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09:59 PM on 07/23/2012
Apparently, these idiot parents had no idea they were already part of the process. I guess that voting and showing up to school board meetings along with getting involved in their kids' school is just to complicated. Now they've been manipulated by a front for charter school companies who stand to make a lot of money. Guess what: the kids are going to have an even worse education now.
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10:17 AM on 07/24/2012
Cui bono? Every time.
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Vote Person, Not Party
09:52 PM on 07/23/2012
Why shouldn't a failing school be accountable to the parents of that school?
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10:33 PM on 07/23/2012
Because they already are?
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10:39 PM on 07/23/2012
It appears with no good results with the program in place for parents.
02:04 PM on 07/24/2012
HOW????? I bet that this school district has not removed one teacher int he past 20 years, and ever teacher gets tenure after 2 years! As a parent, there is not much you can do to improve the school. Hell, to even get a teacher to teach summer school - you know, to fix what they didn't do during the school year - we have to pay EXTRA!!!!! Teachers have it easy. No real accountability, 9 working months, 2 weeks off at Xmas, done at 3:30! And dont tell me about how you take stuff home. I am sure 2nd grade vocabulary is soooo difficult!
02:30 AM on 07/24/2012
What do you expect from someone who still worships Barry Goldwater?

In case you don't get it...our schools aren't shopping malls. Our families aren't "consumers". Our principals aren't "CEO's" and our teachers aren't expendable Walmart workers, who can be let go, at any time, for any reason, or no reason.

Maybe you want the opposite to be true. I realize that. But we parents aren't going to let you get your way. Okay?
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10:16 AM on 07/24/2012
Isn't this about the kids and their learning and achieving? What are you even talking about? Of course our teachers aren't expendable. But we need to give teachers the power in the classroom.

The whole process is no longer good for the teacher and the child.
02:05 PM on 07/24/2012
How about just getting rid of the ones for serious reasons - like the rubber room ones in NYC! teachers in the US have FAILED our kids. As such - no sympathy!
08:59 PM on 07/23/2012
"Big Win For Parents In California: Failing School Takeover Approved Big Win For Parents In California: Failing School Takeover Approved"

A more misleading headline would be hard to formulate. This isn't a "big win" for parents, and it certainly isn't a "big win" for kids. It's a loss for both groups. The only people likely to win here are those that are invested in charter management companies, or whoever ends up skimming money out of the schools when the charters take over.
02:06 PM on 07/24/2012
Fortunately, the public unions will loose some more dues - always a win!
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07:27 AM on 07/25/2012
07:40 AM on 07/25/2012
For who?  Schools with unions tend to do a better job educating kids than those without, and the teachers' unions consistently advocate for good education policies and against bad ones.  You're crowing about a degradation of our education system.  You're losing, along with the rest of us, while you celebrate.
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08:48 PM on 07/23/2012
Hardly a win.

Most of these parent triggers aren't grassroots. They are driven by for profits looking to take over the schools. They gather signatures by using every lie in the book. Then the parents are shocked when they find out what they agreed to.

Buyer beware.
08:09 PM on 07/23/2012
Parents obtaining change in their kids failing schools...might be hope after all.
Left is right; Right is wrong
08:55 PM on 07/23/2012
Change? to WHAT? What KIND of change? Be specific.

What is it that you want teachers to do?

Do you know what changing the public school to a private school actually does? It takes tax money and gives it to a businessman, who then can do whatever he wants. Typically, businessmen are in business for one thing; to make money. In fact, businessmen MUST make decisions that make as much money as is possible -- even in the short term -- or they are in violation of well established case law regarding fiduciary responsibility to the STOCK HOLDERS, not the citizens.

You just gave community control over to some suits. Nice.

Now, all those great teachers you have are going to be fired, and a whole raft of unemployed, unqualified people off the streets are going to go in there, not knowing how t take roll.

But, they will be cheap. But you won't feel a reduction in your taxes. Nope. That money will go into the pockets of Mr. Pinstripe Suit, so he can buy another box of fine, imported Havana cigars.

Stupid parents.
02:07 PM on 07/24/2012
What if the replacement is nonprofit -like the Harlem school??

Oh and the teachers have set the bar sooooo low, that yes, even a greedy businessman probably will do better. Great job public teachers!
09:01 PM on 07/23/2012
When kids are failing, it's an open question what the schools are doing, but it's dead certain that the parents aren't doing their jobs. Now, the parents who've already failed have been given more power. Never a good idea.
02:09 PM on 07/24/2012
Why are parents looked down upon here? Why are you not concerned that a union allowed its members to perform this poorly?? Why wont you hold them to the same standards as the parents? Are you so naive to actually believe unions are strictly benevolent and can do no wrong. If so, you must be either a teacher or one of their saps!
07:39 PM on 07/23/2012
Parent Revolution’s two-petition bait and switch strategy worked. The controversy centers on parents taking back their signatures because they felt misled or were confused by the process of signature gathering. Parent Revolution, the nonprofit organization backing the parent trigger petition had parents sign two different petitions and submitted the least favored one to the board. Petition #1 was for structural changes in the school organization. Parent Trigger leaders, however, stated that they knew it would not give them what they wanted. Petition #2 was for charter school conversion. Parent Trigger leaders stated that this petition would give them what they wanted, but knew that parents were opposed to charter school conversion. Seems to me that the two-petition strategy was predisposed to submitting petition #2. Parent Revolution refers to the two-petition approach as strategy to get the district to negotiate. I'm calling it bait and switch. State Senator Gloria Romero, author of the parent trigger law, initially called their two petition strategy a dubious strategic choice. You only need one petition at the ready to threaten a district to negotiate under the parent trigger law - not two. How does having parents signing two different petitions and submit the least favorite choice a strategy to convince districts to negotiate? I'm in favor of parent empowerment and that argument sounds dubious to me too. I believe the judge's decision should be appealed.
06:07 PM on 07/23/2012
What a misleading headline! This "parent group" is funded by hedge-fund managers. I am a believer that parents and teachers should have a say in their public schools, and I doubt the teachers at Adelanto had any input on actual curriculum or discipline policies. Those come from the district. If NCLC and RTTT policies were working, none of this would be necessary.
12:44 AM on 07/24/2012
And the article really doesn't explain the "bait and switch" perpetrated by the Parent Trigger organization. The parents signed a petition the teachers backed asking for smaller-class sizes and more input on curriculum and discipline concerns. When the parents realized the 2nd petition was a front for Parent Trigger, they asked to have their names removed, but those requests were ignored.
04:27 PM on 07/23/2012
This is outrageous. The school district should have ESL classes to help most of these children who only speak spanish learn English first also starting with their parents. Their parents are complaining but most of these parents do not speak or read in English so do not help them with homework. The teachers should not be required to fully educate these children some responsibility should be left up to the parents also. The state has a small budget and keeps taking away from these schools so the District can not offer the services that this school needs to educate these students leaving the teachers without support yet again. The No Child Left Behind law is not in effect in any of the California schools and in this school the children can not read but yet the teachers are forced by the district to move them along... that is not fair to the students or the teachers that have to deal with children in Second or third grade still not reading. This school is not suffering because of the teachers its suffering because the District and the State are not being held accountabile for their actions of taking away all of the schools resources for these students!!
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07:07 PM on 07/23/2012
There is a huge disconnect between many district offices, administrators, and what actually happens in schools. The needs of students, schools, and communities are secondary priorities in many of the bloated bureaucratic school districts across America.
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So, just where is this micro-bio? This it?
10:34 PM on 07/23/2012
More power should be shifted to the teachers and local principals.
02:11 PM on 07/24/2012
Yes blame NCLB. lolol. God forbid we actually measure student performance. I mean why actually know where our kids stand, which could potentially embarrass teachers??? LOLOL.
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11:41 PM on 07/24/2012
NCLB and the culture of testing that it has created has proven itself to be ineffective when it comes to authentic evaluation of teaching and learning. There are many ways to know where our kids stand, besides the one size fits all, once a year standardized testing models. Your posts show your one sided view of schools and teachers. Its a shame that your blinders are so firmly in place that you are missing out on some of the great teaching and learning that is happening in schools. Qualitative evidence of success in schools is being ignored for the sake of turning students' and teachers' identities in to data on a spreadsheet that politicians and disconnected administrators look at to "evaluate" whether or not those people are "failing". One doesn't have to know actual instruction, learning, or curriculum to look at numbers on a spreadsheet and label schools and teachers. My school district just hired an Eli Broad lacky as superintendent that has never had one day of instruction or school leadership experience at any level. He is a CPA. I'm sure he will do great things to improve the quality of instruction and learning in my district because of his wealth of experience and knowledge about education.
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11:42 PM on 07/24/2012
Test test test. "Analyze" quantifiable data points. Looking at numbers and comparing them to determine a value is not analysis. It is a 4th grade math standard. Put these numbers in order from least to greatest. Unfortunately those numbers are not used to improve instruction. There is no analysis of the 'why' and 'how'. They are used in a punitive manner. Do the kids know where they stand? Do they care? Who is really impacted by stakes testing? School staff. What does high stakes testing do to improve instruction? Not a thing.
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02:04 PM on 07/23/2012
And the drive toward privatization continues. We've already allowed corporations to make huge sums on the pain and suffering of people while charging ever increasing prices. Many states have turned their prisons into private human warehouses. Now, we're heading toward corporate education of our high schools and elementary schools. This is simple WRONG. Educating our children should NOT be subject to profit motivations and demands corporate bureaucrats. If a schools is failing, it is the state's or the local distric's responsibility to take action and get involved not abrigate it's responsibility for convenience or dollars.