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10:45 AM on 07/30/2012
Its important for kids to see different kids in different sports because it encourages them to try something different. I would have added Dominique to the list. Good luck to all especially Gabby and want to send well wishes to Toledo native Erik Kynard we are oh so proud!!!
09:47 AM on 07/30/2012
Although I feel it's good to have these athletes in the article and since you're not just focusing on those who are in the 2012 Olympics, how could you write an article speaking of extraordinary Olympians without including the pioneers, some of whom won many Olympic medals even in the midst of tougher racial times? What about Jackie Joyner-Kersee? She won six Olympic medals, with three of them being gold. Before Gabby, there was Dominique Dawes who one four medals, one being gold. Jesse Owens? He won four gold medals. Not to forget to mention many others. Nice article, but if you want to talk about "extraordinary Olympians," it does not make sense to simply represent only Olympians who haven't even won an Olympic medal yet (although I feel at least some of them will).
09:21 PM on 07/30/2012
Whether they've won a medal or not, they are all still olympians. The lists could go on and on, this is one person's.
05:45 AM on 07/30/2012
It's nice to see Blacks in a range of events.
09:22 PM on 07/30/2012
So the next time you hear someone say 'blacks don't....' just roll your eyes.
Sherifah Rafiq Lobo
01:07 AM on 07/30/2012
bobsleds!!! OK thats freakin awesome!!!!
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08:50 PM on 07/30/2012
"Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it's bobsled time!"
Peace be the journey :)
Hate only breeds hate.
09:26 PM on 07/29/2012
Why are we still so wrapped up by race? I mean these people should not be discriminated against like this. Black, white, purple, blue..... it shouldn't matter the color of ones skin, only the merit of their actions. These people are extraordinary American Athletes and I for one am proud to have them as members of my country and am honored to have had them to represent this great nation I am a part of. Not trying to diss anybody, I just wonder why this still comes up. I really feel like people should not be labeled by the color of their skin, as we are all just human.
08:18 AM on 07/30/2012
Unfortunately, many people still think in tribal terms...since biblical days the word has multiplied 1000 times over or more.. way to big for a tribe, now ppl need to think in country terms and if they ever prove that life exists on other planets, then we must think in planetarium terms lol.. anyway, we became bigger than tribes 100's of years ago.. I am EXTREMELY PROUD OF ALL OF OUR AMERICAN TALENT.. GO USA!!!!!!
05:09 PM on 07/30/2012
Please don't mention Bible in polite society. Grown people don't dwell on adolescent mythologies.
09:52 AM on 07/30/2012
It still comes up because blacks are still discriminated against on a WIDE scale in this country. While it is not as bad as it used to be, it still exists, even in the midst of having a black president. Do you know that there are many positions in this country that still has not been filled by a non-white person? It's not something many can fully understand unless they have experienced it first hand. Until there is TRUE equality for EVERYONE in this country on every single level, there will always be people wrapped up in race.
Hate only breeds hate.
04:31 PM on 07/30/2012
You are right, regardless of how unfortunate and down right wrong it is. I hope I get to live to see a world without racism, but I often think that is a naive dream that will never come true. Here is to hope though.
08:42 PM on 07/30/2012
I don't think that each group of people (race, religion, etc) truly want equality. If they did, there wouldn't be a need to segregate accomplishments as was done with this article. Why not say top 10 extraordinary Olympic athletes and leave it at that. In all honesty, the most racial people I have known in my life were not white. Have you ever thought that the reason why non-white people haven't been chosen for certain jobs is because they just weren't qualified? Just because someone is non-white doesn't mean that they should have more opportunities than someone else. And for the record, I have slaves in my family tree too. My Mother's family came to this country as slaves (white), and were slaves for several years after they arrived here. Guess what? It didn't stop me from working hard and being a productive member of society. I didn't blame the tough times or reason I didn't get a certain job on the fact that my ancestors were slaves. I grew up being proud of who I am, and worked hard for everything that I have. If I didn't get a job that I applied for, it made me work that much harder to get another one.
05:21 PM on 07/29/2012
10:34 AM on 07/29/2012
We are very proud of them and their skills and accomplishments and are cheering for them to place well in their competitions. We are proud of their representation to the world of America as well as African America.
01:36 AM on 07/29/2012
God bless to all performers in the olympic
10:56 PM on 07/28/2012
I'm totally copying that Gabby Douglas picture where she doing that split in the air. Then, i'm making my desktop Picture on my laptop! Go USA!
10:52 PM on 07/28/2012
Ok. Ten Reasons to watch those sports in the Olympics other than Basketball and Track and field.
07:20 PM on 07/28/2012
All "Young, and Gifted "......Team USA
06:52 PM on 07/28/2012
There is no "b" in extraordinary. Why can't they just be Americans. You don't hear the French saying black Frenchman or any other country only ours. Congrats anyway on being the best!
Help the vulnerable amongst us
08:04 PM on 07/28/2012
Only in America is race such a big deal. Given the American society we live in, race will always matter. When one segment of society is not given credit for their accomplishments, the culture to which they are identified with, will acknowledge them.
08:38 PM on 07/28/2012
Very philosophical however being American I will agree:shared beliefs and values of group: the beliefs, customs, practices, and social behavior of a particular nation or people.
09:35 PM on 07/28/2012
You're not from America are you? Race has/will always be a factor in every aspect of our life.
04:14 PM on 07/29/2012
Does planet earth count! LOL
Hate only breeds hate.
09:28 PM on 07/29/2012
No it isn't. I am "white" I guess but when I look at people skin color doesn't even register to me. Race will only be an issue as long as we continue to make it one.
May you be wise and alert in all your responsibili
06:51 PM on 07/28/2012
USA Boxing says, Queen Underwood headed to London
Underwood, from Seattle, will be part of 'History' as a member of the, "First Group Of Female Boxers" competing in an Olympic Games. After a few weeks of uneasy waiting, Queen Underwood learned she'll get to fight for an Olympic medal.
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02:28 PM on 07/28/2012
I tell you the heading of this article reads like Blacks just came into assistance ten years ago.Congrats and good luck to all participating in the Olympics.
09:35 PM on 07/30/2012
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10:10 PM on 07/30/2012
correction: existence
Freedom is not Free, cost = Blood of our Military
01:19 PM on 07/28/2012
Blacks have made America proud too often and many many different ways.