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04:18 PM on 03/04/2009
That was a beautiful piece.

I thought it was especially touching about Egypt. Many impertinent people bring up the matter that Gaza also has a border with Egypt, and this film deals with that. Yes, a Gaza boy would naturally first think of going to Tel Aviv, and only as an afterthought would think of going to Cairo. But at the Rafah gate he is presented with the hand of Egypt preventing his escape. Then, as he tries to lift the Egyptian hand, the Israeli hand comes down, controlling the Egyptian hand. The later imagery of arms and hands circling Gaza avoids the image of the border with Egypt which reinforces the truth that what Gazan would try to escape to Egypt? When has even one Gazan tried to breach that wall?

But I think there is some unwarranted uncertainty. When the boy tries to move the Egyptian hand it is unclear whether the Egyptian hand would give way on its own volition for sake of his Gazan little brother. The Egyptian hand should have been moving up -before- the Israeli hand came down to show better the reality that if it was not for the Israelis Egypt would warmly let their Gazan brothers travel to Egypt, just like they freely allowed when Egypt owned Gaza.
04:15 PM on 03/04/2009
Can we see the animated short that portrays Hammas running through the neighborhoods of Gaza setting up missle launchers from the bedrooms of citizens to attack Israel. Or the one which shows the Hammas terrorists strapping suicide belts onto the backs of women and children.

I doubt we will see anything like that.

If Palestinians want to have more freedom... they need to earn it. At this point, they have literally become a danger to the rest of us.
04:11 PM on 03/04/2009
What happened to the part where the bulldozer rolls over the house with the boy and bird inside?
You have an absolute right to my opinion
02:51 AM on 03/05/2009
It was in competition with the part where the boy and the bird take a ride on a qassam rocket into a kindergarten at a kibbutz.

Evidently both wound up on the cutting room floor.
03:58 PM on 03/04/2009
Yes. I will be forwarding this article and film.
03:57 PM on 03/04/2009
wonder if any would show the effects of dropping 10,000 rockets on the kids of Israel
Former Riotgrrl & Current Jewish Suburb Mom
03:55 PM on 03/04/2009
Terrible situation regarding Gaza. However, the Gazans need to take control of their own destiny and get rid of Hamas. After the recent Israeli action in Gaza, the first thing that Hamas vowed to do was re-arm, not help rebuild their cities or take care of the homeless or the injured, but re-arm. As long as militants with an obsession for death rule Gaza, the regular people will never be safe or free.
03:55 PM on 03/04/2009
Well made
03:53 PM on 03/04/2009
point well taken.
03:49 PM on 03/04/2009
Very good short - perfectly describes what life in Gaza is with the blockade in place. Many Israelis want peace and a 2 state solution - unfortunately their leaders do not. Work, such as yours, may help strengthen the opposition movement in Israel and lead, ultimately, to peace.
03:47 PM on 03/04/2009
Didnt include the Israeli gunboats that shoot you for daring to goto the beach.
Man From Atlan
03:23 PM on 03/04/2009
03:16 PM on 03/04/2009

Sadly however films like these don't attract attention. Not unless they're Holocaust related.
Listen, Read, Think and then Post
03:44 PM on 03/04/2009
Unfortunately, you're absolutely correct.........
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03:50 PM on 03/04/2009
Oh don't be such a pessimist. Holocaust films are still very important, without them people would forget and minimize what happened.
05:05 PM on 03/04/2009
Apparently Israel has forgotten what has happened to them judging by their treatment of the Palestinian people.
05:40 PM on 03/04/2009
I would rather study historical documents and read narratives of the era to understand what really happened during the first half of the 20th century than merely go to a film made 50 or 60 years later by someone who has an agenda, who has a story to tell.

Sadly, that is frowned upon and, if I don't arrive at the same conclusions as the filmmaker, then I could be sent to jail.