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This Dog's bite is Worse Than his Bark
02:59 PM on 02/12/2009
And Americans continue to distract themselves wth their ipods and the next episode of American Idol, as they network on Facebook or MySpace with other culture slaves, our government continues to posture, bicker and vote over billions of their dollars, dreaming, scheming and planning on ways to divert the funds from us to themselves, or to keep themselves from the unemployment roll at all costs. Obama may have good intentions, but we all know what road is paved with those, don't we, class?
01:01 AM on 02/13/2009
I don't know ...... I am beginning to wonder if there hasn't been a conspiracy over the last several decades to purposely "dumb down" middle and lower class Americans - and to keep them hopelessly distracted - all the while pulling the rug out from under them. Of course, said Americans bear the responsibility too - for falling for it.
09:53 AM on 02/13/2009
The perpetrators of this conspiracy have already been identified. It's called the resurgance of the Evangelicals.

You can be intelligent, educated, and still be religious, absolutely. Most of the writers, scientists, and other free thinkers throughout history have had strong religious beliefs, even Darwin, Newton, and Copernicus themselves.

But you cannot be intelligent and educated and BLINDLY follow everything your religious leaders tell you without question.
02:40 PM on 02/12/2009
I look forward to and never miss Mr. Weber's prose. It is oxygen in a suffocating media.
02:29 PM on 02/12/2009
01:11 PM on 02/12/2009
And not one of the rotten bastards is going to be punished because we have President "Can't we all git along" Obama. That's just another loophole for the rats to escape through. Shame on you Mr Obama, these people repeatedly broke the law and created all this bad, bad, bad that America is going through and all you want to do is get along. That makes you an effing coward, sir. You can speak well all you want, letting these bad people run free makes your speech jive hustle. Yer no better than they are by letting them off the hook. Will you let organized crime figures off the hook, too?
12:47 PM on 02/12/2009
If you like the English language you've gotta love Steven Weber.

Having been accused of being a bit wordy myself (not to mention un-tethered) was Mr. Weber's "Untethered Metaphor Alert" that drew me in even more.
The advance warning was polite,....the implied apology, unnecessary.

Perhaps the only things there is to miss about the days of George W. will be his deliciously tortured syntax.

In fact, I heard a rumor that the White House dog (I mean,.... DOG),......was going to be named just that..."tortured syntax".

MRS. Bush, however,was concerned that certain members of the media,.......having been left behind as children,.... might mis-pronounce or even mis-PRINT the pooches sur-name as "tortured SIN-TAX".

Rove said that the idea of torturing sin polled well with the evangelical base,........
....and ,of course, Dick Cheney and the national security camp woke right up at the prospect of torturing ANYONE (even the dog!......Dick was ALSO left behind alot as a child)

But house Republicans were joined by BLUE-DOG Democrats in nixing the idea because of the tax.... we ended up with Barney. The oil lobby was pleased by the comparison with a purple dinosaur, and celebrated by raising the price of unleaded another quarter.

Harry Reid was happy to do his popular Jimmy Swaggart impression and announced the choice...lamenting...."We just didn't have the votes"

Sorry,....clearly Mr. Weber has inspired me
01:17 PM on 02/12/2009
Steven's writing is like the Rockettes chorus line, hot babes kicking their legs high but you can't decide
where to look first it's so HOT, HOT, HOT----then they dance off stage and you feel like you were blinded by the dazzle.
12:47 PM on 02/12/2009
Now you can't discriminate against people on the basis of ability. That would not be fair. And saying one thing is qualitatively better than another thing? Well, who are you to say?
12:36 PM on 02/12/2009
I've been too scared to read anything about "Octopussy" (brilliant, Steven!), but from my understanding she already had six (?) kids...What I want to know is how she wrangled fertility treatments and why whoever OKed same hasn't had their license revoked. It was my simple belief that fertlity treatment was for women who had trouble conceiving, not people like this puppy mill.
12:33 PM on 02/12/2009
Octopussy (brilliant!) is getting exactly what she wanted - instant fame. I don't expect it will be long before the "6 +8" reality show finds its way to TLC (John and Kate + Eight; the 17 kids and counting show). And, guess what - it will be a hit. People will tune in. They'll make fun of her and say nasty things about her, but they will tune in.

Ironically, as more people lose their jobs, there will be fewer people who can afford to pay for cable, resulting in fewer people who will be exposed to the toxic media sludge.
05:34 PM on 02/12/2009
Ironically, as more people lose their jobs, there will be fewer people who can afford to pay for
cable, resulting in fewer people who will be exposed to the toxic media sludge.

There is no such thing. If too many people can't afford cable, the price of cable will drop. Cable TV is the biggest moneywrangler in history, because of what it can do to keep the American public not only spending spending spending, but more importantly, keep them apathetic about what's really going on Not TV.

Alas, I too am complicit in this -- or perhaps I am worse because I still spend a lot on cable, but don't spend much time watching it.
08:48 PM on 02/12/2009
You may be right but I wonder if there isn't a breaking point when a choice between groceries, mortgage, visits to the doctor, new shoes, and the cable bill might lead to a return to the rabbit ears.
09:12 PM on 02/12/2009
It's been quite interesting, in a sociological sense, to watch the downgrading of American public discourse over the years, coinciding with a rise in the power and reach of cable TV. In Australia, cable TV does not have quite the same reach, and we rely on the 2 public broadcasters and 3 private TV channels for our news, information and entertainment. I had a Fox cable salesperson come to my door one day, and when I politely but firmly told her I wasn't interested, she had the gall to ask me to explain why not. I stopped being polite and became even more firm in my response before I slammed the door.
NOW is the time for a smarter & better future
11:41 AM on 02/12/2009
Right on, we live in an age of anything goes, no accountability for anything.

The James Bond reference was classic :)
11:26 AM on 02/12/2009
actually, what W hath wrought is a GOP deeply stuck in stoopidville.
they can hear only the voices of the d!tt0heads, the followers of thRush.
they are quickly and clearly turning themselves into the LunaticCultFringe.
my feeling is that it won't be too long before that squeaky wheel falls off and rolls into a ditch.
I believe we are witnessing Evolution at the moment.
No one said it was pretty.
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10:58 AM on 02/12/2009
..and the common - and i do mean common- denominator is all this is the mindless, gluttonous consumerism and the vapidity of character, intellect and personal aspiration that is its corrolary...the corporate media is both the inculcator and the engine itself for this...relentless and pervasive....and will continue to have a stranglehold in dictating "Culture as Consumption" to most Americans with or without the good intentions of Obama...