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The meaning of life is that there is no meaning
05:44 PM on 07/23/2012
New Year, New Hopes
05:03 PM on 07/23/2012
Wow ! The earth is so beautiful and could remain beautiful and healthy, if the whole population cooperates.
04:38 PM on 07/23/2012
I would seriously love to be there to see it for myself..or to see what teh hubble sends down every day..I find this type of science so amazing..created by God or not, it is one of the very many amazing things one can see.
04:21 PM on 07/23/2012
Yikes!! Couldn't watch.....getting dizzy. Was it pretty??
04:27 PM on 07/23/2012
Yeah, very pretty
Left of Center
04:16 PM on 07/23/2012
It's awesome to a point of reflection:
"In my Father's house there are many Mansions, I am going to prepare a place for you so that where I am there you will be also."
Translation: Out there in space in the Heavens, there are many Planets created and owned by my Father; I am now going out there to arrange for your accommodations on of those many Planets of my choice so that in the end you will be there with me. (Allow me to think for myself freely-----thank you)
03:49 PM on 07/23/2012
That's where we belong...out there. Oh it's nice to have a planet to come home to, but we belong out there where we were born.
03:29 PM on 07/23/2012
A lie's a lie, even if everyone believes it.
03:04 PM on 07/23/2012
This is THE most beautiful planet. I want to see this first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
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02:55 PM on 07/23/2012
Oh hum! Why must they add music to dramatize a simple occurrence? Interesting, but spectacular? Naw! A bit of photo shop and removal of original noise? Hmmmm. Okay, atheists. Bring it on. Glad you like God's simple creations.
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09:18 PM on 07/23/2012
As a theist, you should be disgusted with yourself for attempting to downplay the tremendous expanse of infinite everything that is our cosmos.
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09:40 PM on 07/23/2012
Excuse me, but your comment is without merit. For you to say I'm downplaying anything are your words, not mine. Amazing how some of you misquote and misinterpret.
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09:43 PM on 07/23/2012
One does not have to dramatize God's works with music and photoshop. They stand out, whether simple or complex in nature.
Intelligence and Tolerance are not unAmerican.
01:59 PM on 07/23/2012
Makes me feel good.
01:58 PM on 07/23/2012
Why do the Bible thumpers have to ruin every opportunity for the rest of us who just accept the Universe as is and not try to invent scenarios based on creation by a being as if those statements make them more worthy of living than the rest?.
02:13 PM on 07/23/2012
Try not to be angry. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
02:27 PM on 07/23/2012
But not their own facts . . .
02:38 PM on 07/23/2012
Angry? far from it. This is just "my" opinion based on the repetitive nature from believers that with their non-factual statements expect everyone else to tolerate. If non believers took every opportunity to do the same, we would go back to the middle ages and the lynchings would again begin. I simply don't care to hear their opinions as to their belief system as I'm sure they don't mine.
A lie's a lie, even if everyone believes it.
03:07 PM on 07/23/2012
How can they possibly ruin it? It's like letting the guys who spit on your windshield and wipe it off with a dirty rag and put their hands out for money ruin your trip to Atlantic City. Just flip them some change in exchange for NOT spitting on your windshield, drive on by, forget about the nuts and have a good time. They're just desperate to make you think they're relevant. They're not. Just yesterday's news and don't know it yet. I loved this vid!!!!
03:32 PM on 07/23/2012
lol, point well taken!
01:54 PM on 07/23/2012
Please don't start the " God did such a good job creating,......yada yada,.. Just realize that before we Earthlings invented God, the Universe had existed billions of years already and the views have been awesome since then even before human eyes had the priviledge,..
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02:59 PM on 07/23/2012
Yada, yada, my eye! Earthlings didn't invent God. God invented Earthlings. You got it backwards. Whaddya, a Repblican?
03:30 PM on 07/23/2012
Actually no, not a Rep. please, As for getting it backwards, hm,..I think it would serve you good to read about how long humans have been here verses the 10,000 yrs. or so since Adam and Eve was written by men in your Bible which by the way is only a few hundred years. Still, the Republican blow,...ouch ,
Left of Center
04:19 PM on 07/23/2012
Existed out of what-----------the God Particle?
04:48 PM on 07/23/2012
Well,..YES. Or was it clay and a rib?
One who doesn't laugh doesn't live
01:39 PM on 07/23/2012
Spectacular video with an amazing musical score!
01:31 PM on 07/23/2012
"The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship" Psalm 19:1
01:24 PM on 07/23/2012
It doesn't really need any words.