i feel like Frank Ocean's music is both keepin up with the trends but also taking us back to r&b roots. i'm not sure if that makes sense, but that's how i feel. the guy is brilliant, soulful, deep... there's also a tragically disturbingly beautiful & surreal quality to some his songs.

i love: "Thinkin Bout You", "Swim Good", "Novacane", "Sweet Life", and "I Miss You"

i seriously love his music; it takes u into another realm.
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01:11 AM on 07/10/2012
Soulful, meaningful, passionate, emotional...he's taking my breath away.
Big, Bold, Brassy
09:32 AM on 07/10/2012
Try Barry Manablow he rocks
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01:09 AM on 07/10/2012