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10:29 AM on 08/01/2012
It's time reality tv goes away. We are all getting sick of it. It's become very boring. I end up watching reruns of tv shows that are twenty years old or watching nothing. I'd rather watch a tv show with real actors and some kind of interesting plot. There are too few of these shows nowadays.
11:43 AM on 08/01/2012
Amen to that :-)
10:24 AM on 08/01/2012
......I guess the "3" was how many people actually watched the show....
10:24 AM on 08/01/2012
Ho hum. Three pretty girls date lots of men to find the perfect guy. Isn't that a typical Friday or Saturday night in any city, in any town? I've watched funnier hook up attempts just sitting at an outdoor cafe...
10:20 AM on 08/01/2012
reality shows IMO are a one of the big reasons people are deserting television for the internet and web casts
10:30 AM on 08/01/2012
I absolutely agree. I refuse to watch any of these so-called "reality" shows.
10:39 AM on 08/01/2012
Totally agree with both of you!
11:20 AM on 08/01/2012
Same here. The only one I even remotely watch is DWTS, and I might not watch this.
10:41 AM on 08/01/2012
Unfortunately it's all about money. When the cast of Friends demanded and got $1m per person per episode, reality tv was born.
02:38 PM on 08/01/2012
The only good show was the King of Queens, the rest are only good because they are on Monday, I never laugh at any of the shows because they are not funny,
Charlie Sheens show was not funny and he is a lousy actor. How I met your mother , OMG get me a bullet quick, the show makes me sick, How long can we watch Kurtz lose more weight while Mike and Molly pack on those pounds, while 2 broke girls should just become escorts and get a new apartment like the other girls who have no skill set to earn a living in NYC
10:19 AM on 08/01/2012
It sometimes seems that the only thing on TV to watch is reality shows. Maybe this is a signal to networks that everyone isn't enthralled with these shows, and they will come up with something new. I watch the singing and dancing shows, but the dating and housewives, pawn, storage, towing, and the rest can all be cancelled. Of course many people like them, I guess. I just turn off the set and do something else.
10:14 AM on 08/01/2012
I thought "3'" represented how many episodes it would last. Guess not .
10:03 AM on 08/01/2012
Good! Sorry but you can't pay someone to fall in love, & we've got enough reality (fake reality) on TV as it is.
Empty?.... Not anymore.
09:57 AM on 08/01/2012
Now if the TV moguls had the intelligence to realize (and replace) every last one of the "reality" shows that suck equally, they'd replace them with some real, talent-involved (NO, not Idol type trash either) shows they maybe will get viewers back from watching reruns of the previously successful shows that now proliferate the cable networks.

Cheaply produced shows give cheap results!
Karma WILL get you, make no mistake about it!
09:45 AM on 08/01/2012
It could be my fault. I never watch much TV & hadn't ever heard about this show.
09:38 AM on 08/01/2012
I was amazed at how bad that show stank!!
11:05 AM on 08/01/2012
...and I'm amazed you watched it long enough to find out....
Sally Barry
09:31 AM on 08/01/2012
never heard of it!!!
The Dude abides.
11:26 AM on 08/01/2012
Apparently, no one else did either.
Have a nice day and get it over with.
11:30 AM on 08/01/2012
Now you have!!!