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01:10 PM on 02/25/2009
Typically condescending and blatantly denying reality. Maybe Americans can do anything but republicans sure can't.
01:05 PM on 02/25/2009
This is a joke right?
my micro-bio is full...
01:46 PM on 02/25/2009
seems like it huh?
12:57 PM on 02/25/2009's so, so worse then I could ever imagine..pathetic..that sing-songy voice..who does he think we are pre-schoolers?? WTF?
12:52 PM on 02/25/2009

This is embarrassing... I mean, I'm Quickman!
12:48 PM on 02/25/2009
Positively wretched.
12:46 PM on 02/25/2009
He is trying to look and sound like Jimmy Stewart, but the effect is more like Mr. Roberts on a bad day.
12:41 PM on 02/25/2009
Wow. That was all the repubes can bring? "Now batting.......Bobby...Jindal...." What's with the folksy hokey thing? Didn't they see that it didn't work with the "you betchas" from Palin? McBush leads off, Palin hits second, Rush hit third, Jindal looks silly....."Now batting....Eric....Cantor....." These fools keep rolling faces out like people will finally connect with one of the choices. Oh wait, I forgot! Maybe they should bring Lindsay Graham out of the bullpen, at least he looks like a bonafide Disney character.
12:39 PM on 02/25/2009
Oh, wow. Are we sure this wasn't an SNL skit? I was laughing the whole time. The up-down folksy style was hilarious. Congratulations, Bobby J. You just out-did Palin.
12:35 PM on 02/25/2009
Oh Urkle!! I mean Bobby!! I mean Piyush!! That George W. costume fits quite nicely.
We the people ARE the Government
12:32 PM on 02/25/2009
Jindal talks down to people like they are children.
Jindal's reference to "bureaucrats" not allowing rescue boats to rescue people on rooftops leaves out the fact that those "bureaucrats" were Bush Administration officials who also refused help from many other people offering help. This was not an example of bad government as much as it was an example of what happens when Republicans are in charge of government. Republicans HATE FEMA. The GOP gutted FEMA before Katrina and a horse show judge with no experience was put in charge of FEMA. Democrats put real professionals in charge of disaster relief and had Al Gore been President,FEMA's response to Katrina would have been immediate. Jindal is nothing more than another Reaganite who hates government. I would remind Jindal that the Government is "Of the People,for the people, and by the People".

If this is the GOP's hope for President in 2012,Obama is a shoe-in for a second term.
12:30 PM on 02/25/2009
I can't stop watching it ... it is so unbelievable.
12:30 PM on 02/25/2009
Americans can do anything...including swindle you, lay you off, give you a paycut, charge you tens of thousands of dollars to treat your illness, and give you a bad loan.
12:29 PM on 02/25/2009
That felt like an infomercial.
12:33 PM on 02/25/2009
That starred Mr. Rogers and was aimed at 1st graders.
Life gave me lemons... I added vodka
12:28 PM on 02/25/2009
oh wow bobby? is that true? and will the wicked witch of the east be destroyed too? Will the Unicorns return and let us ride on their backs through the rainbows? Wow Bobby...
12:28 PM on 02/25/2009
Mr. Rogers is that you?? I think he would make a Kindergartener crazy if they had to sit thru this "message". Jindal, we are ADULTS, not kids. You're already "stumping" with nothing new to offer?