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11:33 AM on 02/24/2009
Kyl's talking head says that if he don't host this, then this is America going down the road to limiting all free speech. How can he believe that...while at the same time excluding the press from this presentation? Oh yes, now I get it...a little more GOP hypocrisy - do as I say, not as I do!
11:32 AM on 02/24/2009
Geert Wilders is the same man who was interviewed by Bill Maher for the docu-movie Religulous

it did not seem that unreasonable figure in that movie

he seemed like someone who is against extremist violent groups, but not against Islam in total.
12:23 PM on 02/24/2009
Wilders is pushing a bill that would BAN the Koran in The Netherlands. Make it ILLEGAL to possess the book. Apparently Maher didn't present the full story. Wilders says that Islam is by definition a violent religion and should be treated like Nazi sm.
11:28 AM on 02/24/2009
now lets see,,, how many anti -Jewish politicians ( i.e. Muslim politicians from the mid east ) have reid and Pelosi hosted
12:11 PM on 02/24/2009
I don't know. How many and who have they hosted?
12:24 PM on 02/24/2009
Bull considers any Muslim politician to be "anti-Jewish", by definition. Bull is so aptly named.
12:22 PM on 02/24/2009
you misspelled your ID

it should be NOCRDIBILITY
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11:26 AM on 02/24/2009
Mr. Wilders is a narcissistic clown who likes to be in the news. Just how many sitting MPs go around making movies?

Its truly pathetic that a U.S. Senator wants to do "movie night" with this entertainer and pass it off as policy.
11:24 AM on 02/24/2009
As long as he also shows a film about militant Zionism....
04:14 PM on 02/24/2009
What's the name of that film?
09:29 PM on 02/24/2009
You can start with this one:
11:16 AM on 02/24/2009
i wonder if this guy has the cohones to host an anti semitic filmmaker, or perhaps a screening of triumph of the will, probably not...what surprises me about the jewish lobby is they dont speak out on islamaphobia when it is so reminscent of the anti semitic rantings of germany in the 1930's
11:12 AM on 02/24/2009
I think it must have something to do with the 120 degree summers. It must melt their brains a little. If Arizona weren't full of these types, I'd still live there.
11:07 AM on 02/24/2009
Tone deaf to go with near-sighted.