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09:41 PM on 03/23/2009
Let's see, O issued a veto threat keeping Congress from legislating purse string measures for the 2nd TARP, and then signed the stimulus bill protecting bonuses.
09:52 PM on 03/23/2009
facts, facts, facts? why not throw us some links to back up your statements?
12:46 AM on 03/24/2009
whisper when u say facts, so as to not scare them away...the fishing is quite good....:)
10:51 PM on 03/23/2009
The bonuses were included in the TARP bill from last year. The language in the stimulus bill was for future bonuses, not those already OK`ed.
11:51 PM on 03/23/2009
Right. But if you believe Dodd, his amendmant was to include previous bonuses, too. According to Dodd, he was pressured by the Treasury to create the loophole, allowing the bonuses.
Old enough to know better
09:15 PM on 03/23/2009
09:10 PM on 03/23/2009
Wait I thought this is supposed to be Obama's "Katrina moment"

I am so close to no longer watching cable news.
09:41 PM on 03/23/2009
This is only one poll but good news for Obama. Maybe Obama gets off the hook, fair enough, but not Geithner should not, nor Dodd in addition to Liddy, Summers and AIG Board of Directors.
I am not exhausted defending this President!
10:00 PM on 03/23/2009
Com'on Get a life please!
10:26 PM on 03/23/2009
Please don't buy into the hype Javida...

This whole "Blame Game" is instigated by the media to discredit this administration and distract us from the REAL culprit:

The Federal Reserve Bank!
09:52 PM on 03/23/2009
cable news sucks!
09:09 PM on 03/23/2009
ONCE AGAIN, the MSM and the American people differ totally.
Ignorance is NOT bliss, the library is free
08:48 PM on 03/23/2009
OMG, what will morning schmo and pika have to talk about ?
09:05 PM on 03/23/2009
darleneslee, you and I are on the same page. For the first time in a long time I tried to watch. I actually recorded it. About a third of the way through I deleted the recording. Whining Morning Joke was just too much to bear. If it wasn't for that large head of his I would swear he was an angry toddler. This man despises the president. At least his sidekick was sticking to her guns this morning. And that little lost sheep, Willie? Why did he speak at all?
12:49 AM on 03/24/2009
ur a braver soul then i...have never watched it actually...
09:48 PM on 03/23/2009
The media period.
08:42 PM on 03/23/2009
I'm glad people aren't blaming the President, and I'm dismayed at how some of the press seem almost eager to go after him on this one. He's been in office less than 100 days, and this problem is the tip of an iceberg that's been festering for years. The roots go back to the era of Reagan and, in the UK, to blatant Thatcherism. Obama's been left with a helluva lot of sh*t on his plate. We're fortunate we have an intelligent man at the helm now instead of what we got lumbered with for the past 8 years.

11:53 PM on 03/23/2009
Ya, we shouldn't blame Obama for the contents of a bill that he puts his signature on. After all, he's just doing what he's told.
12:30 AM on 03/24/2009
Get a life.
12:50 AM on 03/24/2009
u wipe after flushing, genius...stop licking your fingers, its just wrong .
08:37 PM on 03/23/2009
Financial Terrorism and Recouping the Bonus Payouts... editorials/ Comments.aspx?ArticleId=256&ArticleName=Squashing+Fiscal+Abuse
08:28 PM on 03/23/2009
If we wait for the president or congress to fix this country we are missing the point of this last election. This country is the responsibility of every one of us. As long as we are only worried about our own self interest, we as a country are doomed to fail. The outrage aimed at AIG, and other Wall Street workers is because when we look at these people we see ourselves. They are a reflection of us and our own greed. We have an opportunity here to make a differance in the future of this nation that few generations will ever have. There have been countries in the past that did not realize this and all we know of them is what archaeologists have been able to surmise from their ruins. If we don't start showing more interest in the Quality of Life rather than the Quantity of life, I am affraid that we will follow these other nations to our demise. We will, unfortunately get what we deserve.
08:45 PM on 03/23/2009
Excellent point...I would add to this: And caring about other people, not just ourselves.
09:30 PM on 03/23/2009
As I've mentioned before, the people we elect to represent us are a reflection of us. All of us were complicit in our nation's problems because we were complacent. As a result, it will take all of us working together to dig ourselves out of the big hole. We need to stop the finger-pointing and start taking constructive action by helping each other.
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08:28 PM on 03/23/2009
As well they shouldn't.
08:20 PM on 03/23/2009
After listening to the cable heads all day, not ONE show mentioned these numbers. NOT ONE. That includes MSNBC. I guess it doesn't go with their agenda.
08:47 PM on 03/23/2009
Nope. It's the "President should be very, very worried about his relationship with the American public" on CNN and MSNBC. What time are the shows taped? I guess the narrative was written this morning, with no wiggle room.
08:18 PM on 03/23/2009
What's the corporate media to do?

They aren't done. The war is far from over.
They will try a different flank. Be ready.
08:14 PM on 03/23/2009
If it was Bush, on the other hand, journalists would be calling for his head (anyone remember TARP misallocations).
Show me your micro-bio and I'll show you mine
08:27 PM on 03/23/2009
That was after 8 years of his pathetic presidency, of course people got on his case. He didn't even try to act as if he cared what happened to our economy. He got his and he was leaving, what did he care?
09:12 PM on 03/23/2009
Until 9-11, Bush spent his first year clearing brush and holding full conversations with Barney, yet no one in the MSM called him out on it. Even after his idiotic response to that, he still won re-election, because the MSM facilitated his lies about WMD's. I'd say all in all, Bush got off pretty easily, especially when you factor in the fact that he and Cheney aren't in jail.
10^300 bosons could care less.
08:13 PM on 03/23/2009
Obama is fireproof.

7%, well that's all those hardcore racists.
07:31 PM on 03/23/2009
After all of the hard work by the repubs and the MSM to bring Obama down, and after spending all that time on their lastest project designed to link Obama to the financial collapse and the AIG fiasco, the repubs and the MSM have FAILED.

Knowledge is power, and Americans NOW are totally tuned into what's happening politically .......... They know how to do the research, and now can clearly distinguish the good guys from the bad ones.

Is the change we wanted now finally starting to kick in, where the "dirty tactics" of politics and mis-information of old is becoming ineffective and is being rejected?
07:29 PM on 03/23/2009
07:40 PM on 03/23/2009
not gonna happen.
07:54 PM on 03/23/2009
My friend, you are headed for great disappointment.