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07:29 AM on 03/09/2009
The problem I see with earmarks is that a poloitcian in DC choses how to spend a state's money, rather than an engineer or a city planner, who are trained to make these decisions. That being said, many states would just use the money to help them balance their sheets rather than invest in infrastructure, which is what is really needed right now. Government spending is the best way to bring new money into an economy, but only if it is spent on worthwhile projects, which make commuting faster and easier, relieves traffic, upgrades roads/bridges and waterways, etc. I guess what I am saying is that earmarks have two sides, one good and one not-so-good. What gets me is that all this federal spending will mosty likely be wasted by the states, just as much of the bailout money for the banks and automakers has been flushed down the commode in an effort to make their balance sheets look good, so they can get more bailout money. Hmm...
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Love this country? Vote out all republicans!
07:26 AM on 03/09/2009
So i think I understand, earmarks are ok as long as rethuglicans request them.
Micro This....Micro That....
03:59 AM on 03/09/2009
What we now call "earmarking" used to be called "log rolling" or "horse trading"; politicians feathered their own nests with a premium placed on seniority and/or political clout. It was an ugly, sausage-making process with a whiff of corruption, but it did have a certain internal logic and discipline. Just as the deadly ,but difficult, tradition of fthe "fillibuster" has been replaced with the near effortless "threat of cloture", so the old hard fought political processes of local appropriation have been streamlined into the similarly near-effortless process of the earmark. Our legislators have become lazy at their real jobs because they are so consumed with the gargantuan tasks of fundraising and elections. Now they all want their own piece of the pie, neat and easy, upfront and now, so that they can appease the media, PR, and political consulting gods. In an ironic way, we may actually have been better off in the old days when at least there was still some honor among the thieves, and a Lindsay Graham would have had to have spent some serious time wheeling and dealing tin order to bring home the Myrtle Beach Convention Center bacon, leaving him with a lot less time to posture on national TV.
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04:02 AM on 03/09/2009

check out this site, there are several ways of contacting the CCofice, to let them know how you feel about federal money being spent on what is basicly a private enterprise. better the money be spent on schools in what is one of the dumbest states in the USA.
Spice...."The Toughest Fighter."
02:31 AM on 03/09/2009
So earmarks are ok and should be put back into the bill only if they benefit republican states? Now earmarks for studying marsh land (helps you find out by ecosystem and why fish are dying off, volcano monitoring, or fixing the levees shouldn't be done as it is wasteful spending. I agree, building a new convention center is what we need.....we can use it for hurricane coverage like we did with the superdome in Lousiana.
01:49 AM on 03/09/2009
One can never trust a southern Republican.
02:20 AM on 03/09/2009
True- they were once called Southern Democrats, but that was back in 1862.
Self-employed architect, pauper among plutocrats
03:00 AM on 03/09/2009
More accurately 1964 but we know what you mean!
01:49 AM on 03/09/2009
another gop, another hypocrite
01:35 AM on 03/09/2009
McCain is as big a hypocrite as Lindsey Graham. Why doesn't he mention earmarks from his own State of Arizona? Sen. Jon Kyl earmarked $118 million.....Rep. Trent Franks and Rep. Rick Renzi earmarked $10.8 million for a 'field shop' in Florence, Arizona.
Plenty of hypocrites to go around I can tell ya that.
07:20 AM on 03/09/2009
Is there anyting in Florence but a prison?
01:34 AM on 03/09/2009
The republicans just have to hate the internet and blogs......and YouTube! At some time they will have to tire of eating their lies...over and over!
Not so much Liberal as I am anti evil.
04:50 AM on 03/09/2009
It is much harder to affect the public consciousness when the public informs and educates itself!
07:33 AM on 03/09/2009
Not really harder. Just different.
05:45 AM on 03/09/2009
The repubs don't realize the "intertubes" exist! Remember, by the time McCain denied saying something during the campaign, the YouTube video of him saying it had more than a million hits! The repubs will never be brought up to speed, the just need to d.i.e. off and let the rest of the world go on with their lives. They will never agree that many American citizens are better educated than they are. They simply cannot accept that fact!
01:09 AM on 03/09/2009
I wish Tim Russert was still alive because he wouldn't let anybody get away with anything. You had better been prepared when you went on his show.
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Left of Left of Center-Left
12:37 AM on 03/09/2009
Hell is other people
12:36 AM on 03/09/2009
Most everyone I know have give up watching the Sunday talk shows. They are useless as regards to news and serve only to get out the latest talking points of each side. After watching CBS Sunday morning, I turn on music, do yoga or anything but watch those boring talking heads. I just got a stack of books at the library, so I can make up my own mind about things. Life is short and I am keeping it simple.
01:08 AM on 03/09/2009
just got a stack of books at the library, so I can make up my own mind about things

Like those shows you loathe as talking point sources, what do you think those books will give you, especially if you choose books that only reinforce YOUR point of view?
01:49 AM on 03/09/2009
12:27 AM on 03/09/2009
Lispy Gayman a hyporcrite?!?! No, it can't possibly be. Come out come out wherever you are gayham.
01:08 AM on 03/09/2009
Gay much as we may not like his politics, this kind of bigoted c--p needs to be quashed.
12:16 AM on 03/09/2009
The USA is, and will remain, a childish nation for quite a while yet: constantly going on about earmarks; every state needs money for some project or another, that's what the people elect their representatives for, to bring home the bacon: it's the distribution of federal revenues between the states. Grow up.
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12:20 AM on 03/09/2009 accounts for like 1% of the overrall package yet people obsess over it...really dumb...and many of the earmarks are actually beneficial and go towards the sciences.
12:45 AM on 03/09/2009
It would be better for the bacon to stay at home in the first place. Earmarks should be flat out banned. A convention center in Mrytle Beach is NOT a national priority. Keep the bacon at home and let those that really believe in it fund it out of their own bacon.
01:10 AM on 03/09/2009
There is "bringing home the bacon" that can help a region, like building a needed hospital, roads, etc. As HarveyMo rightly points out, a convention center is an extravagance, not a necessity, when the country is in economic hardship.
12:06 AM on 03/09/2009
And, of course, good ole Greta will be on her soapbox come Monday trashing all Dem's as to their earmarks. She is totally clueless with the exception of reading her talking points.
01:11 AM on 03/09/2009
Earmarks that have no useless purpose need not be in the amount of excuses will be allowed for them from here on...