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12:31 PM on 03/08/2009
Lindsey Graham's response will not suprise any one who has ever taught in a class room.
You always get scripts like this when marking exams. It usually come from those condused students who have no idea on what to do but finds themselves in an examination hall.

The republicans all,dont have any idea of whats happening nor on how to approach the crisis America faces,but yet they need to make some noise.
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Semper Fi
12:53 PM on 03/08/2009
So your saying that this was one of those trick question that the senator didn't catch , i say it's typical republican hypocrisy
A Pessimistic Optimist
12:30 PM on 03/08/2009
Ot .. but I have always perceived Graham as one of the many plants the n.eo-c.ons in Congress ... what makes him different than the rest is .. he is upfront about it ... & nobody seems to care
12:29 PM on 03/08/2009
Wow. How can he talk with his tongue tied into a knot?
12:54 PM on 03/08/2009
by talking out his a$s.
01:59 PM on 03/08/2009
Like the ESPN commercials!
12:26 PM on 03/08/2009
I don't see McCain with his big red pen
"talking big" and "ready to draw" a line through his friend's
earmarks. Where's "quick-draw" McCain now ???
I'm nicer than I appear in print. :-)
12:26 PM on 03/08/2009
I heard somebody say once - "I'm a woman. I don't have to make sense. It's not required. In fact, it's not even expected ".

I don't know why, but that just popped into my head when I saw Lindsay. 8-)
01:03 PM on 03/08/2009
Your somebody must have been a comedian.
I would guess it popped into your head because it is empty.
I'm nicer than I appear in print. :-)
01:42 PM on 03/08/2009
First of all - I'm a woman.

And I think I didn't explain the joke the person was making. It was aimed at women of the simpering southern belle variety. The ones who actively try to get away with things by manipulation. And when Lindsay tosses out nonsense with his southern drawl in overdrive, he always makes me think of the stereotypical southern belle of legend ala Scarlet O'Hara. That's why that comment popped into my head.
Because someone has to say it.
01:24 PM on 03/08/2009
That statement is the underlying meaning in most arguments from many women. They'll argue whatever benefits them and helps them "feel" better. At least that "somebody" was honest. Those who get upset about it are mad because it applies to them.
I'm nicer than I appear in print. :-)
01:49 PM on 03/08/2009
What I find though, is that usually the first one to scoff at those women, are other women. That's why the pile on of disdain for Palin during this last election. Women with brains saw what she was doing and called her on it.

Actually, thinking about it, that mindset of "arguing whatever benefits them" is a very Republican mindset. Male or female. If you've noticed all arguments from their leadership come from the point of what's been working for them personally. Southern belle mentality. I guess there's more layered meaning in that "regional southern party" moniker.
12:18 PM on 03/08/2009
How about a new public school in Dillon before self-indulgences in Myrtle Beach...
12:16 PM on 03/08/2009
To paraphase:

I was for earmarks before I was against and then again for them .... If it's my ear mark it's good, from anyone else it's bad.
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12:11 PM on 03/08/2009
she can't even keep track of her own sentences. typical repub.
Montana 123
Mama to Three Little Monkeys
12:10 PM on 03/08/2009
LOL I saw this. Do as I say not as I do.