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09:55 PM on 08/01/2012
garbage in....garbage out .....
09:50 PM on 08/01/2012
2 episodes...that was 2 , TOOOOOO MANY !!!
09:50 PM on 08/01/2012
This is not a loss
09:19 PM on 08/01/2012
People are sick to death of these "reality" shows, they have become the scourge of TV programming and do nothing except to lower the IQ of the viewer.
09:03 PM on 08/01/2012
It doesn't matter whether I was watching 3 or not, CBS. I'm not watching any of your new shows from now on because you have no concern for those people who have invested their time into a show. You couldn't even have done some heavy editing and aired one or two more shows to give the show some closure? I don't trust you to keep some other show that I am watching on the air.
is my micro-bio still empty?...
10:26 PM on 08/01/2012
This is sooo true! CBS has come up with a bunch of great new shows (mostly sitcoms are the ones we like) over the past couple of years, and after seeing a new show and liking it and then looking forward to it, poof - it's gone. I can't count the number of times this has happened. Don't they understand that sometimes it takes viewers a few episodes to even know the show exists? Then a couple shows more to make it part of their viewing routine? What insane method do the networks use to determine when a show is worth keeping? Two episodes cannot possibly tell enough. I have never even heard of this show "3" until this article - maybe they should've spent more time marketing it before it aired and people would have tuned in to it.
Jason Elias
01:40 AM on 08/02/2012
I saw one episode and it was enough. This show sucked.
08:48 PM on 08/01/2012
i never even saw an advert for this show, i didnt even know it existed until now. imo networks do this to get shows off the air thaat they personally dont like but are obligated to give a chance to
07:28 PM on 08/01/2012
Big Brother is the worst show on television and has been since it's premier. I really don't know how this show stays on the air.
10:40 PM on 08/01/2012
The host is the wife of the President of CBS.
11:51 PM on 08/01/2012
Umm, Shes married to Maury Povich. As far as I know hes not the pres of CBS!
11:57 PM on 08/01/2012
Because you dont anything good! The show has millions of followers! Watch a whole season its good!
07:23 PM on 08/01/2012
That one wasn't even on long enough for me to ignore it.
07:00 PM on 08/01/2012
GOOD.....I think these shows are stupid and a waste of time......I don't watch them!
06:35 PM on 08/01/2012
Dating shows are so scripted and should be called Non-Reality anyone can watch these people acting(?) surprised, happy, smiling, in love....please what a waste of good program time.
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06:32 PM on 08/01/2012
That was fast. I never even heard or read anything about it until now.
08:55 PM on 08/01/2012
Wait til you see hows fast the new fall shows disappear. CBS should go from best to worst.
09:51 PM on 08/01/2012
any halfwit watching lame network shows...get what they deserve !!
09:54 PM on 08/01/2012
any stooge watching lame network shows...gets what they deserve !
06:32 PM on 08/01/2012
Now we'll never now if ...was the proofreader off today?
Klaatu Barada Nikto
05:35 PM on 08/01/2012
3 only made it to 2.
05:30 PM on 08/01/2012
What's that scraping noise? Why it's the networks scraping the bottom of the barrel of humanity looking for the most forgettable people on earth for their "reality" shows.

Glad this one got the boot for it sounded really, really, stupid to begin with.
Bless the Beasts & the Children
05:22 PM on 08/01/2012
Thank God! Now for them to get rid of Big Brother which is keeping me from watching CBS whenever it plays because I refuse to watch such a ridiculous program. Also ticked off that they haven't been playing Good Wife reruns like they have NCIS and Person of Interest and it's just as popular as both of those shows. Hopefully, like the article said, they'll start reruns of Good Wife again.