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Libera Nos a Malo
08:46 AM on 02/12/2009
Why even post something as vague and contradictory as this article is? "he said, she said". This doesn't tell me what happened at all.......or why it would be of ANY significance whatsoever.
08:36 AM on 02/12/2009
Regarding Obama's Stimulus Plan. He got what he wanted. 95% of Americans getting a tax cut. It was announced last night, Comes to $13.00 a month. Next year it goes down to $ 8.00.
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09:04 AM on 02/12/2009
I see the talking points are out. Problem is, other tro//s claim it's $13 a week, which would make it over $600 a year. Get your whines straight.
10:01 AM on 02/12/2009
$13 a week or $13 a month, I'm happy either way. My family is employed anyway. Money for employed families SHOULD just be a little here or there to help us out. The majority of the funding should go to those who have NO employment-Jobs, jobs, jobs.

If you were looking for some windfall then you were being pretty unrealistic.
11:49 AM on 02/12/2009
Tell the people that lost their jobs that 13.00 is enough.
08:32 AM on 02/12/2009
She's no Sam Rayburn.
Grow up America!
08:31 AM on 02/12/2009
I'm not sure if any of you commenting on this blog saw Harry Reid take on the Republicans at the Conference Committee meeting at 5.15 pm. (It was broadcast on CSPAN 3),

It was impressive. The GOP were in their usual mode being petty, partisan and bickering about small issues rather than worry about solutions that will take our country forward.

Harry Reid answered each one of their objections and really shut them up!!

Don't vote for Obama or Romney
08:28 AM on 02/12/2009
Too bad Pelosi wasn't as passionate when pursuing the criminals Bush and Cheney.
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08:33 AM on 02/12/2009
Why should that surprise, she's as culpable as they.
11:52 AM on 02/12/2009
Forget Bush & Cheney. It's over, their gone. We are responsible for fixing things ourself. We cannot blame Bush for Obama's four years.
08:20 AM on 02/12/2009
She "went through the roof" !!!

This is a better explanation of a satellite crashing into another satellite in space.

The headlines should have read 'Pelosi hits Russian Communication satellite"

Or From the Russian side 'Pelosi hits American Communication satellite"

Let's face the truth: Her head is hard enough to do that.
Conservative Commonsense
08:18 AM on 02/12/2009
Nancy Pelosi. does not work for the party or the country, only herself. Needs to be replaced with someone who represents the people. She will always be a thorn in obamas side and work at odds with him....
08:17 AM on 02/12/2009
Democrats are screwed in the 2010 mid-term elections unless these two bozos are replaced, and soon!
Don't vote for Obama or Romney
08:29 AM on 02/12/2009
I don't think many realize that Pelosi is a Bush Crime Family member.
08:31 AM on 02/12/2009
my grandmother could beat up H.arry R.eid---what a wussss----
08:11 AM on 02/12/2009
I don't care who won or who blinked; I do care who lost.
The people that won [as usual] were the bankers
and once again, the people that lost are the same people that
lost when old "Dub" was calling the shots, the hourly working man and woman.

I REALLY hate to say this but I don't see the CHANGE

Turning the paper over and making a new copy is not change.

TAX BREAKS ? Sure, why not; they worked so well for the last eight years.

Now THAT would be change I could believe in.........................
I will believe it when [if] I see it.

President Obama, don't forget why we elected you.
You seem to be having trouble with your memory.

We will remember; that is something YOU can believe in !
08:17 AM on 02/12/2009
08:44 AM on 02/12/2009
Super Amen
The naked truth is better than a well dressed lie
08:24 AM on 02/12/2009
Have you not been paying attention? Beyond reaching out in the unprecendented way that he did, what more did you expect the President to do to overcome Republican intransigence? You can lead a donkey to the water's edge; you can't force it to drink!
10:59 AM on 02/12/2009
You know, the Democrats REALLY have to get over this pouty, "it's all da fault of da mean, poopy face Wepubwicans" routine. It's pretty lame, especially now that they control the executive and legislative branch.
08:10 AM on 02/12/2009
If we are to straighten this situation we have gotten ourselves into, Nancy Pelosi must go, she is no better than the gang we dumped. I feel that under Harry Reid we may just come out of this, but not with Pelosi, she creates to many unnecessary problems and wants to keep us divided.
08:08 AM on 02/12/2009
Fancy Nancy has plenty of baggage, but Reid is a Republican operative, pure and simple. As long as he's Senate Majority Leader Obama will continue to be sideswiped.
08:02 AM on 02/12/2009
Who won?

Well, where's the money that was to go to
the states & the schools? Who got that?
08:05 AM on 02/12/2009
Says the NYT:

'Although the final legislative language was not immediately available, lawmakers said the bill contained more than $150 billion in public works projects for transportation, energy and technology, and $87 billion to help states meet rising Medicaid costs.

Despite intense lobbying by governors around the country, the final deal slashed $25 billion from a proposed state fiscal stabilization fund, eliminated a $16 billion line item for school construction and sharply curtailed spending to provide health insurance for the unemployed.

In driving down the total cost — from $838 billion for the Senate stimulus bill and $820 billion for the House-passed measure — lawmakers also reduced the Senate’s proposed tax incentives for buyers of homes and cars, which hold big public appeal.

The final agreement retained a $70 billion tax break to spare millions of middle-income Americans from paying the alternative minimum tax in 2009. Some Democrats decried the provision as a costly addition that would not lift the economy and that Congress would have approved, regardless of the recession. '
07:40 AM on 02/12/2009
Reid has no b a l l s! he should have let the Republicans try and fillibuster...Let them show that they don't support Jobs for the middle class. This package fall short because the Senate leadership has no backbone..We need a real majority leader!
07:38 AM on 02/12/2009
Pelosi spoke up when Bush was in office she just didn't have the votes.
I agree they both should be replaced she is no Tip Oneal, but nobody was as good as he was.
He took straight to them, but I guess it would be nice to see stronger leaders on both sides, of the house
I say Russ Feingold for the Senate, not sure about the house maybe Robert Wexler?
07:36 AM on 02/12/2009
"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid played a little high-stakes chicken with each other at the tail end of Wednesday’s shotgun stimulus talks.

It’s not clear who won – or who blinked. "

It's not clear whether you really had a story here or just wanted to make some remarks intended to suggest discord amongst the Dems.