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01:04 PM on 03/22/2009
There is a corrupt connection between Goldman, AIG, Federal Reserve, and the Intelligence community within the US.

Goldman and AIG are front corporations for the US for some unknown reason and Obama just like Bush knows about it!!

The average US citizen for years have been puppets for this corrupt connection!
01:09 PM on 03/22/2009
The more you dig, the dirtier it is. How much do you want to bet that sooner or later one or more of the bailed-out companies will invite and pay George W. Bush to speak at one of their "events" using bail-out $$$?
Solar Electrician,Longtime Surfin'Fool
01:42 PM on 03/22/2009
Thank you for ruining my lunch. But you're right, it'll happen.
12:31 PM on 03/22/2009
not one congressman during the 5 hr grilling of aig president

never asked if he was on board of goldman sachs

he gets $1 a year now

he just sent 15b to goldman if he gets 10% he will get 1.5 bill later
12:31 PM on 03/22/2009
Spitzer could've been the man digging to the bottom of this crap hole. Too bad the uglies of this world would never allow it. He messed up and it will haunt him forever.
01:24 PM on 03/22/2009
But the fact is that he's speaking out -- the guys that perpetrated the takedown must be really pissed that he didn't stay down -- and anybody with a working brain should be listening to him. Keep talking, Eliot, people will listen.
01:36 PM on 03/22/2009
No it won't, unless you consider the press the huanting machine and the FBI it's patsy (we know that the FBI has covered sex scandals with glee from Kennedy to Matin Luther King to the Pope).
Here's to no one gets hurt sex, bring back Spitzer and Edwards while your at it.
Get rid of the networks.