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06:43 PM on 03/06/2009
GOP stategy of the future: Newt as a presidential candidate, Pastor Rod Parsley as primary Mullah, Sen. David Vitter in charge of sex education, Ann Coulter in international relations, George Will shall chart the future economic course, Bill O'Reilly in charge of civil liberties, Novack in charge of the environment, Supreme Court Justice Scalia in charge of elections, K. Harris and Jeb Bush in charge of vote counting, and Rush for grand figurehead. Rev. Bookburn - Radio Volta
Grant Morrison
Forward, into the Past!!!
06:33 PM on 03/06/2009

Maybe they should elect one of the other five Repulic black guys to lead them. Obvoiously they CAN'T elect a WOMAN.

They SO close-minded, it's really hard to believe that these jokers have been enrolled in a college.

Grant Morrison
Forward, into the Past!!!
06:31 PM on 03/06/2009

He's not "white" enough for Them.

You think they didn't give him the "paper bag" test before they voted. Perhaps they should have passed his picture around the room.

Ah, the Republic Party. The gift that keeps on giving.

07:06 PM on 03/06/2009
That may be but Ada Fisher who first came out and called for his resignation yesterday is black.
06:24 PM on 03/06/2009
i know its bad. but i love watching republicans imploding.
06:28 PM on 03/06/2009
It's not bad. It's necessary. Enjoy every mintute.
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06:10 PM on 03/06/2009
The GOP wanting to rid itself from the man they
elected to be chairman of their party is typical
of how the republican party feels about black people
as a whole.....

Mr Steele hasn't been chairman 2 months and now they
want to get rid of him! would be funny except for the
fact that the GOP really doesn't have any NEW idea's on how
to be more inclusive NOR how to run the country in which they
have run into the ground for the past 8 years!

Maybe one day the GOP will return to being the party of
physical responsibility and true conservative views!
The GOP needs to regain the trust of the American
people because they surely do not have it now......
Bucket of Popcorn with a liberal amount of Butter
06:23 PM on 03/06/2009
I don't think is about is about wanting to rule the world again. They need someone that can be as popular and dynamic as the Obama brand. Yes they expect him to be all that in 2 months...they expect for Obama to turn it around in 30 days too
07:03 PM on 03/06/2009
you are stupid.... Its not about race! PLEASE..... if Obama were not president, this guy would have never even been considered.... they would have told him to sit down where he belongs!

Sorry, we are talking fringe right wingers.... its always about race with them..... they want minority votes, but they plan to kick the minorities aside should they return to power
07:09 PM on 03/06/2009
There is a racial under current. Remember this is basically an all white party. Is there any wonder that it would wrinkle a few feathers for this black guy to come in firing people (whites) ?
Spice...."The Toughest Fighter."
06:40 PM on 03/06/2009
How much flack do you think they got from conservative about electing Steele. Limbaush said true conversative won't contribute though he was not necessarily referrencing Steele.
The past, present and future are one
05:43 PM on 03/06/2009
The Republican Party's strategy to manipulate the American voter has once again backfired. For 8 years, the Republicans created superficial straw men to maintain their power.

They exploited the ideal of patriotism to silence our dissent after 911. They exploited our faith relationships to elevate a false perception of their alleged morality. They used gay marriage and pro-life as no more than political tactics to convince the voter that these issues actually matter to them, and as soon as they won the 2004 election, both issues vanished from their platform. They used Sarah Palin to woo Hillary supporters, they briefly attempted to use Bobby Jindal to create an equivalent to Barack Obama, and they used Michael Steele for no other reason than that he is black, to attract minority voters!

All the Republicans have done is USE and EXPLOIT. They're neither honest with themselves nor honest with the American people. They not only think that we will accept as reality whatever illusion they try to present to us, but they actually believe that their illusions disguise what has already been revealed to us about who they are.

Michael Steele is just another illusion, and as is the fate of all illusions, this too will inevitably shatter!
05:09 PM on 03/06/2009
I am sitting here ....offering Mr. Steele a toast.... saying...

"Sir, nothing settles faster ....than dust and feathers."
I AM the atheist in the foxhole.
05:05 PM on 03/06/2009
It would be very easy to say that posit that Steele's chairmanship is nothing more than window dressing and the GOP knew that all along, but consider the power that Limbaugh holds. The guy has somewhere between 12 and 20 million listeners (sources cannot seem to agree on the actual numbers) who will follow his every word. OF COURSE the GOP kisses his butt, because he literally has the power to get any of them voted out of office. All he has to do is go on his show and lambast whomever he chooses and his listeners will ensure that that person is not reelected. Limbaugh knows this and so does Steele.
53%er for Obama
04:46 PM on 03/06/2009
They are behaving like this because he is black. If he were one of their white brethren, they'd rally around him like Michelle Bachmann on a microphone.
05:49 PM on 03/06/2009
Ada Fisher, the first to call for his resignation, is black. They've decided to play it very smart and have a black woman calling for him to leave. Everyone knows why he was hired and we know why he won't be fired by any of the white males of the party. The only way for them to work this is for him to leave willingly and the good ole boys will be "very understanding" when he does.
I'm here, I'm Dear... get used to it!!
04:38 PM on 03/06/2009
If Steele gets the ax, perhaps Alan Keyes will be available?
04:45 PM on 03/06/2009
Alan Keyes got his tail whipped by Obama already. Tavis is waiting in the wings for his turn.

He's very dedicated to hating Obama...... VERY! I'm sure he'll do a heck of a stuttering job!
Think. Act. Live wisely.
05:48 PM on 03/06/2009
"Alan Keyes got his tail whipped by Obama already. Tavis is waiting in the wings for his turn.

He's very dedicated to hating Obama...... "

So true!
05:51 PM on 03/06/2009
Oh Jeez, I forgot all about Tavis. You are so right - it must be eating him up that there is a black man in the white house and it's not him.
04:46 PM on 03/06/2009
So true.
04:35 PM on 03/06/2009
Ms. Wizard Hot Momma got a vision......

I say the 'Undesirable' will resign by end of next week.
04:35 PM on 03/06/2009
he wears shamwow boxers, eh?
04:33 PM on 03/06/2009
Well, looks like the Republicans have finally figured this out:'s not just ANY black guy. Would help if the black guy was smart, too.
The economy isn't broken; it's fixed
04:56 PM on 03/06/2009
Just like they thought they could put ANY woman in to counter the presence of Hillary...
04:31 PM on 03/06/2009
Here's a little ' update ' on Rush.... But apparently he does N O T like to ' update '...?

The local station that broadcasts Rush has pictures of him that look 20 or 30 years ago. Even Rush would not recognize Himself...
I guess the ' current Rush '... looks too Scary.... maybe...they don't want to frighten people? take a look.