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A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence
11:57 AM on 08/17/2012
Good point #3. It's much harder being fat than the temporary pain of losing weight. After you begin, the rewards keep you going.

The calorie counter apps for your cell phone are a BIG help in getting your portion sizes and daily intake under control.

My problem has always been keeping the weight off. After losing 80-100 pounds 2 or 3 times (and smaller amounts more times than I can count), it's hard to get motivated to lose it again, knowing that I am apparently lacking some tool I need to keep the weight off for good. Definitely an emotional eater, as well as eating too much when I am tired, which is nearly always. :(
11:05 PM on 08/17/2012
Sounds like you haven't found a lifestyle that you can maintain. I heartily recommend low-carb, high-fat. You may do very well on a ketogenic diet. That means you become a fat-burner, and isn't that what we all want to be?
11:39 AM on 08/17/2012
Here's the thing: what's your definition of success? For about 3 years I walked 3 miles a day, 5 days a week. It took me an hour. (I had to stop when I broke a bone in my foot last winter.) I tried to eat well, but to be honest, I did -- and do -- succomb to temptation here and there. Still, I eat a lot more frutis and veggies than many americans. Here's the thing: I've never gotten below a BMI of 30. I felt great and my clothes fit better, but I never did lose more than about 10 pounds while I was walking. The walking took an hour out of my day. I'm so tired of hearing people who EXERCISE FOR A LIVING try to shame the rest of us who have to live normal lives with jobs and kids. It's just crap.
04:49 PM on 08/17/2012
I'm pretty sure he wasn't trying to shame you. He's pointing that for every excuse there is a way to overcome it. Life is all about choices.
09:17 PM on 08/17/2012
He WAS trying to shame people who have followed his bad advice (cliched as it is) and not seen weight loss.
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i love to tumble , ask me why .
10:50 AM on 08/18/2012
no it isn't.
09:19 PM on 08/17/2012
Nicely said Ambertolina. Fanned and faved. The fact is that exercise will not help you to lose weight. It only helps to make you fitter, which is a nice thing, but not the SAME thing as losing weight. And when it comes to losing weight, what we really want is to lose FAT. But that is not as simple as it sounds. All you can do is shoot for a healthy lifestyle, limit carbs, especially processed carbs, and eat as naturally as you can. And that is no guarantee you will lose weight either.
11:28 AM on 08/17/2012
Choose a Health At Any Size Approach, not a weight loss approach, here's a great blog about fat activism and size acceptance:
From "Dances with Fat"
Nature girl
10:59 AM on 08/17/2012
How about "I don't eat that much". I've heard this one as I watch the person down 2,000 calories in one sitting. People seem to be in denial of portion sizes these days.
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11:19 AM on 08/17/2012
People seem to be in denial of portion sizes these days.

you would be correct on this one. I read an article that talked about restaurant food portions have gradually gone up in size/volume. Not to mention the fast food joints and convenient stores, movie theaters make it so 'easy' to take your order up to 'super size'... just for a quarter more. it's a tug a war with such easy upgrade and it take mindfulness to say 'no thanks' each and every time. At the movie theaters, they don't even put out the small size cups for self serve drinks anymore. I have to go to the counter, find someone and ask for this size.
12:50 PM on 08/17/2012
I've said it before, it's surprising how little food it takes to maintain the human body. For example, the average avocado contains 4 or 5 servings. Who eats less than a half if not the whole avocado?
Educated, liberal Southerner...(we DO exist!)
12:23 PM on 08/17/2012
I'm not sure if it's denial or ignorance.

The societal "norm" for a portion size is now so skewed that people often legitimately don't believe they're eating that much when they're actually eating WAY too much!
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10:59 AM on 08/17/2012
Help you lose weight, remedy in your kitchen.
I started taking a couple of tea spoons of Safflower oil every other day a few weeks ago... what I found is my blood sugar is more even (no afternoon exhaustion) and I feel lees hungry throughout the day. I learned about Safflower oil from several articles and Dr. Oz's TV show. You can find Safflower oil in health food stores, Whole Foods Market, Sunflower Market.... etc. Trader Joe's may have it too.
11:22 AM on 08/17/2012
Would olive oil work instead?
11:09 PM on 08/17/2012
Seed oils are very unhealthy. Adding fat to the diet is a good way to manage blood sugar, if you are also watching carbs, but use coconut oil instead, or olive oil or high-omega 3 nut oils like walnut.
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12:05 AM on 08/18/2012
As a matter of fact, I do cook with coconut oil. Dr. Oz recently talked about Safflower oils helps weight loss and belly fat reduction on his TV show.
10:14 AM on 08/17/2012
I just started my get healthy diet a few weeks ago. I cut out the junk and diet soda and started walking and running again. I am been writing about it too which helps a lot.

It helps to have people supporting you and cheering you on!!
Clean energy forever or dirty for a few years.
09:47 AM on 08/17/2012
I'm on it! In my fifties I've embarqued on a fitness quest and I'm in the normal range now. My hero is Jack LaLanne who worked out into his nineties.
J David Auner
The 3rd Amendment Rules - timeless.
08:19 PM on 08/17/2012
Jack pulled a barge loaded with people across his lake with a bit in his mouth on his 75th birthday -quite a guy.
My micro-bio has got it going on.
09:47 AM on 08/17/2012
How do you "create" time?
The real Slim Shady.
10:10 AM on 08/17/2012
Squeeze it into your routine. Even if you have to start small, like a couple of 15 minute lots per day. You can take a walk, do stretches, do standing squats, do pushups, etc.. your pick.
This amp goes to 11
10:43 AM on 08/17/2012
As it said: get up earlier. Give up some time you would normally waste in front of the TV or on Facebook. There's a motto in the fitness community: "Someone busier than you is working out right now." If you want to do it, you will make the time and make that 30 minutes more important than refreshing your computer screen every two minutes or watching an Everybody Loves Raymond re-run.
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2G or not 2G?
09:42 AM on 08/17/2012
Look at it this way:

The time you make to get fit may be time you are adding to the rest of your life! My attitude is that I'm training to live longer, healthier.
For extra fun, read my posts in Igniknokt's voice.
09:06 AM on 08/17/2012
First thing you need to do is sort out underlying issues. I've been losing weight quite successfully for six months now, and here are the three biggest game-changers for me:

1) I was able to afford a trip to the doctor (thanks ObamaCare!), and it turns out I'm Vitamin D deficient -- probably have been for decades. Vitamin D pills are cheap.

2) Finding an exercise routine I can stick to. For me, the biggest issue with exercise is that it feels pointless, so I opted for bicycling, where I try to run my errands on a bicycle where and when I possibly can.

3) Here was the biggest thing for me ... how do you feel about hunger pangs? Are they something you try to avoid, are you careful to eat enough that you won't risk being hungry before the next meal? That's what I was doing too; I eventually realized that I was going out of my way to avoid hunger pangs, to the point that I was overeating just to make sure I never go there. Once I realized I was letting pang-avoidance control my choices, I realized I needed to get comfortable with pangs. Simple enough really, just let yourself feel hungry, stay there for a little while, and remind yourself that you'll be fine. Sure enough, you will be ... and once you've experienced it and come to terms with it, your sense of what constitutes "full" will change.
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But I'm Still Willin'
04:17 PM on 08/17/2012
I have thought of the pangs as my stomach shrinking.
11:12 PM on 08/17/2012
Try a high-fat, low-carb diet. A ketogenic diet is especially good. Never a hunger pang, tons of energy, great athletic performance (you will want to get out and be active),
Read "The Art and Science of Low-Carbohydrate Living" and "The Art and Science of Low-Carbohydrate Performance" to learn the biochemistry and physiology of why you get the hunger pangs when you are a glucose/glycogen burner, but can go for hours and hours without eating and without hunger on a ketogenic diet,
For extra fun, read my posts in Igniknokt's voice.
01:44 AM on 08/18/2012
The diet that works best for me, I have discovered, is a high protein diet: I lean towards lentils / chicken / veggie burgers, and I try to make sure the fat and carbs I consume aren't empty fat and carbs.
Whatever protein / fat / carb balance I pick, it's important for me not to overreact to hunger pangs, to not treat them like they're a bigger worry than they actually are.
09:55 PM on 08/18/2012
Sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to reading both of those as they seem in line with "Why We Get Fat", "Wheat Belly" and paleo eating principles (all of which have been very enlightening).
08:55 AM on 08/17/2012
This guy rules. Love his Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition show. He's inspiring and super smart.
08:45 AM on 08/17/2012
As someone  who has struggled (and struggles)  with weight, I can tell you that some of these excuses are not excuses but realities.

This is true particularly as it relates to food.  Purchasing fresh produce can be expensive when you take into consideration that they tend to go bad after about three days.  One will find you will be throwing away large of amount of food ...and over time that is a lot of money "wasted".  A person on a fixed income may be unable to afford to do so.

And many poor people don't live next to stores which consistently fresh produce PLUS organic stores/farmer's markets ARE VERY EXPENSIVE

Even  when one tries to eat healthy by ordering the obligatory chicken ceaser etc during business lunches, one will find that even that entree is unhealthy. Our food as a whole (even "diet or low calorie food" ) is  unhealthy and has all kinds of ingredients that contribute to weight gain.

Moreover  fixing "healthy food is very time consuming.  If someone is working long hours to make ends meet, and also have to deal with "family drama" or obligations,    it can be exceedingly difficult  to spend the time  creating healthy dinners.  It is much easier to buy a pizza or a bucket of KFC or grocery store fried chicken.

Lastly, your article does not take into consideration the stress component of  weight gain. I have watched, during this economic recession, friends and family members gain stress related weight (abdominal fat, fat on arms, legs and back). Lets face it, weight gain associated with stress is demoralizing and extremely difficult to shed. 

And lets not talk about how many of our most popular prescription medications cause weight gain and metabolic syndromes..............................
04:13 PM on 08/17/2012
You are right that there are food deserts in the inner cities where access to fresh fruits and vegetables is nil, but there are ways around it. We both work full time and have many obligations. Our solution is to cook ten hard boiled eggs and make twenty healthy wraps on Sunday, and use the eggs as the center of breakfast and the wraps for lunch and dinner. it sounds here like you expect to be able to live a healthy life with no effort. I know you know that is impossible. Attitude is everything. If I were to guarantee you a million dollars tax-free if you lived healthy for a year, you would find a way. Our culture teaches us to value everything but our health. When that heart attack, or cancer, comes for you or one you love, you will be wishing you had done things differently. Make the commitment. YOU decide what you eat. Not your business associates, not your family. YOU. Lead and succeed and just see how many follow. This is harsh, and I do not mean to be mean. However the actual reality is that you decide to either succumb to the pressures or fight like hell and WIN.
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04:13 PM on 08/17/2012
"Purchasing fresh produce can be expensive when you take into consideration that they tend to go bad after about three days."
well I don't find this particularly true. First, fresh greens as lettuce can be bought in less amount and more often, just what is going to be used before going off. other kinds of veggies and fresh food could be just cooked when you arrive home I do my shopping on weekends so I can cook straightforward stews so they stored in fridge and freezer. s

now it is fresh everything season. buy cook freeze. home made soups and stews are better that anything coming out a packet or fast food place.

process food is expensive. with a full chicken, rice, potatoes, carrots and chick peas and little more you can fed a family for several meals. grab the breast and use the meat. chicken pieces prepared in the oven with veggies and potatoes are lovely. chicken soup. boiled chick peas with boiled egg, chicken (from the broth) fresh carrots, onions and oil and vinegar make a nice salad. etc etc etc

about time and drama. creating healthy dinners don't take that long. by far less time that getting into the car and bought something. and cheaper. by far. an the drama is to see complete unhealthy families just because of lack of organization

about stress and increase of weight. it is true. but also that this is a wicket circle. bad food habits led to more stress.