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Phillip Ramirez
No reason, really...
05:33 AM on 07/21/2012
If "Hollywood" were truly sincere about their sadness and grief, then the most important movers and shakers in town would put a moratorium on violent movies... a period of national morning, as it were... to prove that they don't support violence of any sort. Let this period extend for one full year from the day of the Aurora shootings.

I'm sure that, like me, none of you will be holding your breath.
06:56 AM on 07/21/2012
morning? as a writer you ARE an embarrassment
06:58 AM on 07/21/2012
morning? seriously? I am embarrassed for you
07:54 AM on 07/21/2012
Youk! LOL
09:09 AM on 07/21/2012
Are you going to attack someone for a simple spelling error? Seriously? While your statement is full of punctuation errors, I am embarrassed for you.
Margerita Pennington
05:21 AM on 07/21/2012
We could have gun control, but who is going to control it when it comes to gangs, drug dealers and such.They can always get guns and plenty of them. They are well armed. It would be harder to buy one from someone off the streets, so to speak, but it could be done unfortunately. Then there are people who own a gun and in a fit of anger kills someone else. There are all kinds of scenarios. But I shouldn't have my gun taken because of these people. It is my only form of protection if someone tries to break in my home. Then there are people who hunt too. Someone could do a lot of damage with a can of gas and a match or a virus which can be gotten too. There are less of them that are going to use these things as not. If the perpetrator lives, then we spend lots of money while they have a trial knowing they are guilty and then they end up in a mental ward.If I remember correctly, it was not too long ago where a man who was in the military shot some people.He was issued a gun. I wish there weren't people out there like this so I always felt safe
05:12 AM on 07/21/2012
I saw the headline to this story and thought this should be interesting as if all Hollywood brains were put together, it would hardly constitute an intelligent one and I was right. Nothing in this article we haven't heard before.
04:39 AM on 07/21/2012
Who cares about the garbage in Hollywood think their just a bunch of druggies anyway,the garbage pit of america
05:19 AM on 07/21/2012
You should be put on some drugs
04:08 AM on 07/21/2012
As usual, whenever some loser decides to commit an atrocity against our society and he uses guns, the immediate outcry is for more "gun control" as if the guns committed the crime. How about better ways to deal with these mental misfits before they are able to hurt anyone? It seems that everyone who has publicly admitted knowing him has said he had "issues" and "they were not surprised". More laws will not stop this from happening. Murder has always been a crime, yet it happens each and every day. America's Mental Health is the problem here. It has become entertaining to see movies where someone gets slaughtered every five minutes, and Hollywood is only providing what the people want. Without a comprehensive overhaul of the way mentally ill people are basically ignored and allowed to roam among our society (until they do something like this) we can expect these kind of things to happen again in the future. There are thousands of people with every excuse imaginable for thinking up ways to "strike back" at the world. Sadly, it is always the innocents that pay the price.
CHUCK my great dane, stands by all my comments
04:45 AM on 07/21/2012
good comment. There are a lot of ways to kill people. Remember the Oklahoma bomber, he killed over a 100 people and didn't use a gun. f&F
We all have a right to our opinion, like it or not
04:06 AM on 07/21/2012
Its not the firearms, it's the way people can get them. Online.... 6000 rounds, many states allow rifles and handguns to be shipped. We need to do something about anyone buying 6000 rounds of anything. If it saves one life, it will be worth the cause. Those of us that are responsible gun owners have no use for 6000 rounds...
05:05 AM on 07/21/2012
6000 rounds I have 10,000 rounds in my gun cabinet alone not purchased at the same time
05:36 AM on 07/21/2012
What possible, rational reason could anyone have for owning 10,000 rounds? Certainly not for hunting. Certainly not for "home defense." Sounds like you are part of the problem or planning on a anti-government militia campaign yourself there bub.
04:03 AM on 07/21/2012
Yes, we should all listen to Hollywood, shouldn't we?! The same industry which creates trash like the movie involved depicting a crazyman terrorizing people.
05:05 AM on 07/21/2012
03:37 AM on 07/21/2012
If no guns a kook like this makes a bomb or gets a gas can and some matches. Ban assault weapon's and its the start of all guns. Imagaine people in Lybia just months ago or Syria right now if they had no automatic weapon's, especially from the start when the government decided do what we say or were gonna end your lifey. Thats what the 2nd ammendment is all about. What if goverment bannd cars for saftey and it was law to take government taxi's or busses only? When the government decided to impose their will on the people only the government would have vehicles. The wole idea behind the right to keep and bear arms is to protect ourselfs from criminals and even the government in the end. To make sure the people as a whole come first, and that means even before a government these same people created and set up. That is because throughout history a "Government" of any kind can eventually develop an identity and living consciousness of its own and become bigger and more powerful than the people who created it to serve the people to begin with. Our founding Fathers knew this. Like an old scifi movie where a guy builds a robot to do all kinds of things to make his life easier and the live's of other's easier. Eventually it becomes very powerful and aware then decides it is now in control and disposes of him.
06:19 AM on 07/21/2012
your logic is one the money, your one of the few people to really understand how our republic is suppose to work. f&f.
One day at a time
08:32 AM on 07/21/2012
You got it...just to bad that there are so many in this country that just can't seem to understand the need for the 2nd ammendment and what it means.
03:36 AM on 07/21/2012
come to NY and see what strict gunlaws have done here. now go to texas. big change for the better.
03:28 AM on 07/21/2012
piers---go back to england
Duncan in So Cal...
05:04 AM on 07/21/2012
Piers forgets that his logic is what caused America to be I suggest if he wants gun control he should move back to England where there is plenty of gun control, and/or rather the people with guns are criminals... People kill guns have never killed anybody.
03:22 AM on 07/21/2012
Stop with the NRA bull and scare tactics. No one wants to take away your precious guns.
Why should assault weapons, clips that hold 50, 100 rounds and grenade launchers, etc. being able to be purchased? What does that have to do with the 14th amendment. You do not need an assault weapons to defend your home or kill a defenseless animal.

More people are killed with guns in this country then any other in the world. Countries that do have gun laws and enforce them do not have people breaking into homes and raping and pillaging.....

Obama has NEVER advocating taking away your guns, or restricting your gun rights in any way. Another NRA make up lunacy. Maybe if YOUR child, or mother, or brother, or sister, or friend were one of the dead or wounded you just might care a little more how this country feels about control of these weapons in the hands of everyone who wants one for whatever reason.
Kevin Harrison
03:58 AM on 07/21/2012
No, they don't need to, there government is doing it for them!!!!
04:08 AM on 07/21/2012
There are no clips that hold 50 or 100 rounds so if you are going to complain about the hardware at least be accurate. The term "assault weapon" is a buzz word to complain about upholstery. Grips, muzzle brakes, and more do not make the gun any more a machine gun than decals make your grocery getter a race car. Man kills with his mind, his hands and his weapons are an extension of his will. The fallacy of our era is that equipment is the equivalent of force. If we apply your logic than cars must be banned as people get killed with them, aircraft must be banned as the Twin Towers were knocked down with planes not guns, and then ban liquor as that causes drunk drivers and fights. Oh, excuse me, these are socially acceptable forms of murder.
health care for profit is immoral
03:14 AM on 07/21/2012
Oh, and by the way, Obama has been the best friend to gun owners since Eisenhower. Look it up.
04:09 AM on 07/21/2012
obama plans on eliminating all the privately owned firearms in this country. You should look up that one under UN treaty plans.
05:07 AM on 07/21/2012
Thank you
Joan Bessicks
06:17 AM on 07/21/2012
Obama has lots of...plans...doesn't mean it will be implemented. What are you trying to say????
Joan Bessicks
06:16 AM on 07/21/2012
So, what does that mean????
03:06 AM on 07/21/2012
I think we should give up our gun rights and let them have the guns. Then when someone breaks into your house and rapes robs and then shoots you they can send him to prison and REHABILITATE him. After rehabilitation we can hire him to teach your children about right and wrong in school. Welcome to the new America.
04:47 AM on 07/21/2012
It's not the gun laws how about teaching moral values in our schools respect for life we took religion,ten commandments out and look what we have got,there has to be some moral direction for a civilized society and were not getting it any more,
08:49 AM on 07/21/2012
My sentiments exactly!
02:56 AM on 07/21/2012
I'm pretty sick of the violent movies that hollywood feeds us. They don't know how to make a movie without violence anymore. We should boycott this crap.
Charles Malone
02:53 AM on 07/21/2012
not sure tougher gun laws are the answer. illinois and chicago have the toughest gun laws in the nation. check the homicide rate there. the bad guys won't obey the gun laws no matter how tough they are, chicago proves that, let me be clear i don't know what the answer is because if i did i would tell somebody.
We all have a right to our opinion, like it or not
04:13 AM on 07/21/2012
Charles..How right you are, the citizens of Ill, can't own firearms, but the gangs and criminals do have them..Chicago is the hot spot for gang activity, the last time I check there were aprox 80 gangs in the Chicago....they have the guns....
Knowledge is power.
06:33 AM on 07/21/2012
Actually citizens of some of IL can own guns as long as you get a FOID card, just not the ones up in loony Cook County...
05:11 AM on 07/21/2012
Good point criminals do break the law and are just as likely to no matter what the law says