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12:16 AM on 09/08/2012
You are so right about our not learning from corporate America anything about starting or managing a business. When we live every day/week/month focused on someone else's agenda, stock price, key initiatives, and internal politics, there is barely time to take care of our families and breathe....

So any reinvention that involves starting a business requires a real mind set shift, understanding there is much to learn that we don't know, finding mentors and teachers to help and encourage, and having the tenacity to keep going.
But the rewards are well worth it!

Thanks for sharing here.....
Beverly Mahone
Radio and TV Talk Show Host
10:59 AM on 09/08/2012
Once you can get through transforming your mind into believing you can do I believe the rest of your plan will take shape and focus. Many women live out of the "fear" of thinking they can't do it. Wasn't it FDR who said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" Fear cripples a lot of people and as Leslie reminded us in the workshop, if your fear stops you, you can believe someone else will run with your brilliant idea. Thanks for commenting.
12:04 AM on 09/08/2012
Bev, you're the real deal. Having attended one of your workshops, I am impressed by your focus, your professionalism and positive energy. In this ever changing economy, I am so inspired by your attitude. Keep going. You're the new queen of new media in my book.
Beverly Mahone
Radio and TV Talk Show Host
11:01 AM on 09/08/2012

"New queen of new media" LOL! You wouldn't say that if you knew all of the things I have yet to embrace when it comes to technology---but I do like the sound of that! Thanks for being my "champion." (ha ha!)
11:53 PM on 09/07/2012
Thanks Beverly! At age 56, I am reinventing myself. Not only by writing more books and starting an empowerment movement for women but also by working in schools to empower girls! Keep up the good working encouraging others. We need it! Gail Hayes
Beverly Mahone
Radio and TV Talk Show Host
04:22 PM on 09/08/2012
I am a firm believe that people are inspired by those they have around them--others who are striving to do great things and with that being said, it is inspiring to me to have you because you've been inspiring women for years and haven't skipped a beat. Thanks for commenting.
I am an independent thinker, seeker, learner.
06:00 PM on 08/15/2012
Beverly, thanks for this candid insight into the challenges facing a midlife makeover. You are an inspiration to all of us facing an uncertain "new reality." whenever I need a pep talk, I look for one of your blog posts.
09:36 PM on 08/15/2012
Your kind words encourage me that my writing does matter and I appreciate that. Thanks!
05:04 PM on 08/15/2012
Beverly has spoken the truth with insight born from experience and seasoned with the right touch of humor. She certainly is not preaching anything she hasn't already practiced with her own career and personal choices.

She brings us encouragement in the form that matters most - believable examples and useable suggestions.

I look forward to more of her posts!
09:27 PM on 08/15/2012
Thank you sansbury! Yes, I can say I've been there---done that AND wrote a book about it :)
09:56 PM on 08/14/2012
My midlife reinvention is 1. Deciding that I will never retire but make transitions. Because "retire" to me means to sleep.
2. Strategically, Dream Dreams so Big that that as Ken Blanchard has said, "Only God himself can make them come true."
3. Take care of my physical, spiritual and mental health as much as I can
4. Learn Boomer Learn so I can Earn Baby Earn. Ha, this is a great post and thanks for getting the juices going.
05:11 PM on 08/15/2012

I don't like the word "retire" either. Your reinvention tips are also a good reminder that we should never stop growing and learning. dreaming and loving. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
09:21 PM on 08/14/2012
Miss Bev!
Diving into mid-life head first is the only way to go! I love the encouragement to DREAM BIG!
05:07 PM on 08/15/2012
Surrounding yourself with positive people is always a motivator as well. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
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2G or not 2G?
10:07 AM on 08/14/2012
My mid-life (51) makeover consists of preparing for the fact that I'll probably have to keep working for 35-40 more years!
05:06 PM on 08/15/2012
If it's any consolation, you'll be way AHEAD of the pack if you still working in 35-40 years with a sound mind and body.
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2G or not 2G?
08:50 PM on 08/15/2012
Here's to hoping!