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05:09 PM on 07/30/2012
Ok, so the performers agreed to play for free? I missed a large part of the opening and was wondering why they had Queen and not Elton John or did he do a song as well ?
04:22 PM on 07/30/2012
If you go into it knowing there wouldn't be any compensation, don't be surprised when there isn't any compensation.
03:07 PM on 07/30/2012
This is silly. If they're contracted for a certain amount and not paid, it's one thing. If anyone accepts an offer to play knowing they won't be paid, why complain about it afterwards. All they have to do is decline the invite. I'm sure others would jump at a chance to be heard by a worldwide audience of people who might not normally hear them. As the last paragraph suggests, it has other benefits other than direct cash in hand.
07:15 PM on 07/31/2012
They were not herd by worldwide audience, They were heard by passer's by in the park. No listing anywhere, no credit, no television appearance. Many took the gig knowing their professional lobby was "on the case" to getting them compensated, as it is ILLEGAL to ask or have professional musicians perform services for free in England. It is to protect them from being exploited. Every other professional who worked the event was paid: grips, lighting crew, accountants. etc. I am sure any professional, of any kind, who could say they worked the Olympics would have great publicity too. Unfortunately, they did not even give these bands a listing anywhere, so unless you asked and remembered their name as you walked by, they got nothing out of it.