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in search of the meaning of being
12:15 PM on 02/12/2009
AP at its rhetorical malfeasance again - the story conveys benign, even genteel political discourse, not anywhere near "slamming".
11:53 AM on 02/12/2009
The timing is perfect to oust Ahmadinejad and renew talks with a more tolerant leader of Iran. Obama and Khatami can diffuse a lot of this tension if they put their heads together.
I hope Iranian voters want an end to their isolation and elect the more moderate candidate.
11:48 AM on 02/12/2009
i hope obama and israel don`t star a war against iran
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Semper Fi
11:04 AM on 02/12/2009
I'm hoping this guy win the election in Iran .
11:53 AM on 02/12/2009
Me too.
12:42 PM on 02/12/2009
He was in before and couldn't get anything done. The Mullahs control the country, not the political leaders. They're mostly figureheads, whom if they get too far out of line, are "clamped" down upon.
Freedom From Nuclear Fascism...
10:55 AM on 02/12/2009
Moderates the World over should send him their praise


encourage him to demand heightened Security so that there is "No Monkey Business" in Iran...
10:10 AM on 02/12/2009
"Slams Ahmadinejad"? Where in the article can you find such a "slamming" and "Ahmadinejad"?
For heavens sakes, don't twist your reporting to suit hardliners in U.S. Stick to the actual report without distorting the headline.

Of course Iran is facing some economic hardships. The oil income is cut to 1/3 and economic collapse of the entire world is upon us. iran is no exception.
On the neclear issue, Iranians, rich and poor, are unanimous in supporting the program. It is a matter of National Pride. This is a political campaign and these political slogans are expected. is it any different than U.S. in that respect?
10:01 AM on 02/12/2009
It would be nice if Katami wins however since the hardline clerics have a veto over any decision anyway. Still Iran as a country engaged in the international sphere would be a nice change for the rest of the world and the Persian people.
01:36 PM on 02/12/2009
They would love to go back to the way they lived before the Ayatollahs took over, especially the women.
02:08 PM on 02/12/2009
yeah! The good old days when a ruthless dictator's Israeli-trained secret police(SAVAK) arrested and tortured and executed political opponents of any shade, the days when corruption at the top (especially the royal court) was rampant. 2% lived in luxury with Swiss and Riviera vacations and 95% lived from hand to mouth. The good old days when Iran imported even its own food from U.S. and all the oil income(lots of it) was spent by the dictator(the stooge of the U.S. bosses) to buy weapons. Oh, the good old days.
As to the Iranians wanting to go back to those good old days, evidence please!
09:39 AM on 02/12/2009
Good news.