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My micro-bio is full. Burp.
12:20 PM on 02/17/2009
The banksters have used our tax money to hurt the very homeowners who the TARP bill should have helped.

Last summer, my home was in foreclosure. My bank offered to revise my mortgage so I could keep my house, and I made payments toward that goal. But as soon as the bailout bill passed, they refused to abide by the offer they made before our tax money infusion beefed up their foreclosure department. TARP enabled them to hire more foreclosure attorneys to vigorously attack homeowners. They refused to roll the missed interest payments into my principal, and suddenly demanded a lump sum that they knew I couldn’t make, ensuring that they could take my house. Not only do hard working middle class Americans have to pay for the bailout for the next hundred years or so, to add insult to injury, it was our tax money infusion into the banking system facilitated their greedy attack.

Tell Obama to stop giving banksters our tax money. No amount of “oversight” will prevent these greedy banksters from abusing public financial support. The government, OUR government, should just buy the at-risk mortgages and let those of us who could actually make our payments do so. Fewer foreclosures means a more stable real estate market and a more stable economic foundation across the country. Then when the economy recovers, we the people (not the banksters) will profit for a change.
02:55 PM on 02/17/2009
Yep - and wait to the middle class is being divided along ethnic lines so certain classes within the middle will get foreclosure relief while others will not - based solely on race.
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06:18 PM on 02/17/2009
Did you get the agreement in writing? If so, you need to sue for breach of contract.