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Remember when teachers, public employees, Planned
09:53 PM on 03/15/2009
This is the end of SMU as a school of any stature. The credentials of future graduates of SMU will be looked upon with the same scepticism as those from Oral Roberts or Liberty BIble College.
06:01 PM on 03/15/2009
They are going to try to "cook" history precisely the same way they cooked intelligence to launch a war in Iraq and the way they cooked it to deny global warming and.......

the way they cooked the financial books for the last 8 years and caused DECADES of DAMAGE. That is their legacy, period.
Father, Husband, Ret 1SG
08:05 PM on 03/15/2009
Now you are cooking history. It was the Clinton appointee and holdover that cooked the intelligence.

Also, it was the US Congress and regulators that changed the rules to force high risk lending, invented the mark-to-market rules, allowed "securities diversification" and filibustered Bush requests to "Raine" in Freddie and Fannie.
08:53 PM on 03/15/2009
The first quote was from the post.

The second one was mine. They cooked the economy for 8 years, can`t you tell?
09:02 PM on 03/15/2009
Nothing was ever Bush's fault...right?
05:22 PM on 03/15/2009
Most of the faculty and student body at SMU must be severely bent out of shape about this boondoggle and paean to mediocrity and deceit. I think that the Bush legacy would more properly be enshrined at Bob Jones University.
Reality is not disney world
07:40 AM on 03/16/2009
I think it should go to Regency University, after all those people really worked hard to get this BXSX elected...
05:18 PM on 03/15/2009
Southern Methodist needs to reconsider having this "library" and "institute" associated with them. All the Bushees seem to want is the prestige of being located on this campus, but not any expecatation that the "institute" might be required to be upheld to the academic standards of the school when it comes to speakers and programs.