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03:31 AM on 03/02/2009
It's stupid to get cocky. The GOP is facing an uncomfortable time in the wilderness, a time that will go on until its present crop of 'leaders' of 'ideas' have dwindled into silence and been drowned in the bath, but the party is far from dead.

In fact, as we speak some 20-something activist presently involved on the fringes of the party is forming the philosophy, the political skills and the contacts that'll make her the next republican president. I guarrantee it.
05:49 AM on 03/02/2009
Although I can appreciate the wit show by A. Eisele in writing this "obit" on the demise of the Republican Party, I wouldn't count them out as a political party or force to be ignored.

This CPAC bund rally should very much show us that this group still has fanatics who believe what their current leadership say and are more than willing to be the future Karl Roves of that party. And all the Democratic Party has to do is get cocky and indifferent -- then our country will have a repeat of the Ronald Raygun and George "Herbert Hoover" Bush years.
03:24 AM on 03/02/2009
AH...hilariously witty job Mr. Eislele...most delicious prose. Thank you so much.

I would add that indeed Reagan was a significant agent in the steady demise of the GOP.
Dischordian Keynesian
06:47 AM on 03/02/2009
Reagan was like a ticking time-bomb for the GOP. Deregulate everything blew up in their faces and alerted the people to their incompetence more than flying soldier body parts ever could. If I could pin it on any particular moment it would be when it became known that Bush had sent the Army to war but the Humvees didn't have armor and neither did the soldiers; and then since the problem didn't get fixed, families of soldiers started collecting metal to send to the troops...that it wasn't provided by the GOP in power but instead was provided by people who should assume that our president actually cares about the was too much. The American Dream woke up.
07:13 AM on 03/02/2009
Yes--only the blindly patriotic could have ignored those glaringly obvious facts about the war. So now they are a party of kooks, and we have this wonderful mess to clean up. I'm glad that their response to the emergency that they created with their stupid policies is to dig in and get more stupid. buh bye GOPers
Veteran Commenter
02:57 AM on 03/02/2009
Al Eisele, you are a genius! God bless you.
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some days youre the dog;others the hydrant
02:51 AM on 03/02/2009
02:45 AM on 03/02/2009
I know this is written tongue-in-cheek, but there's no way they're dead. Like a dog to their vomit the American people will keep them around. Where's the alternative oppostion party? Where's the funding for an opposition party? I'm not saying they aren't going to be out in the desert for awhile, but they're still getting millions of votes in every election. People were saying the same thing about dems in 2004.
02:10 AM on 03/02/2009
This is a delightful post.
The GOP is desperate, apparently. Ru$h Limbaugh!! Can you imagine!!!
I just realized that Ru$h rhymes w/ Bu$h!! LOL.
02:57 AM on 03/02/2009
Actually, not quite a rhyme.
02:00 AM on 03/02/2009
Did anybody else get the feeling these guys were high 5ing each other late in the evening on Nov.4? Because they knew how badly their philosophy had damaged the financial system, that it would take years of hard work and sacrifice (never a Republican long suit) and that they could mock every effort for recovery on the side lines - knowing the whole time they would have just made things worse.

Sometimes I wonder who dodged the bul let - them,or us.
03:00 AM on 03/02/2009
Yes, I wondered at times if McCain was a sacrificial goat. They all knew how bad it was going to get and their strategy has been to obstruct and blame the Dems for their messes.
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Yer enemies know what yer friends can't believe
01:16 AM on 03/02/2009
Sheeeeeeiit, don't be blaming it on Ron Paul! They rejected him flat out and it's a good thing for us they did. He's tied with Moosejaw now, but if I was him I'd say "kiss my @ss, I tried to warn you dummies" and go back and rejoin the Libertarian Party. Naw, Ron Paul didn't have squat in killing the GOP, they did the job their own damn selves. GOOD.
Freelance medical transcriptionist
12:34 AM on 03/02/2009
There was not even remotely any "violent mugging by 67 millions voters." The Republican Party's misfortunes are entirely self-inflicted, and if anything the Democrats support the Republican Party more than its own members do.

The Republican Party has had its fraud exposed and simply does not offer voters anything of value - in a democracy, that's *supposed* to lead to political oblivion.
12:33 AM on 03/02/2009
May the GOP rest in peace, after having lived on life support for the last eight years, kept alive only through the electoral college and voter fraud, believing the American people actually agreed with them, when, in fact, they never did.

(Sorry but I'm feeling cynical this evening :))
01:41 AM on 03/02/2009
We should put up signs directing the to the nearest elephant graveyard.
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02:05 AM on 03/02/2009
"Elephant graveyard."

I love it!
12:30 AM on 03/02/2009
No, no, this is wrong. We have Ru$h as the new, dynamic, energetic GOP leader. Let Ru$h live for ever!!!
a long the riverrun
12:11 AM on 03/02/2009
Who needs the Republicans when the Dems craft legislation to the right's liking anyway? The looting by Wall Street underway is as big as it would be if the GOP were still the majority party.
12:00 AM on 03/02/2009
Ding Dong the witch is dead
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02:15 AM on 03/02/2009
Oh, what a world, what a world!
Who would have thought that a young African-Amercan community organizer could have destroyed my beautiful wickedness?
I'm melting! What a world, what a world!
11:59 PM on 03/01/2009
Not murdered-- liberals are too good for that. And not suicide-- egomaniacs love themselves too much for that. I believe an overdose of mixed drugs was the cause-- greed, religious foolishness, racism, sexism, heterosexism-- all drugs legally prescribed by the friends of the victim. A truly deadly cocktail. No flowers please-- make donations to HelpAStrugglingAmerica foundation.
11:52 PM on 03/01/2009
In lieu of flowers please send donations to the Department of Transportation for repairs to "Disaster Drive" due to heavy usage by Republicans en route to "Catastrophe Cul De Sac."

Thank you In advance