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Before we were us, we were them
10:50 PM on 02/25/2009
another item to add to the rather L-O-N-G list of things George Will doesn't know
10:45 PM on 02/25/2009
That would be in Jesus day, Mr. Wills!! Sign of affection and respect, actually muslims and christians alike in middle east and Africa do this with respect to each other, so do many other cultures. I know Republicans have 'issues', but really, this quote of his is stupid.
10:42 PM on 02/25/2009
Surely by now everyone has seen the picture of McCain hugging little bush? Guess he missed that GOP on GOP thing.
10:27 PM on 02/25/2009
I heard this comment live last night and I have to say as a gay man I did not find it offensive. If you heard the whole thing it didn't sound homophobic to me. He was commenting on how amazed he was to see Sen Coburn one of the most conservative members actively approach Obama and hug him. I think he was kinda joking. Listen, I am no George Will fan and disagree with him about 95% of the time. I will say though that if you read some of his past writings he often criticizes his fellow Republicans for their embrace of the Religious Right and their posturing in the "Culture Wars."

More offensive to me: Ed Rollins on CNN berating the Speaker of the House for "jumping up and down like a cheerleader." The way he said it was very smarmy. I found it very sexist.
Res ipsa loquitur
10:46 PM on 02/25/2009
You are being WAY too sensitive. Of course, your gay so…
10:53 PM on 02/25/2009
☛ Open For Discussions ✍ Ask Me Anything☻
11:12 PM on 02/25/2009
yo! WSAY, read before posting.

To the contrary; hadenuf68 clearly stated "I did not find it offensive."

Enough with the stereotypes already. Join the rest of us in the 21st century.

Does someone need a hug?
11:08 PM on 02/25/2009
I agree Rollins comment was sexist and insulting and it went unchallenged.
..light as a feather..
10:18 PM on 02/25/2009
George, you need an emotional enema....
10:18 PM on 02/25/2009
Another misleading headline displayed for propagandist's just as frustrating as going on to Drudge.
10:12 PM on 02/25/2009
George Will has a hard time being hugged by men for the following reason. Straight men think he is gay and gay men wouldn't bother.
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10:07 PM on 02/25/2009
George Will should be ashamed. What has become most telling in the past few years is that gay liberals are fairly open about it and gay conservatives have to be discovered. George Will is of the latter breed.
10:06 PM on 02/25/2009
men hugging is probably older than civilization goergie.

And when the hell are you guys gonna get that bowties make you look uber dorkie.
dispensing divinest sense from inns of molten blue
10:01 PM on 02/25/2009
No hugging and no earrings for men, please. And women should wear dresses, not slacks.
It's a good day to die,but I prefer to wait
10:51 PM on 02/25/2009
Unless you're Italian
10:01 PM on 02/25/2009
Next thing you know, President Obama will be skipping down the path holding hands with an Arab oil potentate, or getting kissy-kissy with Joe Lieberman, and perhaps get a nuzzle-hug from McCain.

It will be an outrage and a sign of the beginning of the fall of our nation, and . . .

(Who? George W. Bush did what? . . . Oh, well, never mind . . . )
10:06 PM on 02/25/2009
That is too funny! LOL! Sounds like Georgie boy needs to check his closet!
10:00 PM on 02/25/2009
I agree that this seems like a fairly silly comment to focus on...but it also is rather revealing about Will. I see grown men in public office hug other men...close allies, friends, family, significant others... on a fairly regular basis. I even recall Bush hugging his buddies occasionally. McCain has done it too. I do think that Obama is much more openly affectionate with his wife and friends than any past President, so his hugs come across as more genuine. But still, why is Will just now noticing this behavior?
09:57 PM on 02/25/2009 men don't hug each other??
09:55 PM on 02/25/2009
George is probably just confused because other guys never wants to hug him.
09:41 PM on 02/25/2009
who the F cares. The comment was so short and unnoticeable.