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Mornings...not my favorite time of day..
06:19 AM on 07/17/2012
Well this sounds like a fine idea.. What could go wrong?
02:02 AM on 07/17/2012
UMMMMM What about the FISH that eat Mosquitoes ??????? Are the fish now going to put out messed up fish eggs or fish species ???? Let this company test it Europe or Africa some where other than here. NO f*&*) WAY HERE>
09:37 AM on 07/17/2012
British companies don't seem to mind screwing up ecosystems, as long as they're in the US...
Hanover Fiste
guilty as´╗┐ a cat in a goldfish bowl
09:53 AM on 07/17/2012
Mainly because the U.S. would sell their own children for a buck.
12:18 AM on 07/17/2012
I will never understand why so many of my ladyfriends wanted to retire to that swamp down there. I don't think they should permit these mutant mosquitoes into the environment because that could only spell trouble for some of the other layers in our ecosystem down the line who depend on the mosquitoes for their own lives, haina? Or what happens if they hatch a deadly monster mosquito like those radioactive ants who broke excessive wind and forced Jackie or Alexis Collins (I forget which one played in it) had to inhale in that one movie of the 1970's something about Attack of the Ants which was set of course, in Florida!! And thanks to the internets I am learning much too much about their politicians and I don't think anything good has come out of Florida in quite some time. I vote we get rid of them altogether by gifting the entire state to Cuba because we probably stole it from them anyhow!!

Yours in the Love of Christ,
Mrs. Walter J. Katsellas, Jr.
Sarcasm, is the body's natural defense against stu
10:15 AM on 07/17/2012
How about we gift you some basic learning skills??? :) We didn't steal anything from Cuba, please do look up how Florida was acquired as you can get yer learnin from the internets.

~rolls my eyes~
Always bet on black.
10:44 AM on 07/17/2012
What kind of mutant silly clown are you?
11:39 PM on 07/16/2012
The two words that jump out at us should be "unintended consequences". They may produce something more deadly than just bites ruining a picnic, day at the beach or walk in the park. Yes they carry diseases today but, think of what they could carry tomorrow due to "unintended consequences" and those diseases may not have any cure.
Ed Forney
11:31 PM on 07/16/2012
Sounds like a good idea to me. Beats getting bitten to death by the current population of mosquitoes in the glades.
12:19 AM on 07/17/2012
Oh you silly goofball, if they do this I am telling you, RUE THE DAY!!! RUE THE DAY!!!

Yours in the Love of Christ,
Mrs. Walter J. Katsellas, Jr.
lex parsimoniae
10:55 AM on 07/17/2012
I think one of the most important lessons I learned as a child was that my actions have consequences. What I do today can affect not only today, but my entire future. That is a hard lesson to learn and we all want to resist growing up.

Grow up!
My chihuahuas own me.
10:37 PM on 07/16/2012
If the self-destruct gene were transfered to humans or other animals the result could be extinction.
09:21 PM on 07/16/2012
People will turn into zombies if bitten by the mosquito..
08:34 PM on 07/16/2012
this story is a joke right?
I'll have the coffee, not the KoolAid
07:46 PM on 07/16/2012
Of course Scott would like this...he is a cross between a human and one of those creatures from the Alien movies.
07:41 PM on 07/16/2012
I'm pretty sure I've seen this movie before...
Common Sense Isn't!
05:32 PM on 07/16/2012
The article incorrectly states that Dengue Fever is a fatal disease which implies it is 100% fatal. It isn't 100% fatal but deaths have been reported. It is also known as "Bone Break Fever" which gives a hint that it is not a pleasant virus to contract.
I'll have the coffee, not the KoolAid
07:49 PM on 07/16/2012
Wrong. Fatal disease simply means you Could die from it, and some people do. For instance, Herpes symplex one is nonfatal, but AIDS is fatal, although everyone doesn't die.
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05:31 PM on 07/16/2012
like we don't have enough problem with alien, invasive species here in Florida, particularly the Everglades area? i know, let's //create// a species and just release it into the wild! how does one even have the right to do that, even with FDA approval? they're not doing this out of good will for Mankind, certainly, so who's paying them? why do i have this Pied Piper vibe going where they get approval, decimate the mosquito population (which does what to the food chain?), then come looking for money, and if we don't pay it, they don't give us the antidote for the enzyme passed on to victims of mosquito bites? i know, very conspiratorial, but...

"...the Florida Keys Environmental Coalition wrote to Gov. Rick Scott, asking him to stop Oxitec..."

oh yeah, like Lex Luthor's gonna do that! the more people that get catastrophically sick, the more business for health clinics, from which Luthor made his millions (and the biggest Medicare fraud ever).
05:16 PM on 07/16/2012
What's the difference? Will there ever be enough research? And even if there is years more research done, will the "conspiracy theorists" (note, I did not call them "nuts") believe the data?

People are either going to believe the data or they won't. Once someone believes that the information is either tainted, incorrect or just plain fiction, there is no changing their mind.

Will more research really change people's minds when it comes to releasing a "mutant" mosquito into the environment?

I still haven't seen any thing factual about vaccines, or genetically modified crops. But some people firmly believe that they are the cause of everything that plagues the planet.
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05:12 PM on 07/16/2012
oh yes, they should definitely do this in my backyard (Florida), because what ever could go wrong with a British company using the Gulf of Mexico region as their playground? #BP #sarcasm
04:05 PM on 07/16/2012
I agree that there needs to be more research done, not just for the safety and wellbeing of the citizens, but the ecosystem. Mother Earth's creatures are found where they thrive best, particularly in tropical areas in this case. Some questions I propose to consider:

- What are the effects of animal [pest] control to the natural balance of the local environment?
- From previous statements, if released what impact or threat does GM mosquitos pose to humans and local populations?