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08:21 AM on 07/22/2012
Stories like this have been common with B of As for at least 20 years now
08:18 AM on 07/22/2012
08:17 AM on 07/22/2012
Proofs in the pudding, I see.
08:01 AM on 07/22/2012
Apparently it's a bad place to work for and a bad place to do business with. Avoid them altogether!
08:00 AM on 07/22/2012
Have you read Matt Taibbi's expose on BofA's banking practices? How they steal from the American People? How they engage in fraud, knowing very well that they will not face any accountability because they have purchased politicians and judges at all levels?
07:57 AM on 07/22/2012
don't forget to apologize to your "Job Creators" for suspecting them of being un-American or contrary to American ideals.

Electing Romney would be like appointing an Apologist In Chief. What is really funny is that he has accused President Obama of the very thing he is proposing should be done. What is worse? apologizing for a very real transgression, or apologizing to corporations for suggesting they should recognize the contributions of the American Public to their commercial endeavors? Or holding them accountable for very real malfeasance?
07:54 AM on 07/22/2012
For those of you doubting the veracity of this young man's story, look up the stories on huffpo on whistleblowing at BoA. One of these whistleblowers is a close friend of mine. He was a contractor working on HAMP modification. I've known him for years. Everything this person is saying is true because he witnessed these things. He also told me this is just the tip of the iceberg and the public has no idea how corrupt these guys are.
Take your accounts out of this bank. As some of you might have guessed, the corruption goes into some of the highest levels of govt. Think DOJ. Yup, it's that bad.
07:45 AM on 07/22/2012
This is too pitiful.
07:40 AM on 07/22/2012
Wow. This is still discrimination though. If this practice were commonplace everywhere else, poor people would never escape from poverty. Sorry you had to experience this.
My shield=knowledge
07:35 AM on 07/22/2012
Some one made a comment stating that in their fight to maintain their position those who feel that blacks or minorities are inferior beings will do anything to perpetuate their thinking. Unfortunately they don't realize that it affects their work and whom they hire around them. I was told if you want to see what an organization values look at the upper management and c-suite executives. If its full of old white men they don't value diversity, women and minorities of all ethnicities. If it is full of different people then you may have a chance to move up in the company and have solid worker focused benefits. One of the worse places I worked was a facility in e-commerce where the "leadership team" is completely white but if you go to another division within the company the "leadership team" is diverse (everyone wants to work in the other division). They say things like I don't know you or I have reservations about your ability or my favorite I am looking for someone dynamic. To make excuses for those of color or ethnicity from getting the job.
loose on a weekend pass.
07:33 AM on 07/22/2012
Maybe you got canned because you were no good.
Enough of this nonsense.
07:31 AM on 07/22/2012
I believe you. I know someone who worked there and recently blew the lid off of this whole scheme.
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Dick Stone
My Andalusian works hard and loves his job
06:49 AM on 07/22/2012
What a load of BS, I have been banking at BOA, FOR 17 years, and have banked at more than a dozen different branches. More than half of those branches have a black female bank manager and or VP, ane the rest of the employees are as diverse as possible, with Hispanic, Asian, Black employees out numbering white employees. My Accounts manager at BOA, is a black female, and they definitely have more high level positions in all of the branches that I have used than the white employees do. Bank of America is one of the most diverse banks there is. Yeah they fell victim to some of the brokers than sold them bad loans, but they are bringing it around and unlike popular belief Bank of America is not the problem, that would be the IMF, and the IMF has seemingly skated past all of the criticizms while BOA has been unfairly targeted.
07:28 AM on 07/22/2012
So true, the bank treats its minority customers extremely well. I was at the bank the other day and they were giving free money to some african gentlemen who were dressed in costume.
To the left of the Green Party
08:09 AM on 07/22/2012
^^^ I hope the above two posts are supposed to be sarcastic..
p mersault
08:12 AM on 07/22/2012
Your anecdotes are irrelavent.
02:50 PM on 07/22/2012
@p mersault....Here's the English police. It's not "irrelavent", but irrelevant. Get it?
Sighed Effect
06:05 AM on 07/22/2012
I think, from my perspective, that these things are going to continue until our culture changes.
Is this Bank of America perpetuating a problem? Or is it our culture affecting BoA's practices?
Smarty pants747
unapologetic liberal!
04:13 AM on 07/22/2012
This is expected from an industry that is dominated by the blind insensitive quest for unlimited money. The worst type of racists are those who pretend they're not, or those who don't even realize they are.
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08:06 AM on 07/22/2012
I think the WORST kind of racist are those who are always looking at every situation through a racist lens and find "racism" EVERYWHERE!! Then claim it is the OTHER people who are the "racists"! Sound familiar?
p mersault
08:28 AM on 07/22/2012
Your logic is extraordinarily flawed.
Smarty pants747
unapologetic liberal!
08:43 AM on 07/22/2012
I'll assume you're republican, so I'll simplify it for you: when a boss tells an employee he needs to be transferred to a place with people like him (black people), it's racism. Are you also going to defend Santorum's stance on black people living on welfare?