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06:49 PM on 07/31/2012
I believe Star Jones' Twitter post was for the best interest of Paris Jackson. More people should show concern for the safety of teens.
01:24 PM on 08/06/2012
I believe it was as well including GLadys Knight on as well which she was saying "aint no child is going to hit me".
06:37 PM on 07/31/2012
I am extremely relieved to hear Star Jones backing away from her original slamming of Paris:

“Let me be clear: any child who is being emotionally and/or physically abused needs to shout it to the rooftops to people who can help.” Star Jones

Twitter may not be the best option, but it is an effective one. Children who are being abused are most often abused by a powerful parent (or other adult) who also controls all methods & devices to communicate with the outside world. Years ago, there were hotlines, school counselors or neighbors who spotted something wrong and reported it to the authorities.
Children need a way to circumvent their abusers and ask for help, which Paris did.

I'm with the girl. I'm glad she asked for help. It's the silent, timid ones who are victimized.

Twitter: the new Amber Alert.
06:36 PM on 07/31/2012
I wish Star Jones would stick her big head into my business. Apparently, she has her life down to perfection.
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06:31 PM on 07/31/2012
So it's ok for Star Jones to use Twitter but not ok for Paris--why? b/c she's 14 going on 15? This age is considered adult in some countries, in some times and places. In the 19th century, boys graduated from Harvard at that age. We keep our 'children' as babies too long--she is no longer a child. She can probably even have a child--so lay off and stop treating her like a child who should be seen and not heard. I totally understand that her Twitter posts about a missing Guardian were cries of 'Help--where is Grandma." Adults like Star and Gladys verbally beating up on a distressed teenager is appalling. Paris has appartently no female support other than Mrs. Jackson, who went awol. She needs support, not abuse.
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07:36 PM on 07/31/2012
I totally agree. Everyone needs love, but people can't love what they envy. Paris has the money, she has "Grandma" ... Some want $$ some want attention ... They've forgotten that Paris lost the only parent that she knew. She might just be willing to switch places with them sometimes too. Evidently she's considered the "lucky one", the "spoiled brat." Some don't want her or P&B to be the priority ALL the time. Unfortunately, that's what Katherine signed on for....

Those kids need someone who they can count on to put them first -- the way that parents do... If they don't get that consistently and soon, they're headed for more drama.
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02:01 AM on 08/01/2012
You are 1000% right--'they need someone who they can count on to put them first' and this is' what Katherine signed on for.' She is getting, apparently, over $200,000 a month, so I think it is reasonable to ask her to pick up a phone and call her wards a few times when she disappears for 10 days. But I guess it's socially acceptable to heap criticism on a teenager rather than an 80 year old 'matriarch.'
06:27 PM on 07/31/2012
For all of you born in an age where not even sitting on the toilet is a private matter I can see your criticism of stars statement as being born of true ignorance...yes, it is not where a 14 year old child should be discussing things of that nature. Are our so pathetically boring that any glimpse into someone else's is deemed socially acceptable. IF you thought that it was wrong for Demi and Ashton to air their dirty laundry then why is acceptable for a child who is obviously not being abused to look for her grandma on twitter...come now Catherine would definitely not be using twitter so what was her real purpose for causing the 14 she knew what she said would cause a feeding frenzy from the vultures of the press
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08:07 PM on 07/31/2012
Grow up.
Ignorance is costly
05:46 PM on 07/31/2012
What a silly thing to suggest. The author of this piece ... of writing has no authority to tell another adult to a take a break from a social networking sight. What a waste of my reading time.
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08:10 PM on 07/31/2012
If he thinks that she should, he has a right to say so ... first amendment... I agree with him. btw
05:32 PM on 07/31/2012
Paris Jackson did NOT use twitter for her own pleasure, she used twitter because was worried about her grandmother who she wasn't able to contact for a week, and said it only after the Jacksons wrote that letter against the Estate claming that Katherine had a mini stroke, at that point Paris replied and said that her grandma was well. Afterwards she revealed that she couldn't reach Katherine for a week and said Janet and Rebbie only told her she was "anavailable".

Paris' reaction was what of a grandaughter extremely worried for her grandma, so she used the only tool she had to find her grandma which was in fact missed. This has nothing to do with revealing family issue on a social network. I do agree with the author of the article. Very well said.

Lastly, Star Jones has absolutely NO say in Paris Jackson's life, she should learn to think about her own business to start.
06:30 PM on 07/31/2012
What planet are you from that says a child should be told everything just for the asking...Unavailable means unavailable. Did your parents and other adults offer you a detailed explanation of their every move...get real here..if she was ill they should maybe have said she was ill but that is about it..children making the rules is what is wrong in this country
10:18 AM on 08/02/2012
The judge has indeed suspended Katherine's guardianship because she was not in contact with the children for 10 days. The judge knows better than anyone else what is right and was it not. Therefore, you most probably are from who knows what planet for thinking that is correct leaving children home without giving any news or maybe it's just what happens in your home, but it's none of the world's care.
05:29 PM on 07/31/2012
Um Star Jones is right. Stories like this is the reason why these "kids" feel they can do whatever they want in this world. I don't know the entire situation, but Paris needs to chill, seriously.
Rob Shuter
04:49 PM on 07/31/2012
I think she makes a valid point although funny she used twitter as the medium to make it
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08:17 PM on 07/31/2012
So have you ever zoned out on your kids? Did your parents ever go radio silent on you? Not cool. A teenager's twitter messages are irrelevant. What people think or say is irrelevant. What was going on in that household and inside of those children's heads is the only relevant issue.
04:42 PM on 07/31/2012
She's right.
04:40 PM on 07/31/2012
Star has a valid point so why are you criticizing her?
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07:48 PM on 07/31/2012
Obviously, you've never lost a parent or had one zone out on you for days...It's not pleasant. Blaming or even just finding it important to critique the child's reaction is just so ... not the most significant issue in the scenario.
12:21 AM on 08/02/2012
giselle, I'm liking (and agreeing) with just about every one of your comments. I'm sitting here reading and shaking my head "uh-huh, that's right, yep - I agree!" Thanks for defending Paris in this way. I too think she did exactly what she needed to do.
Thomson Jaffe
A klutz in a cluttered world.
04:26 PM on 07/31/2012
I sort of get what she's saying, I mean I think her logic around and involvement with Paris Jackson is flawed, but when it comes to young teenagers (and anyone, really) posting things on the internet, they can do things that are both permanent and regrettable. I'm 20, and sometimes I'll go back and look at my Twitter from when I was 18 and first made it, and I see things that I wish I could take back. I only have like 50 followers, who are all friends and family and understand my sense of humor, but I still regret certain comments I made and that even I delete them now, I made them public then. I can't imagine what I would have said if I had been 14.
04:03 PM on 07/31/2012
Star who???
The truth is out there....
05:43 PM on 07/31/2012
Exactly... and Paris Who?
12:23 AM on 08/02/2012
Yeah right! The "Star who" I can see but NOT "Paris who?" that's a lame comment, not original at all!