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01:03 AM on 09/15/2012
That's really a crazy thing to worry about. Not natural? Be glad to be alive. Be glad to have a healthy baby. I think only crazy spoi
01:01 AM on 09/15/2012
Why is this even in the top news section? They both were healthy and with all the things that could have gone wrong with her pregnancy, she was crying because the baby was breech?!?!? I think it's time for her to grow a pair and stop having kids before she turns in to Octomom or the Kate + 8 broad.
12:54 AM on 09/15/2012
I'm still stuck on the doctor saying "C-section" because the baby is fully breech. I've had 3 children. The first and last were both breech and born feet first. When I was in the hospital with the first one, I had x-rays to determine if my pelvis could accomodate the birth if the baby was folded in half and the doctor never mentioned c-section after he viewed them. Lo and behold, my son decided to drop his feet instead of folding in half. Every few years, physicians change their minds about breech births. For a few they suggest it's not safe so every one is c-section, then they decide there have been too many of those so we need to go back to natural birth. There has to be a happy medium. Each woman's body is different. Some are built to deliver naturally, some aren't. It should be a case by case study and not just based on the positioning of the baby. I'm grateful all worked out for me and I was able to have all my children naturally. Made my recouperation much easier but if it had to be a c-section I would have without a thought if that was best for my baby and/or myself
12:39 AM on 09/15/2012
I hate the phrase "birth plan". How can you "plan" an unstable and ever changing thing? Just go with it and stay open to all possible choices that's best for baby. Ever heard the phrase "We plan and God laughs?"
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02:43 AM on 09/15/2012
So true!
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07:51 PM on 09/15/2012
When my doctor started to talk to me about a birth plan, it was pretty much how you put it. She said that she wouldn't use a vacuum to try to suck him out. She also asked me what my pain threshold was. My reply, "I'm going to want the epidural pretty much after the first contraction...before I get to the hospital." She laughed.
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12:34 AM on 09/15/2012
I had three c-sections and I don't understand women like this -- my first daughter was born at 28 weeks - she was tiny but healthy and came home 8 weeks later to the day from when she was born. Was very fortunate she was born in the regional hospital that specialized in problem pregnancies. My next two were also c-section. Before I had my third child, the hospital was she was going to be born had a woman try natural childbirth after three c-sections and she lost her life when she ruptured where the previous c-sections had been. My doctor said it is a c-section and no more children -- you have three healthy children -- don't risk your life. She was right and when my daughter had two sections I passed on what the doctor told me. What is important is having healthy children. I don't consider delivering a child by c-section lesser or something I didn't talk about. An article like this could make someone make the wrong decision IMHO!
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12:31 AM on 09/15/2012
My son was an emergency C-section at 25 weeks so I feel I missed out on a LOT. I'd love to have another baby and experience a full pregnancy--the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all. As for the birth I'd love to experience natural, but it'll never happen.

Even if I'm blessed with another child (still trying) the decision has been taken away from me. You see, my emergency c-section was a classic (meaning vertical) c-section and doctors won't risk it at all. Am I heartbroken? Yes, a bit. But I wasn't married to my birth plan or expectations. They were not a requirement nor was it a make or break deal. They were merely perfect hopes/dreams in an imperfect world. I learned, in one go, that I can do all the planning and wishing I want and it won't mean diddly when the time comes. Whether it's the baby, genetics, God, or Mother Nature their plans supersede mine. So I mourned that loss, buried it, and have moved on.

I aim lower (or is it really higher?) now and don't care about all the little things like what I'll wear, if I'll have pain meds or an epidural, who will be in the room, will we video tape it...etc. In MY case none of that matters any more. I would just like another healthy baby....regardless of how it arrives.
03:38 AM on 09/15/2012
Spoken like a Mom. Babies are a blessing and because you did not have a vaginal birth does not make you less a woman or a mother or whatever hair-brain thoughts are in this girl who wrote the articles head. You are a Mom, alive with a lovely baby. Good luck trying for another. I have three children and somehow I still keep aiming lower or higher with adult and teen age children, but Life is a ride!!! Enjoy
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06:17 AM on 09/15/2012
Trust me, you did not miss anything. Recovery from a C-section seems worse than the other method.
12:30 AM on 09/15/2012
We are all beautifully and wonderfully different. I delivered all 4 of my children naturally, the last three without any medications. I was terrified to have a c-section and never wanted an epidural because the thought of a needle in my spine just seemed other worldly to me. I just found that happy spot, focused and poof, a few pushes & they were born. It was important to me to deliver naturally, but that is just ME being rather primal. I am kinda a "granola girl" as my family calls me. My cousins had c-sections, other friends also and they were happy with their outcomes as well. It is funny how hard we are on ourselves as mothers and hard on each other...because it is personal, like breast feeding. What matters most is the health of our young, our health and how we are as Mommy's once they are born.
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06:18 AM on 09/15/2012
Had you been in labor for 24 hours, your perspective might be different.
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08:36 AM on 09/15/2012
It's pretty easy to deliver without drugs when your baby pops out after a few pushes... So you can say you never wanted a C-section or drugs all you want, but you just got LUCKY that you were able to do it that way.
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12:14 PM on 09/18/2012
One thing i'd like to point out is that many babies are born after a few pushes if no drugs are used. Medicated births take a lot longer. I found that out the hard way when my labor progressed too quickly with my third child, there was no time for pain medication or an epidural. Baby was born in minutes rather than hours. Pain is a great motivator to get that baby out!
12:24 AM on 09/15/2012
My son decided he wanted to enter the world a month early. My water broke just before my OB appointment. As she was checking me, she felt my massive belly and said, " Oh hunny, he's breech!". I could have sworn it was his little bottom he kept ramming into my ribs. They whisked me over to the OR and the Neonate nurses were ready to assist. About 30 minutes later my handsome little guy was born, weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and scored a 9 and 10 APGAR scores. No neonatal unit for us! No contractions! No hours of labor! No hours of pushing!

It wasn't how I had planned or dreamed the big day would be, but I wouldn't change anything. I have a beautiful, healthy son, a c-section scar that is basically invisible, had a fantastic doctor, and although not what I had planned, I still have a fantastic story to share. Am I any less of a woman? No! In fact, I feel the pain I endured after surgery more than made up for what I missed had it been a "normal" birth.
12:17 AM on 09/15/2012
People can't wait to tear people apart can they? She is writing about how she FELT about her experience and its obvious she is thankful for her kids. She is articulating how her birth made her FEEL...and I felt that way too for a brief moment. We all have pictures in our head of how events in our life will play out and when they don't we have to process that. It doesn't necessarily make us ungrateful. Not every woman will feel the way she did but many will....and thats just fine.
12:08 AM on 09/15/2012
Oops, I forgot one handsome son of mine!
12:06 AM on 09/15/2012
I had 4 c-sections, all healthy babies. My 2 sisters-in-law had 3 each.All healthy babies and easy recovery for all of us. 6 beautiful women now and 3 very active boys. None of us felt bad about it at all!
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12:15 PM on 09/18/2012
12:05 AM on 09/15/2012
When I was pregnant with my first child, I just knew it was the most fantastic feeling in the world. I felt great, looked good and delivered exactly on my due date - A DOUBLE FOOTLING BREECH. Since I was completely awake, the foot popped out as I was being put on the delivery table. My doctor said, go ahead and pull on it - it's a foot!! I asked him if he was still going to charge me for the delivery and he said yes - so I told him to do his job and leave me out of it. As an aside to this story, I was also born breech with a foot and an arm but they managed to get me turned around. I only weighed a bit over 5 pounds but my son weighed almost 8 pounds - quite a difference. LOL
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12:02 AM on 09/15/2012
childbirth is painful. don't let anyone EVER tell you otherwise. if it was so great, why would we even consider (i HAD to) painkillers?
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08:40 AM on 09/15/2012
Well, we all have different bodies and different experiences. My good friend said labor felt just like mild menstrual cramps--she kept waiting for it to get worse, and it never did. Her daughter popped out after a few pushes. MY labor? The contractions were so hard it was like someone was punching me in the gut and I almost vomitted with each one. And i have a high pain tolerance too!
11:55 PM on 09/14/2012
Dear Impressionable First Time Mother's-to-be, Please do not listen to any of this hog wash about the joys of natural birth. There is nothing magical about screaming your baby into this world, believe me. Just deliver that miracle as easily and painlessly as possible and everyone will emerge the better for it. Signed, A Mother Who Had It Both Ways
07:59 AM on 09/15/2012
My micro-bio is bigger than yours
08:41 AM on 09/15/2012
11:52 PM on 09/14/2012
I don't understand women who feel guilty about having C-sections. I also don't understand women who make up birth plans and don't expect to deviate from it, as if they can control nature! It's not your body, it's been taken over by a parasite. That's how my OB/GYN described it to me. I have an emergency C-section because the baby and I were both is distress, then a VBAC with no difficulties, and then, finally, an emergency C-section with a distressed baby.
Never once felt guilty - my entire goal all three pregnancies was to have the healthiest, happiest baby I could. That's what I got - the healthiest babies I could have. Okay, the first one spent some time in NICU, but she was good to go in a few days and I was fine.