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01:44 AM on 08/12/2012
After being beaten by the US in the qualifying round, the Brazilian coach decided that there would have to be another strategy. Brazil would lose the first set in a rout. Then, with the US very overconfident, Brazil would then play in earnest. It obviously worked very well. A very smart, clever coach.
Moomin 80
01:42 AM on 08/12/2012
Was disgusted by the lack of team spirit. Seemed there was a lot of jealousy by the other women towards destinee who they knew was an excellent spiker.

The other women refused to let her in the game. Childishness lost us the gold. I hope Hugh lets rip. You could see the poor man trying to tell them to play as a team and not individuals but to no avail. Please can someone out there find a cure for this extreme level of jealousy and selfishness.
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01:24 AM on 08/12/2012
Our girl's played tough, I give them plenty of credit for the silver...

and have to respect a hard fighting team from Brazil !

Women's volleyball is one of the best in all of sport's...
with far more interesting volley's than in men's.

[ and we have great high school team's in the region...
as well as soccer ! ]
01:17 AM on 08/12/2012
It looks like it was an exciting game. Too bad NBC chose to show only a little more than half a set.
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01:21 AM on 08/12/2012
Really !

Seems like ABC showed more or less an entire Gold volleyball match..?
01:32 AM on 08/12/2012
In the beginning of their "primetime coverage" they decided to show an hour long documentary about World War II. I usually love history documentaries, but it was completely unnecessary. If they wanted to show it, they should have aired it before or after the Olympics. They could have used that hour to show some actual events. Sad.
05:14 PM on 08/12/2012

we were wondering about that tom b "special" on wwII. really? during the olympics? reminding the world about hatred and war? instead of showing the entire volleyball game? plus i can hardly understand tom b anymore.
We'll never run out of stupidity
12:28 AM on 08/12/2012
The U.S. women got rattled, and let the momentum of the game turn on them. The Brazilians had more mental toughness, whether or not they had athletic superiority. I wanted the U.S. to win, but I have to say, Viva Brasilia.
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12:06 AM on 08/12/2012
Unbelievable! Our girls had awesome talent! They almost got it! I'm very proud of them. It was a big loss but overall they are winners!
11:57 PM on 08/11/2012
Worst coverage ever.... had to wait until freaking 11:15 or so to even see it, was started at 13 to 5, and then after first game , they go the final game. What the heck??? Oddest most worthless coverage I have ever seen.....
07:34 AM on 08/12/2012
I agree. At first I thought NBC was doing a good job of coverage, splitting events to their other stations showing Olympic coverage. By the third day I was irritated and confused. By the end of the second week, I had stopped watching and TOTALLY confused with all the breaks in competition, jumping around, etc. If they are going to delay, that's fine, but let the viewers watch in sequence!! I give them an all around "5.0"...not even close to "qualiftying"!
11:51 PM on 08/11/2012
Thanks NBC for showing the whole game...NOT!!
12:06 AM on 08/12/2012
I am shocked at how horrific the Olympic coverage is in the USA. I watched the game in England and can watch every single event live on 24 channels on the BBC.
02:59 AM on 08/12/2012
You've got the BBC. >:) We've got NBC. >:( That should explain it.
Where Laughter and Logic Reign!
01:19 AM on 08/12/2012
I feel bad for the US Women's volleyball; they are always bridesmaids and never brides. Agree with you on NBC; their coverage of this entire Olympics stinks. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. And Ryan Seacrest and John McEnroe are terrible people interviewers. I think it is because you have to actually like people to do that job; what was NBC thinking in using these two.
11:28 PM on 08/11/2012
10:53 PM on 08/11/2012
Look. You can't win 'em all. Americans are doing great in this Olympics. Go USA.
12:01 AM on 08/12/2012
tell that to the volleyball girls...
01:24 AM on 08/12/2012
losing is part of life, lol
10:53 PM on 08/11/2012
Oh well, 2016 is right around the corner. Besides, it's just volleyball. Not like it's a real sport.
11:03 PM on 08/11/2012
I will never understand why people like you choose to comment on something that they know nothing about.
11:10 PM on 08/11/2012
Know nothing about? Volleyball? C'mon any 6th grader knows all about that silly game. It ain't rocket science. It's friggin volleyball.
12:02 AM on 08/12/2012
not a real spoet???? give it a try sometime.....
12:11 AM on 08/12/2012
tried it, didn't like it. boring.
10:22 PM on 08/11/2012
I am happy that the best team won, Brazil!!!!! Come on America, let us show some sportswomanlike behavior. You did your best and lost. Don't cry over it.
12:04 AM on 08/12/2012
Brazil sucks!!
03:41 AM on 08/12/2012
Some of them probably do ...... but that didn't stop them from grabbing the Gold.... again.
12:43 AM on 08/12/2012
A Brazili Gloat
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10:16 PM on 08/11/2012
Jeez, how will you ever be able to explain why you're only second best.........IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!! Ain't no shame in silver, ladies. Step up and be proud.
10:05 PM on 08/11/2012
Remarkable Olympic climax with all the upsets taking place throughout the finals. Makes for a better Olympiad.
A proud American and Union Member
10:02 PM on 08/11/2012
Anyone who has actually played sports know ya can have an off day..........congrats women for working so hard and your dedication
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01:25 AM on 08/12/2012
and against a very good team.....yes, so much incredible work they all put in
at the Olympic's....

[except for the fancy pants dancing horses and their elite rider's....]