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09:40 PM on 08/01/2012
Take out the word you from my previous comment, thank you.
09:38 PM on 08/01/2012
This woman needs to do everything possible to come up with the money and pay them the money that they say she owes. Then after she pays them, she needs to sue the pants off of them for unlawfully inflating the agreed price and also for any of her belongings that is missing or may have broke while in their possession. Maybe after she pays them, she can even hire a sharp attorney to handle it for her. She can also include her attorney fees. If everyone started beating them at their own game, maybe then, they'll stop trying to con everyone that puts their hard earned money and trust in them.
09:37 PM on 08/01/2012
Many moving companies will give you an assessment of how much it will cost to move you. Once the movers are in possession of your furnishing and personal items, they justify their increase because you the person taking the assessment made an error in judgment. You either pay, get a lawyer or contact the department of transportation which takes months. Withholding cremains should be illegal.
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09:23 PM on 08/01/2012
Why in the world did they take the ASHES??? If this was my family it WOULD stay with me...On me... In my car... My luggage...Im sure she has her reason he was boxed at her home and put on a moving truck...Maybe it was on his bucket list to ride in a moving truck...BUT I know if he was my guy...He would be in my purse...I would of not trusted anyone with him to start with... My clothes would stay and he would be with me...Just me and again Im the wife of a husband murdered LOD with a police department. Maybe Im a little attached more than other women...He was my world and gave me a world and life...
10:28 PM on 08/01/2012
If it were Mitt Romney the ashes would have been strapped on top of the car.
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10:34 PM on 08/01/2012
LOL Oh my...
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09:16 PM on 08/01/2012
Some people are just naive. They want to believe most people are honest. It is sometimes difficult to be a hard*** about things, but if you don't know the people then insist on all kinds of signed paper even though the guys complain that it's less than $2000 and that it's not like they're moving the crown jewels.
09:03 PM on 08/01/2012
The moving company needs to be sued!! They pulled this crap with me 11 years ago after giving me a written agreement for the price of the move. They are a bunch of scammers! They always TRY to get more money from people!! They delivered part of my stuff and held the rest hostage until I had my lawyer threaten them. Suddenly the rest of my stuff showed up a few weeks later!!
08:56 PM on 08/01/2012
A lot of posters keep mentioning that she had a contract with the movers before she left, the problem is that the contract was signed in one state, and she moved to another. If she wanted to go to court over the matter, she would have to go back to the state where it was originated to resolve the issue. The moving companies know that, and many of the less than honorable ones use that as a means of extorting more money. The DOT, DOJ and the FTC need to seriously address this issue, but with reductions in all of their enforcement personel, it is not likely to happen.
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08:38 PM on 08/01/2012
This is not so uncommon. My family had used them 3 times and they did it EVERY TIME. They under bid so you chose them to do the job and jack the price up sometimes 4 times what the cost was quoted. This is still a problem as the companies use diffrent contractors to do the move after the quote and the middle guy get shafted and then they hold items to get paid. They then shaft the customer at the end of the line.
08:37 PM on 08/01/2012
I hate it when companies try to hold private property as collateral without you actually signing it over in an itemized form as an asset. It should be illegal and they can take her to court if they really think she should pay that money.
08:28 PM on 08/01/2012
Moving companies are pretty notorious for low-balling the bid to draw you in then jacking up the price once you get there. If you don't pay up, they hold your belongings hostage. I certainly hope she has something in writing to back up her version of the story.
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08:24 PM on 08/01/2012
the headline by HP is very misleading as usual. she owes a debt and they are holding the belongings to assure payment. as for the increased amount, did she not get a written estimate before contracting for the move. if not its just her word against theirs and she aint gonna win.
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08:43 PM on 08/01/2012
I was a driver and owner operator of my own semi for years and I can tell you the bed-buggers (moving companies) have a bad rep even within the industry. It is highly probable that they ARE trying to extort this lady...written estimate or not. They have several ways of inflating the bill AFTER they have their mitts on your stuff. I THOUGHT that the moving industry themselves were attempting to adress these shady doings....I guess I was wrong...=\
08:19 PM on 08/01/2012
My brother moved to be near me and the same thing happend to him. They said we owed more. Fortunately we had his possessions. I told them I would have my lawyer look into it and never heard from them again. Something sounds fishy here. If she has a contract.....a contract is a contract.
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08:50 PM on 08/01/2012
yep, and so is the very fine print that is on a yellow copy which takes up the whole back of your copy of the contract. It is printed in a different shade of yellow which would have to be downloaded and resized to be able to read.yep. a contract is a contract alright!
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08:16 PM on 08/01/2012
What you do is get the direct number to a corporate VP and call every hour day after day, driving his secretary nuts until she wants to quit.(thats if you are truly being taken and not just mis-understanding the terms of long distance moving contracts) Than the VP will fix your problem..
It maynot work these days but it did when we moved cross country 20years ago..
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08:13 PM on 08/01/2012
Doesn't she have an agreed upon price in writing? If not, a hard lesson learned.