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01:12 PM on 03/26/2009
Thank you Wayon, for sharing your thoughts and the Sakyong's words directly. I have added you as a fan to my FB...I always enjoy your articles from Elephant in my inbox. Keep up the good work, and I might have something to add to Elephant one of these days.
12:24 PM on 03/26/2009
I really liked this pithy, loving advice. And the picture is very beautiful. If we would all apply this how wonderful it would be!
01:21 AM on 03/26/2009
Good! Good! Where there is suffering there is Buddha, where there is samsara there is Nirvana.

"All compound things are subjected to change, be an island onto yourself work out your own salvation diligently." Those were the last words of my Great Teacher.
Waylon Lewis
11:25 AM on 03/26/2009
Indeed, these are times for self-reliance, non-theism, strength of purpose...but community, too, is vital—not isolation—I went out for dinner at Mountain Sun in Boulder last night, first time in months, and felt my big troubles become little in the warm glow of friends and conversation. Of course, nothing really changed—this morning it's back to "working out my own salvation diligently"—and yet everything's changed, since my mind and attitude have opened up and are strengthened.

That's the wisdom of the Sakyong's advice, above—we can overcome our obstacles by practicing meditation and compassion, contemplating fear, and extending ourselves to others.
11:07 PM on 03/25/2009
More please
Mary Curtis
Author, vegetarian, seeker of truth
06:20 PM on 03/25/2009
Thank you Waylon.
05:14 PM on 03/25/2009
Thank you. This is a very refreshing perspective.
Great costumes too!
05:13 PM on 03/25/2009
Thanks for reminding me how potent it is use meditation to help stabilize my wild mind in these turbulent times.
Sanjay Khanna
04:15 PM on 03/25/2009
Thanks, Waylon. You've shared a solid approach to framing one's thoughts and actions during this period of massive change. I like the generous creativity of your Facebook friends!
Waylon Lewis
11:22 AM on 03/26/2009
Thank you, Sanjay, for your kind words. I'll check out your column!
02:22 PM on 03/25/2009
Such helpful advice for these challenging times. Thank you.
01:54 PM on 03/25/2009
I have read books by both of these teachers - they are so helpful - especially Turning the Mind Into and Ally by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Waylon is spot on with this post - I have found the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism - from the Dalai Lama to many other teachers - who are now widely published in the USA - the most useful wisdom of all - in good times and bad....
Waylon Lewis
11:08 AM on 03/25/2009
Here's some comments via my FB friends on their advice for how to deal with tough economic time$. What's your two cents?

Scott at 5:11pm March 24
Get tougher.

Waylon Hart Lewis at 5:27pm March 24
That's the John Wayne Way. We're talking Buddhist way (click above).

Anita M. Burke at 6:22pm March 24
innovate - everything

Regina at 6:45pm March 24
do more...want less

Leslie at 8:10pm March 24
be happy with what you have

Lisa at 7:10am March 25
Trust,keep the money moving, don't freeze. America is built on credit, a strange concept, but none-the-less, we must keep going and not panic. Take care of each other, if need be, let people move in together. Feed each other.

Kelly at 7:36am March 25
Grow your own food. The system is eating itself. Don't catch a falling knife.
07:46 PM on 03/24/2009
I love the nudge to be generous during these times. Simple things like sharing a meal with friends, go far. And also to be generous with those you may dislike, it's good to remember people may have circumstances happening in their lives now that are challenging and unknown to us, and an instigator for aggression or just general unfriendliness. Have compassion for that. Oh and practice. Practice, practice. Yoga and meditation don't come easy for me, but that's why they're called a "practice" right? Thanks for the reminder to keep on practicing!
Waylon Lewis
11:21 AM on 03/26/2009
Amen, Lindsey. The times may be tough—some of us may be living on popcorn and rice, closing our bank accounts, spending an hour on the phone hollering at our mortgage company...but our minds, and hearts, needn't close down. My ma was poor, growing up—but bc she brought me to countless (free) events around town, hikes, cultural happenings...bc we loved one another, and had a sweet simple uplifted home—bc she guarded my education—I had a rich, full, bright childhood. I think of her a lot, these days, as an example for our entire nation!
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12:23 PM on 03/26/2009
Does the Sakyong offer anything for free?
*living art* empath-healer, meditator, counselor,
05:36 PM on 03/24/2009
thank you for sharing this, Waylon! very good advice for these tumultous times!
01:53 PM on 03/29/2009
I appreciate hearing this advice and will try to take it to heart.