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BeasleysMom 01:15 PM on 08/14/2012
When one comes around to thinking about it, foreign relations expertise is, perhaps, the most important quality of all for a president and/or vice president to possess because nothing on the domestic front will matter one iota if our foreign enemies overtake us and destroy our country. But, the R and R duo are not even talking about it. I am not at all certain that these two men really have the best  Read More...
07:33 PM on 08/14/2012
This from a guy who opposed war yet backs an Administration whos foreign polict entails launching missiles from drones throughout the Middle East and North Africa. An administratiion whos free trade agreements with China and India could the US thousands of jobs.....
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07:32 PM on 08/14/2012
Feingold is a Democrat.... therefore he cannot say anything good.
retired Rekie Master and Heller Bodyworker
08:01 PM on 08/14/2012
wow. was he born that way? or was it a dumb choice.
07:30 PM on 08/14/2012
Obama = A Declining America.
07:30 PM on 08/14/2012
Reakky I am now pretty interested in where Clarabell and Bozo come down on this whole issue.
01:27 AM on 08/15/2012
Do not disrespect the office of the President lol!!!
Strength Through Faith
07:30 PM on 08/14/2012
Obama had NO Foreign experience, in fact his only experience was a Community Organizer and two years in the Senate. Obama still does not have Foreign
07:29 PM on 08/14/2012
Well, now it is very clear. Do you want to grow the government as obama is steering us down a path to socialism or do you want to grow the economy as Romney / Ryan will control spending and balance the budget? There should be no undecided voters this time around. It is not about where you were born, race, lack of experience, or far too liberal or even tax returns – it is about ideology.
08:05 PM on 08/14/2012
Follow Willard and Spain, Ireland, Greece will have company. The Ryan budget plan forfeits the US future and global leadership.
01:29 AM on 08/15/2012
we do not have to worry about global leadership nor a global village. Let the as t ards
continue to kill themselves.
07:26 PM on 08/14/2012
Notice how that emmisary of good will, Joe "bite me " Biden is all over the world spreading good cheer. They send him nowhere lest he insert his foot in his blabbermouth. We'll all be back in chains y'all.
01:29 AM on 08/15/2012
You notice Joe gets a little side tracked when he has a few too many. Don't know why objects to going to the Betty Ford Center.
07:25 PM on 08/14/2012
They are just as educated or more than Obama was....NEXT................
07:24 PM on 08/14/2012
Hey HuffPost, where is the article on Joe Biden stumping today in Virginia and telling the people that, together, the Dems can win North Carolina? Or is it that the expectations of Biden are so low that it isn't news?
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07:33 PM on 08/14/2012
LOL... NC sent Obama/Biden a message on May 8th..... NO SAME SEX MARRIAGE.... !
01:31 AM on 08/15/2012
Joe really blew it!
Recovering Liberal, Proud Independent!
07:24 PM on 08/14/2012
Foreign policy only matters to a lib when it is a Republican who is going to WIN the presidency. Obama was the least experienced president in history and he was elected. Now how is that possible with his complete lack of experience? Ah yes, Hollywood and the libs. That explains it.
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07:34 PM on 08/14/2012
Obama didn't have any experience on foreign affairs and after 4 years, he still doesn't.
01:32 AM on 08/15/2012
He really has been strong on Syria dontcha think? When is he going to form a committee?
07:36 PM on 08/14/2012
Really so why did a Dem get Osama and a lot of other high ranking terrorist. Flip Romney said it wasn't worth the money to get him and also said he hates the poor. so as long as you listen to the five fingers of the GOP (guns,gays,abortion,fear and hate) and by the way I remember one of the most popular president's who by the way could not be elected today for the GOP was from Hollywood. Remember Reagan. Also G.W. Bush had pictures with him and Jeb holding kilos of coke (not the soda) outside of an airplane and you still voted for him. Not to mention everything he touched as a business man went bankrupt.
01:33 AM on 08/15/2012
Obama loves the poor, he has created more of them.
07:24 PM on 08/14/2012
I can see Russia from my house.
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07:35 PM on 08/14/2012
WOW.... guess analogies are way above DEMocrats heads.... LMAO
01:33 AM on 08/15/2012
I can see Joe passed out in the gutter.
07:23 PM on 08/14/2012
To be fair, I don't think Obama cares much about foreign policy either. Unless you count apologizing to the world for being American.
01:34 AM on 08/15/2012
He likes to bow to Hu Jin Tao, but perhaps that is because we borrow so much from China!
07:22 PM on 08/14/2012
This after Obama's four year long mishandling of almost everything Foreign? The gaffe with Britain and Israel, the sneaky talk with Russia and 'more flexibility' message to Putin? The loss of Egypt to the Islamists? The inaction in Syria because Russia has the upper hand, given to them BY Obama when he betrayed the Poles asnd removed the nuclear shield at Russia's request and for which we got nothing in return? That could have been a major bargaining chip to get the action in Syria to stop but no, we had nothing and so the slaughter goes on. You kidding me? This guy's been an International embarrassment since they discovered they could play him. While the Persians invented chess Obama's team seems to wanna play tiddly-winks instead. I fear for the effects of the last four years on our relations with foreign powers. They no longer trust us with secrets thanks to the self-serving Obama team's leaks. Pathetic. May I suggest Mr. Feingold do some catching up before he opens up
07:16 PM on 08/14/2012
All you GOP superpacs and romney supporters might as well keep your money, because the romney team has already lost the election. I know the rich have better things to do with their money than waste it on someone that cannot win! Rather than wasting money on romney, maybe you could use those billions to hire or pay down the debt.
Recovering Liberal, Proud Independent!
07:20 PM on 08/14/2012
Of course you libs feel that you are entitled to have everyone else pay down the debt.

ROMNEY 2012!
08:56 PM on 08/14/2012
Yep, take care of me bud
07:20 PM on 08/14/2012
Typical Dem Want the rich to take care of all your freeloaders.
08:57 PM on 08/14/2012
Freeloaders rule!
07:11 PM on 08/14/2012
So the other choice is Obama who hasnt really a clue what he is doing and flip flops at a moments notice and imbecilic crazy old man Biden who would be become president if something happened to Obama. LOL, I would take anyone anyday over that dastardly duo.