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11:24 AM on 03/06/2009
While I use and like Google services, I find it ridiculous that any company would throw up walls like Mr. Greenspan encountered. Corporations need to be reminded that they are not omnipotent and do need to account for their actions. To treat a client with such disdain is the height of arrogance.
11:14 AM on 03/06/2009
I was banned from AdSense in 2005. The only response I got was 'illegal click activity.' Beyond that, they refused to answer any questions and just referred to the clause in their contract that says they can terminate any user for fraudulent clicks at any time. I have requested to be re-instated many times and am always declined. Theyhave my email address in a ban list somewhere. I was working for a company founded by Larry Page's brother and applied. They said no and that the content of the site was not conducive to their advertisers. The next day another employee of the company applied and got approved for the same company.

The flaw in this is of course that you often don't have control over who clicks on your site. They claim to be willing to work with you to resolve the problem, but then they don't. The way adsense works is this... you sign up, you give their advertisers exposure and they they decide how much they want to pay you. it could be 30% or .0003%, you have no way of ever knowing. Why in the world would anyone do business with Google under these terms? There are many other ways to generate ad revenue.
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02:11 PM on 03/06/2009
Drat! If only there were a way to get a new email address. Oh, well, I guess your cause is hopeless!
10:54 AM on 03/06/2009
I had a similar run in with Google's Checkout merchant account business - they froze my funds without an explanation and the only way I was able to get them released is by filing a complaint with my state's regulatory bodies that oversees "money transmitters:
10:22 AM on 03/06/2009
"Google's amazing money machine was starting to look a bit more like the type of Potemkin Village the parents of the company's founders had fled decades before."

Potemkin Villages did not exist , that is the whole point. They were pretend. So how could anyone flee from them?
11:14 AM on 03/06/2009
Lol. Leave it to blogosphere commentariat to nitpick the most insignificant of details.
01:02 PM on 03/06/2009
And to highlight that nitpicking. Anyone care to take the torch on this one?
12:38 PM on 03/06/2009
Matt Cutts? Is that you?
08:55 AM on 03/06/2009
Great to see Google getting a lesson, albeit a very affordable one, that lack of transparency doesn't pay. If only they'd take this lesson to heart and make not only their policies more transparent, but also their search engine.
03:22 PM on 03/06/2009
Lesson? The judgment cost less than a real lawyer 's time.
08:17 AM on 03/06/2009
I agree with @dexxjones. :)
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02:39 AM on 03/06/2009
Even the mighty stumble. Perhaps they should revisit the motto "Don't be evil".
11:30 AM on 03/06/2009
It's completely bogus, they think that "being" is not the same as "doing" so they can get away with "doing" evil while not "being" evil. Read the incoherent rants by their founders on the subject.
02:29 AM on 03/06/2009
people need to start doing more of THIS. thank you very much for this article and also your little suit.
i am becoming convinced that "tort reform" was advanced groundwork to prevent people from having legal recourse JUST as these corporations are getting SO out of control.
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02:34 PM on 03/06/2009
Absolutely essential that people start to USE the law instead of letting people who can afford lawyers get away with it. I agree.

Unpleasant to see a company whose DNA specifies that they shall do no evil fall into this trap. Must be cosmic ray disruption or something. Hope they fix this.
03:03 PM on 03/06/2009
that do no evil thing has been turned into a mantra not a real rule at this point