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Progressive Liberal Independent
09:58 PM on 07/20/2012
It's telling that so many mediterranean countries made the list because their diet tends to be the best. If you're in shape and eat healthy, you don't have to sweat to maintain it.

I also think America must be lying or having selective interviews. You don't get this obese and not make that list.
05:37 PM on 07/20/2012
This makes sense. I have always heard that metabolism does not automatically decrease with age but it falls along with the decline in activity level. Working in an office does not burn as many calories as manual labor so I think that could definitely be a factor in why some countries are so much more active than others. They also may not have cars and may have to walk more because of that in some poorer countries. You can increase your activity level by planning ways to walk more.
10:23 AM on 07/20/2012
A lot of these countries are too unsafe to stroll around outside.
Brutal logic, unexpected honesty
11:12 AM on 07/20/2012
hehehe...that would explain the first part of ur name :D
Empathy. The faculty to feel what the other feels.
09:59 AM on 07/20/2012
I wonder what questions were asked in these surveys. Only rich countries have a notion of 'working out'. In poor countries people are 'working out' all day long, mostly under a hot sun.
01:57 PM on 07/20/2012
Or in places like the Dominican Republic and Malaysia, where people either ride bikes or walk for miles to and from work every day. They lead very active lifestyles, otherwise, they'd have no income to live on.
03:54 PM on 07/20/2012
I had an employee health screening. My EKG showed my heart rate to be 62 and suggested a followup. Since I worked in a clinic I went to one of my doctor friends and asked his opinion. He looked at me and wondered why I put down I wasn't working out. My response was that while I faithfully walked 6 miles a day, I am not athletic and don't lift weights. He then said, look hon, people who put down limited exercise are the people who once a month get up and change the channel when they can't find the remote! lol
09:18 AM on 07/20/2012
The only point that I took out of this entire article is this: America is still fat. Not "unhealthy", not "inactive", no need to be politically correct. We are overweight. We are extremely overweight.
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Cafe Con Leche Party
10:43 PM on 07/20/2012
I prefer the term fluffy.
10:45 PM on 07/20/2012
And I prefer the term careless.
05:00 AM on 07/21/2012
08:17 AM on 07/22/2012
I am so fat because while I read these morning post about lack of working out...

I am eating 2 bacon & egg sandwichs.

Yes, I am an American.

: )
07:38 AM on 07/20/2012
Did they just say Spain and Portugal are countries associated healthy eating and lifestyle? LOL!
I've lived in Portugal for 6 years and Spain for 4 years and their food and lifestyle is far from healthy. The writer might want to read up on some facts before assuming such incorrect things.
Empathy. The faculty to feel what the other feels.
09:57 AM on 07/20/2012
Italy and Spain rank 10th and 15th respectively for longevity; Portugal is just above the US, 49th and 50th.®ionCode=eur&rank=49#po

If that is anything to go by. I'd say they use much more olive oil instead of butter and margarine, for starters. But then there are many factors contributing, lifestyle and diet just being two.
05:21 AM on 07/20/2012
Been to Walmart lately?
07:36 AM on 07/20/2012
The author stated "though countries with great poverty, such as the Dominican Republic and Swaziland, also made it on the list.", but per capita income in the Dominican Republic is more than twice that of Swaziland.
05:12 AM on 07/20/2012
Working out is not the whole picture,its the diet also that determines health as well as the cultural values of a country,so while these countries dont work out as much they still can have healthy people. Eberyone should try to walk an hour a day or swim to keep themsrlve in physical and mental health regardless of where you live in the world.
08:21 AM on 07/22/2012
I walk everyday!

All the way down my road, right to McDonalds for breakfast. Where I enjoy bacon, egg and cheese McMuffins and hasbrowns. mmm.

: )
09:58 AM on 07/22/2012
sounds good to me except for the muffin,i advocate the atkins diet
04:01 AM on 07/20/2012
Haha you ever see that old Simpsons where Springfield sets the record for fattest town in America and Homer goes, "Take that, Milwaukee!" ;-)
03:40 AM on 07/20/2012
AJ just beat me to it!
03:39 AM on 07/20/2012
In case no-one has mentioned it yet, the picture for Turkey is in fact one of Baku in Azerbaijan.
03:38 AM on 07/20/2012
The picture of Turkey is actually Baku in Azerbaijan
03:19 AM on 07/20/2012
Let's see the majority of the countries on this list are very hot, tropical, or desert countries. Maybe it's too dang hot to do a lot of outside sports?
11:26 PM on 07/19/2012
Not gonna sit here and click through 26 screens when you could have put it all on one page out of respect for your reader's time and recognition of their busy lives.
11:07 PM on 07/19/2012
Something about this report seems a bit "off" to me.