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09:24 AM on 08/01/2012
Pretty sad her kids don't know what a true expression of emotion is!
Life is good!
09:23 AM on 08/01/2012
Listen up, haters. Kelly looks great for a woman her age. Her & her gorgeous husband seem happy. She has three beautiful, healthy kids. She has a career that is fabulous & makes tons of money. All of you jealous b!t@he$ that are on here trashing her would likely trade places with her in a heartbeat to get away from your flabby, ho-hum lives. BTW when women put other women down for not being a good enough mother (barring abusive circumstances) it's usually because they are stay-at-home moms who are jealous of working moms who actually have a life in addition to being a mom. Bring it!
08:49 AM on 08/01/2012
What person on tv doesn't get botox? No big shock. It makes me laugh when they try to deny getting it done.
08:40 AM on 08/01/2012
Great... Blame your need for plastic surgery on your kids. Way to go Kelly!
08:35 AM on 08/01/2012
So, Kelli has raised her kids to be vain, judgemental kids. Great parenting. So the kids tell her what to do. They must have a great agent. My compliments to your parenting skills, you need to go back to "How to be a Mom" 101.
Life is good!
09:16 AM on 08/01/2012
Did you even read the article? She said she knows she needs it when the kids think she's mad at them because she's frowning. The kids don't tell her to go get Botox! One word: Jealous!
10:34 AM on 08/01/2012
did you read my statement, it is all sarcasim. I dont care about Kelli Ripa or her botox.
its also called my opinion. Did you read the article, it says the kids let her know when she needs "a little refresher". A few words: Pay attention, or do you need a botox refresher.
rock and a hard place
08:28 AM on 08/01/2012
BOTOX WOMEN.....every guy loves a frozen look on a woman's expression... no look of joy or sadness...just a blank sheet of paper....much like their brain ! When I see them, it reminds me of the look that deer get when hit with the headlights thanks..
polish prince
08:19 AM on 08/01/2012
should do something with her mouth wire it closed she is so boring how can they keep her on the air....?
07:59 AM on 08/01/2012
First she needs to eat something.
Am Everywoman not Superwoman.
10:29 AM on 08/01/2012
Yep. Then she may need none/less botox.
07:50 AM on 08/01/2012
polish prince
08:20 AM on 08/01/2012
shes just a dumb ? blonde out of a bx ....shes boring
08:48 AM on 08/01/2012
Seems to me that the people who live through and love Ripa need a life. The woman is nothing but a bore and self centered. I feel sorry for her children she makes fun of them constantly now they have to remind her to get botox. She needs to go to parenting classes.
11:06 AM on 08/01/2012
Well said. Maybe she looks mad because she IS mad, because maybe being a mom isn't as glamorous and fun as being a TV personality. My face isn't exactly as smooth as a 20 year old's but when I joke about it around my kids, they tell me I look pretty and they love their mom no matter what. These TV people live in a very strange world.
Make every day count!
07:41 AM on 08/01/2012
Enough already. Huff Post is trying to promote her, or destroy her, not sure which at this point.
There's always something posted about her. Posters have reached the point of bullying. JUST STOP.
07:38 AM on 08/01/2012
just about every other day some little gossip if you call it has to do with kelly ripa. i am sure that down the line mention of divorce will creep in. kelly needs botox - kelly said something not nice about her husband - kelly - kelly - kelly. WHO CARES?????
06:58 AM on 08/01/2012
Her children need to tell her to eat, but when they look at her they think this is normal. No, when she started on AMC she was NOT over weight!!! She was a teenager and looked healthy! Now is looks like death warmed over and is addicted to spin class. She must believe that she looks FAT on camera, she doesn't. I stopped watching her when she started bragging about how much she works out. Look at las week's People mag and she what she looks like in a bathing suit. She looks like a real skinny boy! She need to eat now!!!
01:20 PM on 08/01/2012
That picture in People of Kelly is so disturbing. She looks like a skeleton. Doesn't it bother her husband to see her so skinny. Her chest is all emaciated. Maybe that is why her hair looks so terrible and she needs extentions.
If my dogs dont like you somethings Wrong !
06:52 AM on 08/01/2012
She prefers wine over water that explains alot she might want to drink more water and less wine.
06:15 AM on 08/01/2012
I find this woman very annoying and she is too skinny. End of subject! LOL!
02:37 AM on 08/01/2012
I'll let her know. Kelly make your appt. first thing in the morning.