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08:42 PM on 07/17/2012
Though I appreciate many of the points you're making, I fail to see what is so enlightened about Yahoo. She's essentially not taking any maternity leave. She'll be taking a quick, "working" leave. Frankly, I'm unhappy about the whole thing. For both of my pregnancies my employers were extremely pissy about me taking the leave that was guaranteed me by both jobs and the state. It's hard enough without this woman basically telling companies that we really don't need a leave at all. What kind of precedent does this set for her colleagues to take their leave in the future? And lastly, I feel for the child whose mom will be Bluetoothing all through bath time. "Working leave" was surely coined by a first time mom-to-be who didn't yet know what the hell was in store.
10:54 AM on 07/18/2012
I agree she has no idea what is in store but it is her decision. Any person who takes the helm of a company and essentially runs the business or is a business owner and chooses to have a child at the same time would do the same. It is the reality of running a business, not of being pressured by the board. She is known for her passion and desire to succeed. Just because she chose to have a child doesn't mean she has to let that go.
My company was very unsupportive of my desire to take my full leave as well. I don't think they would have modified their thinking because the CEO of Yahoo took 3 months maternity leave while the company was in turmoil. Companies that are unsupportive are so because they are poorly managed.
04:16 PM on 07/18/2012
Take off the stress and stay healthy:
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Thinking "I can't" guarantees failure
06:33 PM on 07/19/2012
I worked til my kids were born, then took five weeks off after. If you are organized and have no unexpected complications in your labor and delivery, it can be done. Depends on your motivation.
07:05 PM on 07/17/2012
She'll only be there 6 months anyway, that is why the board is not concerned. They are getting ready to sell it.
06:46 PM on 07/17/2012
P.A.T.R.i.A.R.C.H.Y. RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
Former Democrat, until I started working!
06:39 PM on 07/17/2012
"knocked up" is a term used to degrade women!
11:03 PM on 07/17/2012
No. It is like other slurs. Pregnant women get to say 'knocked up' but other people who haven't had children aren't allowed to.
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12:11 PM on 07/18/2012
I was allowed NOTHING when my mother got sick and I had to be on call 24/7.
Getting a week off with no pay for her funeral? That was like getting gold.
And trust me I was badly treated when I returned.
11:51 PM on 07/17/2012
patriarchy sometimes is awesome!