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01:35 AM on 08/12/2012
"even though if it had been privatized when he called for it in 2005, our nation's retirement plan would have been lost when Wall Street collapsed in October of 2008."

Its too bad stocks can only go down. I guess we can only dream that that "lost" money would one day come back. Oh for the days of the stock market at 11,000.
science educator
01:07 AM on 08/12/2012
Ryan and his fellow health insurance lobby lackeys in the Republican Party have taken a "General MacArthur" approach to destroying our nation's Medicare system. His plan will not make it immediately die -- he simply wants it to slowly fade away.
… and with it the ability of future senior citizens to obtain affordable chronic condition treatment and preventative health care.
And just to top it off, Ryan supports the privatization of Social Security so that Americans would be forced to play Russian Roulette with their retirement savings.

By selecting Ryan as his running mate, Romney has embraced the notion that the ultra-wealthy 1%er tail wags the GOP dog ... and the middle class should get stuck with cleaning up the lawn.
12:56 AM on 08/12/2012
Excellent article and possible insight into Ryan's tunnel vision. But I think in addition he must be a selfish and arrogant person to hold the view that he does.
12:55 AM on 08/12/2012
And you actually BELIEVE the Chinese will provide for America's seniors when our country goes bust? Dream on. At least Ryan sees the need to do SOMETHING. You just sit there and HOPE things will CHANGE. Lots of luck!
11:34 PM on 08/11/2012
Why does it never occur to rank and file liberals that Social Security and Medicare should be poverty programs? By including every single individual over a certain age not only will these programs collapse and causing fiscal calamity, they also won't be able to take care of the impoverished.
11:24 PM on 08/11/2012
I would think Mr. Ryan would see the value of Social Security, at the very least; seeing as how he received SSI death benefits after his father's passing.
11:09 PM on 08/11/2012
And his grandmothers???
Micro-bio? Sounds serious.
11:06 PM on 08/11/2012
Hard to believe he doesn't have in-laws that lived past 60.

Or that he doesn't read.

Or that he doesn't interact with the people who voted for him in the past.
I'm sure many of them are past 60.
No act of kindness goes unnoticed
10:29 PM on 08/11/2012
His elders should have moved to Massachusetts to take advantage of RomneyCare.
Teaching English in Thailand and loving it!
10:04 PM on 08/11/2012
The GOP lied about "death panels", but has no problem simply cutting medicare benefits to "reduce the debt". The reality is that cutting medicare benefits.....along with social security will shorten the lives of countless older people.
Activist Annie
10:03 PM on 08/11/2012
I read the article in New Yorker magazine. Very scary, frightening, it made me tremble with fear.
05:20 AM on 08/12/2012
Hang in there, Activist Annie, it'll all be better in the morning. Just take another pill.
Activist Annie
01:38 PM on 08/12/2012
Thanks. I worry so much about our country that I do lose sleep.
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09:59 PM on 08/11/2012
Makes sense.
09:14 PM on 08/11/2012
I've known several people who have had a genetic propensity to die of a heart attack because their fathers, grandfathers, etc. have had this happen to them. I worked for a man who spent most of his time exercising, not smoking, and eating right foods, etc., but still ended up dying in his 50's to heart disease.
rf dude
04:09 AM on 08/12/2012
That's nice..... So, do you agree that we shouldn't worry about cutting Medicare or Social Security because we just won't live that long?
11:31 AM on 08/12/2012
No, not at all. I care very much about possible cuts to Medicare or Social Security. I'm over 60, currently on SS disability and will be going on Medicare in a couple of months.
Who's in charge here?
08:51 PM on 08/11/2012
Wow, thank you for this article. I had so little info on Ryan, and this is a snapshot of what his politics are....Could the Republican ticket be any worse?? Yet, middle class people will vote for RandR, simply because they don't understand it is a vote against their own interests.
Utilitarianism, the -ism that works.
08:03 PM on 08/11/2012
Oh my wow ... This is approaching the point where you can't tell reality from parody.